Activist Group Forces Georgia High School Coaches to End Prayers with Football Team


The Freedom From Religion Foundation recently threatened to sue East Coweta High School of Sharpsburg, Georgia. Because the school’s football coaches have been praying with their football team.The district has warned coaches to stop joining the students in prayer, or face disciplinary actions.

In the small town south of Atlanta, football coach John Small often joined his students in prayer, that is until last month when the Freedom From Religion Foundation began sending threatening letters to district officials warning that coaches joining students in prayer is “illegal,” Fox 5 reported.

“It’s not allowed because it sends a message to students that the school is endorsing the religion,” Freedom From Religion Foundation representative Chris Line said.

The foundation spokesman also said that coaches joining the prayer circle may intimidate other students.

“They may realize the coach likes the prayer, and he wants prayer to take place, so I’m going to single myself out if I choose not to participate,” Line exclaimed.

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