Bannon Is The New Halliburton For Our Precious Left


Debating a Leftist is like trying to have a conversation with a Magic 8 Ball toy.  You try to discuss a topic and then you wait for them to shake the black sphere, turn it over and have them read whatever phrase emerges from the glass.

It is canned speech.  It’s like a caveman grunting ‘Fire, hot!’  They only say enough words that can fit onto a cardboard protest sign using a Magic Marker.

Whenever the Left’s opposition party is in power, they foment these convenient piecemeal fabrications of cobbled script and drop them like turds at a dog park without the courtesy of bringing their own plastic bag to pick them up.  The Left is just not qualified for civic debate.  It is because they are not civil, moral creatures who believe in the actual exchange of ideas. – READ MORE

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