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Vanity Fair: Trump Should Be Impeached for Merely Being ‘Offensive’

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(NewsBusters) Remember the important qualifier for officials to be subject to impeachment? High crimes and misdemeanors? According to Vanity Fair contributor, T.A. Frank, perhaps we should add “offensive” to the reasons for impeachment.

Frank is honest in admitting in his July 6 article that, so far, the Trump-Russia collusion theory has turned into a big nothingburger. He also suggests that there might not ever be any impeachable  high crimes and misdemeanors as a basis to remove President Donald Trump from office. So what to do? What to do? Simple. Impeach Trump for being merely “offensive.”  Frank make his case in IS DONALD TRUMP TOO OFFENSIVE TO BE PRESIDENT?

The subtitle asks the question: If we impeach Donald Trump, the real cause will be his breaches of decorum. Is that grounds enough? – READ MORE


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  • Belle

    Vanity Fair is delusional, that won’t get a President impeached! Goes to show what you know!!!!

  • BoomerJAZZ78

    No byline, just admin. What a bunch of effete sissies! Calling for Impeachment without attribution! Thackeray is more enlightening and entertaining.

    I was reading the August issue a few minutes ago, a pleading for renewal… NO!