Booker Claims Trump Acts ‘More Like a Dictator or a Thug’ Than the ‘Leader of the Free World’


Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.) claimed that President Donald Trump acts “more like a dictator or a thug” than the head of the “free world.”

“I think we see a president right now — which implicated in that transcript and the whistleblower report — is someone who was, frankly, pursuing their own interests above our national security interests,” continued Booker.

The New Jersey Democrat went on to say that the president’s withholding of aid to Ukraine to “pursue his petty political aspirations” was “absolutely unacceptable” and an “impeachable offense” if it were true.

He then claimed that Trump acted “more like a dictator or a thug” than the “leader of the free world.”

“History will look back on what we do when a president was willing to trash the Constitution, act less like a leader of the free world and more like a dictator or a thug in using American power to pursue his own personal gain.” – READ MORE

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