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The Secret of Main Stream Media’s Presidential Polls; Rigged to Discourage Trump Votes

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If you don’t trust NBC News or The Washington Post as reliable news sources, why would you trust their political polling?

If they can’t report even simple facts, like John Podesta’s emails released by Wikileaks, absent a huge bias gap what makes them any more prepared to report more complex issues like the intricacies of political polling?

Reporters who work for Big media are inherently undependable as beacons of objectivity. They graduate at the bottom of their class in school, often drink far too much booze and their personal lives are usually messy, along with their finances. I know many of them. Throw in divorce and drug addiction. Yes, it’s that bad. And their work ethic and lack of integrity only compliment this indictment.

When Dean Vernon Wormer from Faber College warned being fat, drunk and stupid was no way to go through life, he wasn’t addressing the journalism students.

The late Dean Wormer.

So why would hard-working Americans care how these news organizations poll the presidential race? They shouldn’t. The Media’s political polls are skewed to provide red meat for the left and its media. Does that mean Donald Trump is winning? What it means is if Trump is winning, you’re not going to read about it in a Big media poll.

In fact, with the media pollsters on a head-hunting safari against Trump, that would likely indicate that he is polling better than we know and remains a viable threat to Clinton. It is likely the pollsters are simply spewing daily propaganda to discourage Trump supporters.

Do we really need Wikileaks to tell us this system is seriously flawed?

An ABC News/Washington Post Tracking Poll was released Sunday, showing Trump down 12 points to Hillary Clinton. Big Media went wild, quoting the poll like gospel in print and on the Sunday TV news shows. It didn’t matter that the poll only polled 27 percent Republicans and over-sampled Democrats by a huge margin. Why let details get in the way of a great Clinton poll?

True Pundit reached out to the ABC News/Washington Post pollster Sunday night, after we learned that they pay some respondents for polling. John Langer, a former ABC staffer, runs Langer Research which conducts all of the ABC/Washington Post polls. When we asked Langer about paying people to respond to their polls, he quickly contacted True Pundit and cc’d ABC’s Julie Townsend his response. Townsend heads the network’s public relations and communications division.

Langer said paying people to be polled is an exception.

“This is exceedingly rare; it has occurred in two of our 1,187 tracking poll interviews to date,” he said, citing that when such people complain about their cellular usage during the poll, Langer sends them a check for $10.

Fair enough.

True Pundit then asked Langer about his seemingly skewed poll sampling for his latest poll which by all accounts had gone viral Sunday in main stream media circles, with pundits using it as ammunition to pummel Trump. We even cc’d Townsend to be good sports about the question.

From True Pundit:

Also wanted your response on criticism that you folks are receiving about your latest polls. It is criticism that has been echoed previously regarding “oversampling” Democrats by 9, I think the latest round/poll is.

To the regular Joe, this would seem to easily get you to Clinton +12 over Trump. What is your/ABC/WashPo rational for heavier Dem sampling?

I’ve seen many articles but no one has reached out to you. I think that’s fair to ask you directly.

No quick response this round from either Langer or Townsend.

In fact, no response at all.

Perhaps the answer to the question hasn’t made it through ABC’s legal gauntlet yet. Or more likely, these folks simply don’t want to defend their polling to conservatives. If they cared about that — being fair and true — this poll wouldn’t have been published in the first place.

This isn’t the first time Langer over sampled the hell out of Democrats for an ABC poll and it likely won’t be the last. Largely, media pollsters have their own methodologies and operate unfettered. An ABC poll from the summer hammered Trump’s popularity with voters and trumpeted Clinton’s. That poll too was skewed in favor of Democratic voters by 9 points over Republicans. The American Thinker concluded the poll’s math simply didn’t add up and by its own numbers ABC via Langer must have polled 40 percent more Democrats than Republicans.

Fast forward to today and The American Thinker again, as we are writing this piece, has hammered ABC and Langer for its polling. A piece by Jared E. Peterson holds little back:

Their mission is clear: discourage Trump voters. On the polling front Goebbels/Pravda (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, the Washington Post and NYT) continues its campaign of disinformation and discouragement.

Don’t be taken in.

On Sunday, October 23, 2016, The ABC News Department of Goebbels/Pravda released a poll for the period 10/20 -10/22 that asserted an astonishing 53-41 Clinton lead. Predictably, other wings of the Democratic Party’s six-headed propaganda apparatus, citing their ABC comrade’s “poll”, continue to refer to Clinton’s supposed commanding lead.

The only problem for America’s emboldened People’s Ministry of Information (“PMI”) is that among the most recent national polls, ABC is the “outlier,” and by a huge margin:

Consider the independent, non-PMI polls that also appeared at RCP on October 23 (Sunday):

IBT/TIPP (10/17-10/22): Trump 43, Clinton 42

LA Times/ USC Tracking: (10/16-10/22): Trump 44, Clinton 44

Add, if you will, Rasmussen (not listed in today’s RCP polls) from Friday, October 21: Trump 43, Clinton 41.

Another poll of interest is Reuters/Ipsos from Friday, October 21, that claimed a Clinton lead of 44-40, but, significantly for Reuters whose distaste for conservatives is well known, that lead showed major movement toward Trump over the preceding week, when Reuters/Ipsos had Trump trailing 44-37.

The American people are not as dumb as Goebbels/Pravda thinks.

What’s going on — in laughably obvious fashion — is an effort by Goebbels/Pravda to discourage Trump voters and to herd the ever-smaller number of undecideds into Clinton’s camp.

The situation is murky, but there appears to be no Clinton lead at this point, let alone a large one. To create the appearance of one, Goebbels/Pravda finds itself compelled to throw a cooked outlier into the RCP average.

There appears to be no Clinton lead. I think that’s finally some data all rational thinking Americans can agree on. We don’t have to wait for the poll.


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