ALARMING VIDEO: Russia Gears Up For War in Syria While U.S. Media, Hillary & Obama Trash Talk Trump


While the media is obsessed with finding another faux groping victim of Donald Trump. Russia is gearing up for war in Syria and possibly, if Hillary Clinton is elected, a potential ramp up for World War III, according to recent alarming military footage which aired in Russia.

Does Big Media even care? No. Out of sight, out of mind. But Russia and Vladimir Putin are not playing games even though Clinton and President Barack Obama are apparently playing a bad game of Milton Bradley’s Battleship complete with Clinton calling Putin a modern-day Adolf Hitler.

Putin is putting his muscle where Clinton’s mouth is, by dispatching the flagship of its Northern Fleet, the nuclear missile battle-cruiser “Peter the Great,” along with other heavy reinforcements to the shores of Syria. Meanwhile, Hillary between naps is insisting she will call for a no fly zone over Syria.

Wake up, Hillary.

Russian military intelligence of course is not taking Clinton seriously, as the video shows, it is sending MiG 29 and SU 33 fighter jets and battle helicopters to the region in droves. So much for Hillary’s tough No-Fly Zone rhetoric. Only the U.S. media takes her seriously.