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Limbaugh Hammers ‘Little Jim Acosta’ ‘Making a Fool of Himself’; CNN Is ‘A Circular Firing Squad’


(NewsBusters) On the heels of his June 28 monologues annihilating CNN over how embarrassingly biased they’ve become in the Trump era, conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh again unloaded Thursday afternoon on CNN for devolving into “a circular firing squad” led by “Little Jim Acosta….making a fool of himself.”

Limbaugh was off and running seconds into the show, laughing about how “amazing” and “hilarious” CNN has become, making it “unbelievable to watch what this collection of people claiming to be journalists is doing to themselves.”

“It’s a circular firing squad. They’re shooting themselves in the foot. They’re setting themselves on fire, and they’re doing it all with righteous indignation at a man they hate running intellectual and tactical rings around them,” Limbaugh exclaimed. – READ MORE


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