5 Broken Promises And Flip-Flops From Joe Biden’s First Month In Office


As President Biden enters his second month in office, Americans now have the opportunity to compare his rhetoric on the campaign trail with his actions in the Oval Office.

With his administration’s policy priorities coming into focus, much of the president’s past rhetoric already appears out of line with his governance.

Here are five pre-inauguration promises or positions that President Biden has seemingly abandoned since taking office.

Incarcerating Children at the Southern Border

Although more understated than the first, the second presidential debate between then-President Trump and Joe Biden was quickly filled with tension as each candidate traded blows, particularly on the topic of immigration, and the migrant crisis at the southern border.

“They got separated from their parents. That makes us a laughing-stock and violates every notion of who we are as a nation,” Biden scolded while referring to Trump’s handling of migrant children at the southern border.

Throughout the evening, and the campaign as a whole, Biden made his opposition to migrant children being temporarily detained crystal clear. That all changed when he took office. – READ MORE

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