Anti-Trumper Tom Arnold Gets a Visit from the Secret Service


Secret Service agents apparently paid a visit to Tom Arnold recently because of some of the actor’s more extreme anti-Donald Trump tweets.

Arnold recently seemed to threaten the president with physical violence on Twitter.

“I say put up or shut up @realDonaldTrump Me vs You. For America. First body slam wins. Any Rally. Any Time. Between now & the midterms. #FridayFeeling,” he said.

Other eye-rolling tweets include one where the “True Lies” star threatened to show up at young Barron Trump’s school — and another in which he appeared to wish violence on conservative commentator Candace Owens.

Arnold also responded to comedian Kathy Griffin’s infamous photo — the one that showed her holding a fake severed head of the president by saying, “Next time Kathy won’t be holding his fake head!”

Arnold recorded the conversation he had recently with Secret Service agents — and shared part of the encounter with the liberal publication Mother Jones.- READ MORE

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