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Andrea Mitchell Agrees That ‘Traditional Media Has Become Irrelevant’


On her MSNBC show on Wednesday, anchor Andrea Mitchell’s exchange with former Defense Secretary William Cohen turned surprisingly contentious when the Clinton cabinet official started lecturing the press on its obsession with every tweet from President-elect Donald Trump: “I think we have to be less concerned with tweets, chasing every one as if it’s some sort of revealed wisdom that’s going out into a rabbit hole – ”

Mitchell countered: “But when he tweets something about ISIS claiming responsibility for what happened in Ohio State, when that’s not at all confirmed, doesn’t that raise questions about the judgment – he is the president-elect.”  Cohen pushed back: “It raises questions, but also raises questions about the media. Why are you chasing it? Why, when a story comes out with a tweet which intuitively you know is not of significance, and yet, you spend an entire day analyzing it?” – READ MORE

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