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Al-Qaeda Leader Calls For A Long Guerrilla War If ISIS Is Defeated


Ayman Al Zawahiri, the leader of Al-Qaeda, has called upon Sunni Muslims in Iraq to prepare for a “long guerrilla war” if ISIS loses more territory in their country. Zawahiri issued the call in a video that was released on Thursday by Al-Qaeda’s al-Sahab Media.

In the four-minutes video Zawahiri refers to the defeats ISIS suffered recently in Iraq, saying that “the cities, towns and mosques of the Sunnis of Iraq are burning these days. They torture and kill on the pretext of fighting against the group of Ibrahim al-Badri (known as Abu Baker al-Baghdadi, ISIS’ leader) but the main goal is to exterminate the Sunnis in Iraq, in a planned campaign led by the Shiite Iran the Iraqi government.”

“Only the Sunnis can protect themselves against the Shiite-Crusader campaign,” says Zarqawi, and adds what sounds like an expectation that ISIS will lose more territory in Iraq soon: “The Sunnis in Iraq should not surrender after cities fall to the hands of the Shiite-Iranian army, but should prepare themselves for a long guerrilla war to defeat the new Iranian-Crusader occupation.” He is also calling for “the mujahideen in Syria” to assist their brothers in Iraq in preparing for the war, saying that “it’s the same war” and urging to follow the part of the previous al-Qaeda leader in Iraq, Abu Musaab al-Zaraqi, who “began its jihad in Iraq with a small number of people (fighters) and equipment.” – READ MORE

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