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WATCH: JK Rowling Rants And Raves Over Trump ‘Avoiding’ Wheelchair-Bound Boy–Video Proves Her Wrong

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Fiction author JK Rowling claimed on Twitter that President Donald Trump avoided a wheelchair-bound boy, but unedited video proves that he did shake the boy’s hand.

Trump met with a group of “victims of Obamacare” on June 24 shortly before giving a press conference about health care reform. The victims stood on the stage behind Trump as he gave his speech.

According to the “Harry Potter” author and a conveniently edited video, as Trump was taking the stage he avoided shaking the hand of a young boy in a wheelchair.

Rowling went on a Twitter rant about the “stunning moment,” claiming Trump avoided the child “as though frightened he might catch his condition.”

However, unedited video shows Trump actually greeted the boy first and bent down to his eye level and shook his hand. In fact, the original video Rowling referenced is now deleted on Twitter.


The fiction author sent the angry tweets Friday afternoon and has yet to correct the mistake or delete the tweets.

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  • Kim Graves

    So when is this “fiction” writer and antagonist and leftylibglobalist influencer going to apologize publicly and delete her ignorant tweets?

    Ya know in fact she should leave them just so her blatant hate of our president remains clear and the fact she is part of the problem in OUR country. She is a person who has legions of fans because she got lucky and someone noticed her book finally! She is what the used to call “new money rich” she has zero class and i have never read any of her books or saw any of her movies for some reason i thought the entire “cult like following” of any book is disturbing to me. Fifty shades of gray, harry potter, twilight even though i did read that. Its just creepy

  • Kim Graves

    Lol she acts like all hoity toity and so special and a know it all stuck up idiot