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The 7 Dumbest Things That Offended Liberals

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In a social media-driven world, everyone is a brand. When everyone becomes a brand, virtue signaling is destined to become an epidemic. When you’re a liberal, the best way to show how much more virtuous you are than other people is to become offended. The more trivial the issue you are offended by, the more caring, enlightened and, yes, virtuous you appear to other liberals. Moreover, if you think white privilege, racism and rape culture are running rampant, you’ll want to find ways to distinguish yourself from the masses, whom you view as troglodytes.

1) The Color Of Park Ranger Uniforms

2) “Vote Trump” Written In Chalk On The Sidewalks Of College Campuses

3) Calling America A “Land of Opportunity”

4) Using the word “wife”

5) The Word “Man” Being Too Much For Students At Princeton

6) Applying The Word “Childless” To Women Without Children

7) The Name “Lynch”


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