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Following Trump Win, Media Starts to Turn on Itself: MSNBC Punks New York Times & Washington Post

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The mainstream media rarely turns on itself.

But can we really call these people the media when they served more as a collective advocate for Hillary Clinton? MSNBC of all places seems to agree with that exact sentiment.

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  • RoreyRock

    ~ the real ‘fake news’ ~ tragic ~

  • Noble Gunnz

    Most of these media regressives I have seen since the election have decided to double down on stupid. They can’t help themselves. I did heartily enjoy watching Laura Ingraham disembowel and dismember Juan Williams on Fox Sunday morning. Deer in headlights. Priceless.

  • Jamie

    I agree. I was jumping up and down yelling Go Girl!

  • kryp44

    Scarborough is such a loser. He hammered Trump the whole time. Now he wants to take credit for something he did not do.