Bill O’Reilly explains why Trump was correct in calling out ‘alt-right’ as well as ‘alt-left’


Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly wrote a column for The Hill on Wednesday, and in it, he claimed that President Donald Trump was correct in calling out both the “alt-right” and the “alt-left,” and added that the media’s preoccupation with the tragedy is a ploy to further damage the Trump administration.

O’Reilly excoriated several media outlets in his op-ed, and noted that the only mistake Trump made was to inject “different opinions into a story where only one point of view is tolerated by the media: Nazi thugs are totally responsible for everything that happened in Charlottesville. Period. If you dissent then you are a Nazi sympathizer.”

The former Fox News host added that Trump’s response was directed at his base as well as the media, who he says have been fixated on white nationalists in recent months.

“To understand why the president is elongating the controversy,” O’Reilly explained, “you have to realize the depth of his resentment towards the activist left. From the beginning of his foray into politics, the hard left has demonized him in vicious ways. Entire news organizations are working to destroy him.” He noted that Trump and his supporters are “very, very angry” about the media’s portrayal of the administration.


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