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A Flat Screen No More: Envelop For Windows Brings VR To Your Desktop


When you think of virtual reality, chances are something entertainment-oriented pops into your mind, like watching a movie or playing a video game. But there’s a company that wants to bring VR to a place you might not expect it: your office.

At a virtual reality conference in Los Angeles today, Envelop VR launched Envelop for Windows, new software that allows you to take your entire desktop into a virtual world. It’s an infinite desktop of sorts, with infinite possibilities. The software is in public beta starting today, and is available for Windows PCs via Envelop’s website.

“Envelop for Windows is our first idea of what immersive computing might look like,” says Bob Berry, CEO and cofounder of Envelop. “We have a vision of where it’s going, but we need to get there incrementally. We can’t just go off and build cyberspace or build the metaverse from the ground up. I think we need to have a way to use our computer in VR and AR, and Envelop for Windows right now is the best way to do that.” – READ MORE

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