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ProPublica’s Big James Comey ‘Scoop’ Is Misleading

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ProPublica is reporting that FBI Director James Comey’s most “surprising revelation” about Huma Abedin during his recent congressional testimony was inaccurate. Hillary Clinton’s then-deputy did not, claims the publication, make “a regular practice” of forwarding “hundreds and thousands” of emails, “some of which contain classified information,” to her husband.

The above quotation marks are necessary because the piece focuses mostly on semantics — more lawyering than journalism — as a way to create the perception that Comey was misleading Congress. Of course, the Left Internet is now littered with excited articles about how “Comey’s Testimony On Huma Abedin Forwarding Emails Was Inaccurate.” And so on.


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  • DD More

    Hear a lot about the emails in the “Life Insurance” folder, but any further news on the “DNC Nuclear arsenal” and “Intimate” folders. How is Wiener doing with the bird song act for a relocation to Israel?

    An NYPD insider said the content they viewed did include State Department TOP SECRET emails. One file was called “Life Insurance”. The second email was titled “DNC Nuclear arsenal”.
    A third file, I’m sure Hillary definitely DOES NOT want released was a file labeled “Intimate” … according to this NYPD insider, this file contained x rated photos of Huma and Hillary with a TEENAGER.
    Twitter comments pedophile rings w hillary
    NYPD detectives were sickened by what they saw, according to our insider, and they have threatened FBI field agents that they would leak this information, if the FBI did not “step up and take off the kids gloves”. At that point, 13 of the FBI agents in NYC are also threatening to leak the information.

    Wiener is currently “singing like a bird” and has offered to tell all, in exchange for Israeli citizenship.