Biden In Resurfaced Viral Clip: Recounts Kids Petting His “Hairy Legs” & Jumping On His Lap (VIDEO)


Just over a couple months out from the Feb. 3 Iowa caucuses and Joe Biden’s campaign continues to implode at an accelerated rate — and perhaps his mind too — as his officially named ‘No Malarkey!’ Iowa bus tour continues (it’s not The Onion, that’s really the campaign slogan).

And now a ‘rediscovered’ viral video clip of Biden rambling at a previous speaking event is so bizarre and enters a whole new level of creepy that it’s put renewed spotlight on the question of Crazy Uncle Joe’s potential senility. It simply has to be seen to be believed. Surrounded by children, he goes on a free-flowing monologue about his hairy legs and how kids used to rub them to watch the “blond” hair pop up again. What?!?…

“The kids used to come up and rub my legs. And then jump on my lap. I loved the kids jumping on my lap.”

He then randomly transitions to learning “all about roaches” but quickly gets the story back on track – READ MORE

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