‘America’s Whiniest Victim’ Trends After NYT Op-Ed Criticizes Trump


The phrase “America’s Whiniest Victim” began trending on Twitter early Monday morning after a New York Times op-ed claimed that President Donald Trump was the “whiniest victim” of all.

Some Twitter users took the opportunity to make fun of the NYT op-ed by listing other people that are substantially more “whiny” than Trump, while others decided to defend the op-ed.

“So the NYT is calling Trump ‘America’s Whiniest ‘Victim, I guess they haven’t seen much of Jim Acosta on CNN the last few months? Stupid,” one Twitter user noted.


“Naw, Shaun King is America’s Whiniest ‘Victim,‘” another person tweeted.

“America’s Whiniest ‘Victim’” Jim Acosta? Ed Skipper? Maxine Waters? Too many to name,” one person joked.

NYT op-ed columnist Charles Blow characterized Trump as the “reigning king of American victimhood” in his Monday column.

“In this way he was a perfect reflection of the new Whiny Right. Trump is its instrument, articulation, embodiment,” Blow wrote. “He’s not so much representative of it but of an idea- the waning power of whiteness, privilege, patriarchy, access and the cultural and economic surety that accrues to the possessors of such.”

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