Age Of Trump: Arab Nation Bahrain Sides With Israel Against Hezbollah


The Arab nation of Bahrain took a giant step toward supporting Israel on Tuesday, as its Foreign Minister tweeted an attack on the terror tunnels the terrorist group Hezbollah is attempting to build into Israel as Israel mounts its efforts to destroy them.

Foreign Minister Khalida Khalifa tweeted, “Is it not for the terrorist Hezbollah to dig tunnels across Lebanon’s borders a clear threat to Lebanon’s stability and its governing partner? Who bears responsibility when neighboring countries take the task of getting rid of this threat?”

Recent reports have surfaced that Israel is seeking diplomatic ties with Bahrain; The Jerusalem Post reported in late November that Israeli government sources confirmed that Israel and Bahrain were communicating in an attempt to establish official diplomatic relations between the two countries. The Post noted, “Bahrain, which has 1.4 million residents in the Persian Gulf, has no diplomatic relations with Israel. The country has a small Jewish community of about 40 people and is the only country in the Gulf that has a synagogue. – READ MORE

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