Akron Police: Group of Men Attack Strangers While Shouting, ‘Black Lives Matter!’


Police in Akron, Ohio, have charged a group of men with a variety of violent offenses after accusing them of viciously beating several white people while chanting, “Black lives matter.”

Officials reported that the attacks occurred early on August 22 in northern Akron near the University of Akron.

In their reports, police said a group of seven white men were attacked by a group of five black men and two white men. The latter group began yelling, “Black lives matter” before launching their assault, police told WOIO channel 19.

Officers also said the attackers threw bottles at the group of whites and then began kicking and punching them. At least one man fell to the ground and was kicked in the head until he lost consciousness. The attackers also robbed some of the victims before running off. – READ MORE

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