As George Floyd Trial Starts, Poll Shows Support For BLM Crater, Support For Police Rise


On Monday, jury selection got underway in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd, an incident which sparked mass protests and violence all over the nation last summer.

But as the trial gets underway, more information about what happened that day comes to light, and more Americans of all backgrounds take a rational and critical look at groups like BLM and law enforcement in general, some interesting poll numbers have been revealed.

new USAToday/Ipsos poll shows Americans’ trust and faith in the Black Lives Matter movement has fallen, while faith and trust has risen for law enforcement since the violence and unrest of last summer.

As might be expected, the gap in views runs sharply along racial lines.

The poll show that in June of 2020, 60% of those polled thought that George Floyd’s death was a murder. That number has dropped to 36%, as there appears to be more uncertainty about how to characterize Floyd’s death.- READ MORE

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