Autopsy: Orlando Jihadi Used 260 Bullets to Kill 49 People, One Victim Shot Ten Times


Florida’s Orange County Medical Examiner’s Office has released the results of all the autopsies of victims of the jihadist massacre at Pulse nightclub two months ago, finding that the 49 killed took over 200 bullets collectively, with one victim being shot ten times.

Twenty of those killed were shot in the head, local news reports, and even those for whom one bullet was the deciding factor in killing them were hit with “dozens” of bullets, fragments, and debris indicating shooter Omar Mateen was looking not just to systematically execute his victims, but mutilate their bodies. According to the local CBS affiliate, there is no official total of the number of bullets that hit victims and survivors, but their tally puts the total number, including survivors, at more than 260.

The individual autopsies tell harrowing stories of those who were shot first. Many were shot in the front, indicating they had no time to flee. One man, the Orlando Sentinel notes,was shot ten times. Another received three gunshot wounds to the head, though only one would have been enough to kill. – READ MORE

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