Almost Half of Voters Believe Media Makes Up Stories About Trump, Poll Reveals


More bad news for the liberal media.

According to a poll conducted by Politico and Morning Consult, nearly half of American voters distrust the media’s reporting on President Trump and his administration. Not only that, but they believe journalists deliberately fabricate stories about Trump. More surprising, it’s not just Republicans or Trump supporters who believe this.

The staggering results published Wednesday morning in Politico, reveal that while 76 percent of Republicans believe the media makes up stories about Trump, a whopping 44 percent of independent voters, and 1 in 5 Democrats also believe the media lies in their reporting on Trump.

These numbers contradict the media’s narrative that Trump’s battle with the media only influence his base. It seems the media’s constant negative reporting on the president has taken it’s toll on independents and some Democrats as well. – READ MORE

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