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The Recession That Never Ended: Why The Mainstream Media Never Interviews the Struggling Middle Class (Video)


Whenever the media claim the recession is over or the United States is in danger of experiencing another recession, the staff of True Pundit winces because we realize there never was a recovery from the last recession. We are still in a recession, or perhaps something even worse.

But the media is told what to say and when by the Obama administration. Likewise, you never see regular people interviewed about what they are going through in middle-class America. Why? Well, for one thing, that kind of dose of reality would counter the state-controlled media’s rhetoric that we are in a recovering economy. Any information that discredits that theme simply is not allowed on a national stage.

These bought-and-paid-for media people live in a bubble. Real Americans live outside the bubble. Watch this couple discuss how Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s policies, and the quest to globalize America’s economy, have crippled them financially and beyond.

Ask yourself why you don’t see more real news like this from the national networks.

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