Adoptive Mother Who Hates Trump: I’m Sorry I Brought My Chinese Daughters To America


Writing in Marie Claire on Election Day, a woman who adopted her two daughters from China spewed her hatred of President Trump and his administration in a venomous essay in which she stated she regretted adopting and bringing her daughters to America.

In the essay, titled, “Why Trump’s America Makes Me Regret Adopting My Daughters,” Lisa Milbrand, begins her descent into vitriol with a happy memory:

The first time their tiny feet touched American soil, we made a big deal of it. We were so happy about everything they’d inherit as newly minted Americans—our already head-over-heels love for them, every opportunity we could afford, and freedom from China’s oppressive government and its controversial (and now somewhat lifted) one-child policy.

But then, the horror: 

But then, the horror: “I pulled those two beautiful babies away from a rising power and into a damaged democracy. I brought two girls of color into a society where it’s clear that their word and their bodies are worth less than a man’s—and where open, overt racism has become even more likely now than it was a decade ago.” READ MORE:

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