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As social media thrives, why is Twitter falling behind?


Twitter users pen some 500 million tweets a day, and that would seem to bode well for the success of the social media service. But a closer look at Twitter’s economic standing shows that the platform could be at risk of losing its relevance.

After years of slow advertising and user growth, Twitter has begun to question its future as an independent company, and reportedly entered into talks with possible buyers. Despite Twitter’s popularity among celebrities, politicians, news outlets, and users across a range of ages, the service hasn’t been able to continuously expand its audience or grow revenue in the ways that other social media platforms have. Instead, Twitter has become a digital-first company that’s merely limping along in the digital age.

While Twitter has not acknowledged a pending sale, the news that the service could be contemplating an acquisition caused the company’s stock value to jump by 21 percent, indicating that interest in the platform remains, especially under different management. – READ MORE

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