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FLASHBACK: Democrats gave Bill Clinton a STANDING OVATION to the idea of building a wall, & deporting illegals (Video)

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FLASHBACK: Democrats gave Bill Clinton a STANDING OVATION to the idea of building a wall, & deporting illegals (Video)

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  • harrydweeks

    Trump needs to have Spicer play this at press conference on Monday.

  • cutator

    I would like to see this video playing on CNN, MSNBC and FOX all day long………… Bill Clinton sounds just like Trump in this video. Democrats giving him a standing O.

    Obama put a hold on immigration in 2011, no outrage……… not a peep.

  • Charlie Crash

    Oh, the nerve of that Billy “Redneck” Clinton!

  • kindredindust

    I’m sorry… but please tell me where in that recording the word wall was ever mentioned? Apparently my ears are different than a lot of people below, there was at no point in this video was there ever mention of a WALL… Now stop trolling and move on with life. Thanks.

  • Dale Morgan

    SECURE the borders = Whatever it takes to STOP illegal immigration. A Wall is just one aspect of it!

  • Joe blow

    Yes, so the Dems can show the Republicans in Congress who voted AGAINST it. Hmmmmmm

  • Joe blow

    Along with Trump mocked a disabled, grabbing a pssy, lying about hiring wall st journal people and lobbyist. Lying about releasing his taxes your afraid to see and whatever Putin has on him from Russia trip…..YES LOVE to see it.

  • Joe blow

    Nice try, securing the borders does not in any fashion mean building a wall. If your secure your house are you building a wall around it Dale>

  • Linda West

    Agreed: Secure doesn’t not equal Wall he spoke of increasing patrol and going after criminals and illegal immigrants that abuse and disregard federal laws

  • Ed1412

    I secure my house by locking the door. And, yes, the door is set in a solid wall.

  • 1Brotherlove

    OK people let’s keep it real, Bill Clinton does not believe a word he’s saying, this guy is the best bull shiter ever in the White house ! Ask yourself did he do any of this? the answer is no, if they did all that back in the 90’s, Trump wouldn’t have a reason to say the things he said all these years later, the Clintons are self serving, they will say anything to keep you liking them, so the next time they run you’ll vote for them, well their lies have finally caught up to them, no more white house for the Clintons, and to think Black people gave these liers there votes again, after all that racist legislation aimed at black people the Clintons pushed through Congress back in the 90’s, I’m glad that bitch lost !

  • lefty1b

    look at transcripts from 96 and 97. this is not true. get your fake news where you can make it suit your purpose.

  • Jürgen St Pauli

    Where did he say build a wall and ban visitors from entering the United States? Where did he single out a race or religion in this hate speech?

  • UnreliableLarry

    There is currently 580 miles of border wall already existing along our southern border, and the guy who started building it was Bill Clinton in 1994. In 2006, Senators Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Barack Obama voted for the Secure Fence Act which authorized an additional 700 miles of border wall.

  • 1Brotherlove

    Sir, just so you know any six year-old can climb that wall, and that fence. What the Clintons have done, and unfortunately president Obama has done is blow smoke up our asses, there not trying to secure those borders, again if they were President Trump would’ve said what he said. Some Democrats and some Republicans like the illegal immigrants crossing that border for financial and political reasons, and lets keep it real, this country has a drug addiction problem, and some people in our law enforcement agencies along with Judges are on the take, they want illegal immigrants crossing that border so they continue sending drug dealers and drugs into America so they can keep America addicted. So the money this country spends on the so called drug war is just a talking point, they want you to think they’re doing something, but in reality they’re not. In comes Trump, now let’s see whose side he’s on.

  • ThunderLumber

    wow, u really have those libiturd talking points down! shouldn’t u be at an airport screeching?

  • ThunderLumber

    really? cuz when I visited TJ for the first time in the 60’s, there was a YUGE wall! wish u libiturds could get 1 FACT straight. but then again, who needs facts when u lie about EVERYTHING.

  • Ian

    Wow, you really have that conservashithead name-calling thing down. Shouldn’t you be reading Ayn Rand comic books somewhere?

  • ThunderLumber


  • boisvb

    Wikipedia : “……As of August 29, 2008, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security had built 190 miles (310 km) of pedestrian border fence and 154.3 miles (248.3 km) of vehicle border fence, for a total of 344.3 miles (554.1 km) of fence. The completed fence is mainly in New Mexico, Arizona, and California, with construction underway in Texas.[7]

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported that it had more than 580 miles (930 km) of fence in place by the second week of January 2009.[3] Work is still under way on fence segments in Texas and on the Border Infrastructure System in California……”

  • ThunderLumber

    so? I stated there was a fence/wall up since the 60’S can u dispute that FACT? I never said how far it went, just that there WAS one at the time. so thanx for contributing nothing to the discussion!

  • Art Imhoff

    What the heck??? Billie say it isn’t so please?

  • Al

    Wow democrats are not just stupid, they’re hypocristupid.

  • I Tompcos

    you sound silly

  • I Tompcos

    perhaps a barrier will do?

  • CatsEyeView

    that is putting it nicely.

  • CatsEyeView

    You really are very deceived. You need to wake up and see that you are being manipulated by those that want to rule the world. Trump is against the New World Order and that is why the bought and paid for fake media is trying so hard to discredit him. Please look beyond mainstream media. Just listen to what your president is saying himself, instead of what the media report.

  • Sue

    No mention of a wall at ALL in this. Only increased deportations of illegals with criminal records and more border guards. No one objects to that.

    ALSO, Obama only stopped the PAPERWORK processing, not actual people. He did not take children away from parents, turn people in transit away at airports, or prevent those ALREADY processed and legally living here from returning to their jobs and homes.

  • Gord Marsden

    They should have marched in little blue dresses with supoenas from Hillary in thier hands

  • Harvey

    Trump is weak on defence, he is a bad communicator. he should do many things. I am not his supporter but i cant stand the manipulation on media and the attack from other foreign politicians

  • Harvey

    so your problem is the wall, if Trump would put a river with alligators or something it would be ok for you, right? great.

  • Joe blow

    EXCEPT it doesn’t mention a wall…lmao No wonder you guys are called the uneducated party, you’re hearing is off. Just a reminder for the illiterate followers of yours, Obama removed 3 million illegals more than Bush or Clinton and had a net zero immigration since 2014 but to hell with facts for your guys right….lmao

  • Joe blow

    And you sound illiterate and that’s putting it truthfully.

  • Easily Amused

    Didn’t hear him say anything about building a wall.

  • investig8r

    I’m confused. “Hiring a record number of new border guards.” Check. “Deporting twice as many CRIMINAL aliens as ever before.” Check. “Cracking down on illegal hiring.” Check. “Barring welfare benefits to illegal aliens.” Check. “Speed the deportation of illegal aliens who are ARRESTED FOR CRIMES.” Check. I’m sorry, can someone please play the part I missed where he wanted to build a wall?

  • investig8r

    Trump’s travel ban is not the same thing as Obama’s visa restriction.

  • Anne -Johannesburg, SA

    Come visit us in South Africa and see how we secure our homes in the main cities like Johannesburg: walls, electric fences, alarms, burglar bars on windows and doors, security beams – barricaded to the hilt. O and don’t forget the security guards in secure complexes or armed guards at private homes. Did I mention walls?

    Come on Americans, wake up and smell the coffee or let your borders be trampled by the enemy. Stop perceiving good as evil and evil as good.

  • jemb

    These are not VISITORS – they are illegals who have no intention of becoming Americans. All they want is the ‘free’ stuff America has to offer them and their children (medical, education, housing, food stamps) at the cost of us hard working Americans and the sacriface of our seniors..

  • James N Grushon

    The Republicans did not vote against it, check the record friend.

  • Joe blow

    How is the media attacking him. They are playing the videos of ‘his” words. why do you fall for his bs is the question. He loved the attention when running for primary when they didn’t challenge his lies but after he got the nomination they challenged Hillary and him equally. I had surgery and watched msnbc and cnn daily all day following since i’m an Independent.

    I’m amazed at the ignorance of America to fall for his lies and about the media lying. H’es a liar, he lied about obama’s birth he lied about having proof, he lied about the wall, he lied about not using wall st for cabinet members, he lied about not using lobbyist and now he’s lying about voter fraud against the anger of his own party.

    How can you be fooled by the lies about media not being fair to him. fckin crazy.

  • Joe blow

    we have a 2 waiting to be vetted fool. And s africa is a corrupt hell hole. That’s your fault, stand up and quit bitching.

  • FLWoman

    You really need to do more research. You aren’t stating the correct facts and have no idea what you’re talking about. There wasn’t zero immigration since 2014. Stop watching CNN.

  • Pat Engness
  • Pat Engness

    BOTH $HilLIARy and Obama voted for a Wall….from a Bernie/Jill Voter

  • russellbennett

    Do you know how a Revolving door works. One illegal bragged about being deported 10 times.

  • Dale Morgan

    Are you implying that people don’t build walls around their homes for security?? Where are you from? Drive through upscale neighborhoods and see how many homes have them!

  • George

    You deplorables are responsible for Donald Trump. The history books won’t be kind to your memory. Voted for the WORST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY. By the way… do you still wear your momma’s panties at night?