462 Financial Journalists Were Asked Their Political Leanings. Guess How Many Said They Were Conservative.


Just about everything you would assume about journalists covering the financial industry is true, according to a new study.

Scholars from Arizona State University and Texas A&M University surveyed 462 financial journalists and conducted 18 follow-up interviews to reach their conclusions. The abstract of their paper summarizes their findings.

The journalists surveyed by the scholars come from the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Associated Press, Washington Post and other highly respected outlets, as well as other smaller outlets.

One other thing the researchers found was that the surveyed journalists overwhelmingly described themselves as liberal. Of those surveyed, 17.63% said they were “very liberal,” and 40.84% said they were “somewhat liberal,” for a total of 58.47% saying they lean left.

On the other side of the spectrum, just 0.46% said they were “very conservative” and 3.94% described themselves as “somewhat conservative,” for a total of 4.4% of respondents leaning right. The other 37.12% said they were moderate. – READ MORE


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