Biden Denies Crisis At Southern Border: ‘We’ll Be Able To Handle It’


On Tuesday, as he was leaving the room with Vice President Kamala Harris, President Biden was asked by reporters whether there was a crisis at the southern border of the United States. Biden answered, “No. We’ll be able to handle it.”

One reporter asked him, “Did you receive a briefing about the border today?”

Biden replied, “Yes, I did.” Asked “What did you learn?” the president responded, “A lot.”

Another reporter asked, “Is there a crisis at the border, sir?”

As he left the room, Biden stated, “No. We’ll be able to handle it.”

On Monday, former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan ripped the Biden administration for its policy vis-à-vis the southern border, telling Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade: “Let me address the statement made by Secretary Mayorkas that there’s not a crisis. That that’s very disturbing, because when he was a deputy secretary in 2015, Jeh Johnson, the Secretary, I met with them numerous times a week to talk about the border crossings, how many are crossing, how many being detained, how many be in ordered to be removed. And the threshold we set at the time, Brian, was a thousand. A thousand crossings a day was a bad day; it was a crisis. And now we’re dealing with 4,000 a day, four times what he considered a crisis back in 2015.” – READ MORE

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