‘Be an Apple, Don’t Be a Banana’: Conway Schools Cuomo on Drug Trafficking (VIDEO)


Sparks flew during Wednesday’s edition of CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time when White House adviser Kellyanne Conway sparred with rude and demeaning host Chris Cuomo as they discussed the news of the day. But during one particular section, Conway took Cuomo to task for twisting the facts about the administration’s response to the opioid crisis and the border wall’s effectiveness on drug trafficking. “Be an apple, don’t be a banana,” she quipped, harkening back to a ridiculous CNN promotional ad.

Cuomo was a staunch supporter of the anti-Trump “Resistance,” so it really wasn’t a surprise when he claimed that the administration wasn’t doing anything to stop the opioid crisis damaging America. “Have you given funding to New Hampshire to fight opioids since you got in there? No,” he spat in a rage. “Yes, we have. What are you talking about,” Conway responded in shock.

“Do you know what the Cures Act is? Do you know what the SAMHSA grants do? Do you have any idea? I doubt it,” Conway chided. “I do, but the money has to get on the ground and it has to be put to work and that’s not happening yet the way it needs to be. That’s my point,” he angrily argued. The fact was, the Trump administration had declared the opioid crisis a national health emergency, which allowed for federal agencies to award additional grant money to fight the epidemic. If Cuomo wanted more funding he should listen to West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchinwho said that’s Congress’ job. READ MORE

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CNN’s “New Day” co-anchor Chris Cuomo told a critic to “get woke” while denouncing President Trump’s border wall during a 30-plus tweet session on Twitter Tuesday morning.

The liberal CNN star started his social media onslaught by asking, “Is the wall worth holding up a deal on daca and tps and budget? hundreds of thousand of lives in the breach….is that realized?”

Cuomo’s initial tweet was met with criticism from some of President Trump’s supporters and one of them called the morning show co-anchor “out of touch,” which resulted in Cuomo quickly responding with his point of view.

“You think the wall is the answer? you know the majority of illegal stays are from legit visa overstays right? that most come by plane right? #GetWoke you are being sold a solution that defies facts,” he wrote.

If you’re not familiar with far-left hipster vocabulary, the term “woke” essentially means to be aware of current political affairs – so perhaps Cuomo is attempting to reach younger viewers since “New Day” finished 2017 outside of the Top 30 cable news programs among the key demo. – READ MORE

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