Broadcasters weaponize coverage of Russian hacking to blast Trump’s reputation

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The big three broadcast networks still appear intently interested in President-elect Donald Trump, and not in a good way: “The broadcast networks treat accusations of Russian hacking very differently when they can use it as an angle to bash Trump,” says Mike Ciandella, an analyst for, a conservative press watchdog.

He discovered a major discrepancy. When Russian cybercriminals were accused by intelligence agencies of hacking the emails of the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta, ABC, CBS and NBC devoted 58 minutes, 47 seconds to these allegations from Dec. 12 through Tuesday.

“When Russian hackers were accused of hacking into the White House in 2014, it went largely ignored,” says Mr. Ciandella, noting that the three networks only spent a total of 4 minutes, 51 seconds on the White House intrusion that entire year. – READ MORE

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