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EXCLUSIVE: White House Fingers John McCain As Media Leak; Believes U.S. Senator Eavesdropped on Trump’s Classified Phone

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This could be the beginning of the end for embattled Sen. John McCain’s life in politics. According to White House officials, McCain is believed to have somehow gained access to the content of President Donald Trump’s private, classified telephone calls with world leaders. And he isn’t keeping quiet about what was talked about either.

An analysis of McCain’s recent public statements by White House officials, coupled with information from intelligence personnel working with the Trump administration, paints a disturbing picture for McCain — or any elected U.S. politician. Officials believe the senator has inside knowledge of a number of President Trump’s telephone conversations, including at least one conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Even more alarming, officials believe McCain is secretly sharing this sensitive information with colleagues and his cabal of friendly mainstream media journalists in a dangerous clandestine campaign to damage Trump’s presidency even before it has a chance to succeed. Trump has been searching for media rats in the Beltway in recent weeks. White House aides are confident they have now outed one of the major leaks plaguing the early days of the Trump presidency. To everyone’s surprise, it is a senior senator supposedly belonging to the same side of the political aisle as the president.

McCain has been lambasting Trump to anyone and everyone who will listen since the newly minted president’s inauguration. This includes a Russian comedian who pranked McCain posing as Ukraine Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman. Even during that troubling conversation, where McCain shared sensitive U.S. intelligence with an imposter, White House aides said McCain unknowingly exposed himself as having inside knowledge of Trump’s telephone conversations.

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“He has been given transcripts or actually listened to the calls and is sharing what he has heard,” an administration insider said. “There is no doubt. He is one of the major leaks.”

Just last week, True Pundit published a troubling account of how a Russian comedian duped McCain, the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. McCain incredibly even coached the phone-prankster-posing Prime Minister on joining NATO.

This audio recording of the phone call is absolutely incredible.

It’s time for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to determine the level McCain’s involvement and just how many laws he has broken.


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  • ThinkAboutIt1st

    This is nothing short of TREASON, directed against, the United States of America! Let us now find out those who he was conspiring with! Treason in this case equals prison….. Hopefully his conspirators include Obama and both Clinton’s! McCain has become a traitor…

  • Crusader


  • Steve_o

    It’s about time this guy was outed for what he is. He doesn’t serve the people, he serves the power structure in D.C.

  • Lord Helmet

    McCain has a pathological need to be loved and accepted by the liberal media. It’s the source of his downfall as POTUS candidate and as a US senator and as an American.

  • Kelly

    I hope that the WH and sources will come forward. Until then, McCain can claim hearsay. No swinging and missing with McCain. If you swing, you’d better TKO.

  • WRD

    wow isn’t that treason, sedition?

  • vfrtower

    Lock his lumpy-face azz up.

  • yup

  • WRD

    what the devil is wrong with this man..and others. IT is like a Bourne movie

  • ZDay

    Why can’t we arrest and prosecute?

  • Robbins Mitchell

    Any chance this will spill over and soil his porky little airhead daughter over at FNC?….one can only hope

  • Kidholli

    At the least it is sedition. He needs to be arrested !

  • Tom Smith

    I’m guessing he has a pathological love for Saudi Arabian pizza too maybe.

  • disqus_RpsPIIVzIt

    If “True” would be horrible for America! Pres Trump trying to make America Great Again and one of top Senators trying to taking him and America down!!! Unreal!

  • akramden

    Oh goody gumdrops…Yet another RINO cupcake from a border state is floundering!

  • Peace Love Bunny

    John McCain is currently out of the country.

    I’m wagering he will stay out of the country to avoid prosecution.

  • Bro daWg

    I don’t like this movie.

  • akramden

    I love it…Jan Brewer for Senate! Jan Jan Jan!

  • Hack

    If it is true, they need ot investigate the rest of the Reagan Battalion… especially Mcmuffin!

  • Suelark

    You already said it: the Devil.

  • 1232Patriot

    Way past time for the Senate to expel McLame and bring him up on charges . . .

    BTW – many in AZ would welcome such a move!

  • Suelark

    Any need for “love” is completely overcome by hate in this nasty old man.

  • Svetlana Beaglehoff

    That would be great.

  • akramden

    Jan Jan Jan!

  • Svetlana Beaglehoff

    He and his girlfriend Linda need to be impeached.

  • disqus_RpsPIIVzIt

    If True (?) horrible for America! Pres Trump trying to make America Great Again and a top Sen trying to take Trump and America “Down Again” Unreal!!!

  • 1232Patriot

    … to be clear – Jan Brewer (NOT Jan-et Napolitano!)

  • Tikaro

    Hey, she’s usually the most conservative voice on the panel. Nothing “airhead” about her.

  • akramden

    And not Juan Juan Juan…

  • akramden

    She’s all California Cushy in the UC system. Ugh…

  • Acacia The Vet

    This is an Overrated clown.

  • scratchNsniff

    I hate the ba$tard but will take more than “think” or “suspect” to bring him down. McCain should return to USA, put a hold on his security clearance and censored by congress until this is investigated. If evidence exists should be prosicuted to fullest extent of law

  • Amish4Truth

    Correction…McCain has ALWAYS been a traitor. The proof is just coming forth now.

  • The Good Bad n UgLy

    The biggest adversary to the U.S. are the political fools and idiots directly involved in our system, such as John McCain

  • Jack Acktion

    @realDonaldTrump @Reince’s Gal & @WhiteHouse Chief of Staff NEVERTRUMPER @KMWalsh_GOP Is Source Of Trump Leaks To @NYTimes & Others

  • UrbanCamper

    Thank You! I am so happy that his traitor has been outed. Check out Lindsey Graham and the McMullin crew too. They need to GTFO.

  • Strega

    McCain is & was a traitor. He betrayed his fellow POWs in Viet Nam by colluding with the enemy in order to receive better treatment. Hence, his nickname: “Songbird”. He again betrayed his fellow POWS & all other Vets when he obstructed all efforts to have the US launch a search for remaining POWs or other servicemen still in Viet Nam.

    He has ‘treated with the enemy’ consistently & publicly with his frequent appearances boosting the ‘Syrian rebels’ who are & were a ragtag group of paid thugs supported by Obama to undermine legitimate efforts by Assad & Putin to rid Syria of subversive elements working for Assad’s overthrow.

    He hasn’t represented his constituents or the American people for decades. Whatever method of removal is quickest and surest is best. Hopefully, his ‘Charlie McCarthy’, Lindsey Graham, will feel bereft at his loss & retire.

  • Frank

    If true, there needs to be consequences.
    An ‘apology’ won’t do.

  • danbuter

    He wasn’t called The Songbird for nothing.

  • Robbins Mitchell

    Uh huh…I guess that explains why she was blathering a few years back that I and assorted Tea Partiers were “racist!” for opposing Obama and his agenda…..that’s airhead on steroids

  • Edsss

    Team Trump: FLUSH this POS!!! One way of another this reject HAS TO GO!

  • Gary Ritzman

    If this proves true he must be put in solitary in a maximum security prison. No visitation rights.

  • Bubba Gump

    McStain has reason to undercut the Trumpster. That war hero stuff could go out the window soon. McStain could find himself at the center of the pedo ring. Now ask yourself why him and Twinkletoes Graham are fighting the Trumpster at every corner.

  • Amish4Truth

    Solitary? No. General population, where true justice would be served.

  • PatriotPride

    John McCain has always been a traitor – ever since he used politics to gain notoriety and money. NEVER a patriot of this amazing country. Sadly, everyone who partook of this evil he leaked is all considered to be conspirators and because they did not come forward, they are guilty of 18 U.S.C. § 2382 : US Code – Section 2382: Misprision of treason – See more at: and should be fined and imprisoned for seven years! An example needs to be set for all these lawless oligarchs and agencies going against the will of the people!

  • SPQR_US “The Deplorable”

    Exposing McStain needs to happen NOW so that the vermin will resign.

  • Sam

    There in no possible way on heaven or earth that INSANE McCain won re-election legitimately, the citizens of AZ cannot be that Brain-Washed. This means the elections are rigged and calls for a complete investigation beginning in AZ.

  • les des

    What’s wrong with him? And he was running for president himself. A disgrace. Now he can go to prison, an American one.

  • 426HemiCuda

    USS Forrestal will come back and get you McShame!

  • Mil-Dot

    Felony. Treason and sedition to start with. McCain should be
    prosecuted to the max for this.

  • steadykat

    not! she is an idiot

  • hostile177

    fake news

  • Mil-Dot

    He will never resign. That takes honor. McCain has no honor.
    He’s a baby eater. NWO scum.

  • testify

    I guess ole Songbird misses his time in prison, wants to go back.

  • Mil-Dot

    I would wait until he hit the tarmac in the USA then perp walk his ass.

  • ThinkAboutIt1st

    I apologize, but honestly I did not know this. Where is that particular information so I can read about it and others can as well? Thanks…

  • Mil-Dot


  • JanicePaschall


  • roberto di camerino

    First day of 1st Trump Rally this traitor went on TV to declare US “The Crazies are out” Remark that hurt Trump and he went on to declare He likes

    Heroes who are not caught.

  • Mil-Dot

    Well he might be serving mashed potatoes in the Leavenworth,
    KS prison cafeteria pretty soon.

  • Gary Ritzman

    McCain could easily have been brainwashed during his captivity. Becoming the Vietnam War’s “Manchurian Candidate”. Consider that he has been only a politician after his military service.

  • Reno

    If it can be proven he shared Trump’s telephone calls, lock his demented ass up.

  • Idahoballer

    Traitor John is used to being locked up in prison, time for another stretch.

  • albrevin

    the names that floated when all the ‘dirty dossier’ stuff was being bandied about include: Jeb Bush, Ben Sasse, McMullen and his campaign manager, McCain, and Bill Kristol. Various reports linked anyone of these with that seedy business. These are the people, too, with an obvious pathological hatred for President Trump, as well as the 60+ million people who voted for him.

    Again, it is pathological. You can literally see spittle flying out of the mouths of these people when it comes to anything about PDJT.

    Because of their complete lack of self-control and their being consumed by hate, jealousy, ,,, whatever, they continue to make mistakes and blunders. Would not be surprised to see horns sprout and a green forked tongue roll out of McCain’s mouth one day as he rants in front of a camera.

  • JanicePaschall

    has anyone seen this article on another media siteor tv

  • Neils Clausen

    Go to u-tube search prankster McCain.

  • oldhippie

    He is and will always be a traitor to the USA. I served during Viet Nam and I know for a fact that this man gave up info to the enemy. He needs to be in jail.

  • JohnnyCuredents

    There is a theory he is haunted still by guilt for his treasonous behavior in Vietnam, and that this guilt is behind his infamous hot temper (there are recordings of his explosive, expletive-laced encounters with journalists). I am beginning to think the guy is unbalanced and a security risk for the country. This dangerous man should not be a senator, much less chairman of the Sen Armed Service Committee.

  • White Clowns

    Let’s trade McCain for Julian Assanges.

  • Slim Pikens

    That S.O.B. has been a traitor, back stabbing Republican for years! Makes me wonder if he didn’t betray the U.S during his stint in Hanoi? Odd they would turn him loose and he stayed eh? Put that slime in a cell somewhere!

  • Gekk

    McCain is a traitor and a servant of the military industrial complex. Note how he NEVER fought Obama the way he’s been fighting Trump…. That tells you all you need to know about this neocon parasite.

  • White Clowns

    If the Feds yank his passport, maybe McCain will have to stay in some foreign airport til his term is up.

  • RavenLooneyToon

    He’ll start singing just like he did the last time!

  • BloodGuard

    Katie Walsh, White House Deputy Chief of Staff and #NeverTrump Republican worked on McCains ’08 campaign. Most likely she’s been stealth adding McCain in on conference calls or passing him recordings.

  • Arrest the son of a bi tch

  • RavenLooneyToon

    He’s a HERO!

  • Ricemanstm

    It’s time to arrest him for either treason or insurrection…OR BOTH.

  • Rick Myles

    This is why Putin stockpiles Polonium.

  • ILConservative

    I reiterate; McCain is a doddering old fool way past his expiration date. Maybe now he will be made to pay for his seditious, maybe treasonous, acts. He needs to resign and go live in exile back home in AZ. He is no friend of patriotic Americans and should be punished for his acts.

  • RavenLooneyToon


    Sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that tends
    toward insurrection against the established order. Sedition often
    includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent to
    lawful authority.

  • HUGE if true. He should be given the chance to resign. If he doesn’t, let him die in prison.

  • nicu78

    Mad Chuckie really messed up this time.

  • kjf

    Songbird just cant stop singing

  • kjf

    Search songbird mccain it will all come up including the keating 8

  • Lori Kaye Roberts

    For sure rigged election.. I agree with you .. No way no how .. Same here in California. Yes we have a Dems but we didn’t vote for Jerry Brown twice after he messed things so bad the first two times 40 years ago.. Brown is so messed up if you google Global cooling you will see it was on the cover of TIME Mag in 1977 when Brown was Governor and he said we would all end up freezing to death.. The Global crapola didn’t work the first time so they went back to their think tanks and came up with warming and tweaked some of the problems with the scam the first time .. Lord I live in San Diego and the vote count was like 75 percent Clinton 25 Trump.. NO FRIGGIN WAY. We live on the border we have the gangs we have the drugs we cant walk our dog without a stun gun.. But yep we voted for open border.. Whatever

  • Jack Wilson

    18 U.S. Code § 798 – Disclosure of classified information

    (a) Whoever
    knowingly and willfully communicates, furnishes, transmits, or otherwise
    makes available to an unauthorized person, or publishes, or uses in any
    manner prejudicial to the safety or interest of the United States or
    for the benefit of any foreign government to the detriment of the United
    States any classified information—
    Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.

  • Lori Kaye Roberts

    I don’t believe that McCain was elected by the people of AZ. They need to fix voter rolls and end the use of voter machines. Those machines are what the problem is ..

    Here in California. Yes we have a Dems but we didn’t vote for Jerry Brown twice after he messed things so bad the first two times 40 years ago.. Brown is so messed up if you google Global cooling you will see it was on the cover of TIME Mag in 1977 when Brown was Governor and he said we would all end up freezing to death.. The Global crapola didn’t work the first time so they went back to their think tanks and came up with warming and tweaked some of the problems with the scam the first time .. Lord I live in San Diego and the vote count was like 75 percent Clinton 25 Trump.. NO FRIGGIN WAY. We live on the border we have the gangs we have the drugs we cant walk our dog without a stun gun.. But yep we voted for open border.. Whatever


    There are no “Republicans” and “Democrats” any more. There is a cabal of Globalists and Jews vs anyone who isn’t.
    Both the GOP and the Dems are owned and operated by the same masters. And those masters hate Trump.

    Follow the nose.

  • Christine Golden

    Also look up his first marriage. Shortly before McCain came home from Vietnam, his wife was disabled in a car accident. He soon began to cheat on her and eventually dumped her for his mistress. He then filed for divorce so he could marry his younger, richer version, the current Mrs McCain. That’s the reason his kids from his first marriage have nothing to do with their father.

  • Christine Golden

    I’d bet big money McCain suffers from PTSD. It explains everything.

  • Berris Easie

    Im on TRUMP TEAM but ill never be happy safe & comfortable until some of the elite politicians goes to PRISON. JOHN MCCAIN. HILLARY CLINTON. BARACK OBAMA. LINDSAY GRAHAM. VP JOE BIDEN. PEDOGATE & PIZZAGATE INDIVIDUALS WHO RAPE & MURDER our children. Nancy Pelosi. Elizabeth Warren & ms waters. Some journalists deserved jail time for reporting lies and manipulating minds of we the people. Madonna fat pig Rosie & all those who calls for death on our president need to face the court for threat against humanity which is a hate crime against WeThePeople & our elected president. So when that day comes ill be much happier knowing that the law is for both rich & poor

  • JohnnyCuredents

    That makes a lot of sense. Something is clearly wrong with this man who always wants to be at swords-points with the group he identifies as his (here the GOP). Think about it. His behavior, what the lying media refers to as his being “a maverick,” simply replicates what happened in North Vietnam, viz. John against all the other Americans there in prison. He was a “maverick” then too.

  • naro wampanoag

    follow your shitt dripping underwear trail.

  • Stop The Left

    No surprise to me. Thought he was a traitor months ago.

  • Joe Palooka

    When McCain was running in 2008 the Veterans came out strong and had this website that just destroys him. He truly is a traitor. Go to 2008 there is still a lot of info there.

  • Mark M

    Jail time is what he deserves. He won’t get it though.

  • jubadoobai

    Glory hallelujah! If this is what it takes to get rid of McCain, then I welcome it. Let the governor put up the person who ran against him.

  • EyeOfProvidence

    John McCain: From Bamboo cage to minimum wage

  • RevJoe1

    Any bets Lindsey “Fruit Cake” Graham is a co-conspirator?

  • Danny Bowlin

    If true they need to charge McCain and get this old evil man out of our government. It is pass time for min to be out of the government.

  • L Garou

    Hanoi John should already be in prison somewhere, anywhere..

  • The Bogeyman

    To everyone’s surprise To no one’s surprise…”

    Fixed that for ya.

  • RevJoe1
  • Joel Bowles

    So blabber mouth mccain is at it again. Sing to communist iin viet nam wasn’t enough now he is aoilling state secrets to get even with Potus. Treason is the word and the firing squad the punishment. McCain is no scapegoat he is just an old goat that should be served up on a platter

  • rrpjr

    Get rid of this brain-damaged traitorous fossil.

  • Vangie Martinez


  • RevJoe1
  • jim marcum

    McCain is or never was a hero. He is a low life piece of shit.

  • drummie

    If this is true, McCain belongs in prison for treason. He has run his mouth to the enemy before, soi is he still doing so? It IS time to find out.

  • Daniel Overton
  • Charles Weitzel



    Please get him out…Arizona will be forever grateful…Give the job to Kelly who ran against him.


    He has always been a traitor…Trump called him out on it…This is his revenge. He actually believes he is someone.


    Get him in prison now……He belongs in confinement.


    His current wife is rich and dumb…Never should have married this total POS.

  • kericso

    John McCain drives me nuts he’s always looking over people’s shoulders (even women’s) He really needs to retire and enjoy himself out of congress. He shouldn’t be permitted to talk about anything if he’s not authorized to do so.


    Omce a traitor always a traitor…We have been stuck with him and Flake for many many too many years of no senators at all, just like California has none.


    McCain will lose his fortune from getting cheap labor for all his people.


    McCain is paid by Soros.


    I pray it is so.

  • Think Local

    We have to move from thinking he is just another codgy old man like VP Joe to the traitor evil do-er that he is. The Arizona governor needs to get the State House to repeal his seat and recall him and assign someone else , el pronto


    Absolutely….Check the machines and the illegal votes…We wanted him out above all.

  • Reese Bobby

    I prefer my war heroes to be uncaptured.


    We wanted Arpaio too. Check to see if the illegals did not vote against him.

  • JoeCollins

    Time for McCain to go home to Arizona and rock on the front porch.

  • claram,

    Agreed The same goes for Chuck Shumer. Definitely a GEORGE SOROS rigged election on both parts

  • claram,

    The public needs to hear from more people like you . The estimates of illegals that voted in California are anywhere from 7- 15 million.

  • Linda Bond

    John McCain was pardoned by Nixon for treason. This is not surprising! He and Graham need to be shut down!

  • claram,

    Hes not haunted by Guilt He is haunted by fear that all the records of his actions that he has worked so hard to keep hidden all these years will be released ANd he is furious that President Trump brought this issue up after he thought it was buried since 2009

  • God Emperor Trumps Were-Puppy

    McCuck and Linda Graham are two peas in a pod.
    They’ll both be involved together.

  • Patriot76

    Investigate, arrest, prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Linda Bond

    Google ! It’s all there! Also look for forestall fire! Prankster songbird “wet start”

  • staff office

    Lock this trader POS up…No better yet hang his @ss!

  • staff office

    McCain gave up everything he knew to the VC in Nam. He’s no hero, he’s a POS and unfortunately his
    ejection seat worked.

  • David Galloway

    wow if true ???

  • freewheelinfranklin543

    Remember the USS Forrestal!

  • BulSprig

    This is Treason, aiding and abetting the Enemy. Not to mention multiple Federal Code Violations. The Russian comedian deal shows MCCAIN in no longer capable of having a Security

  • 0ldgrunt

    I have real PTSD…it can ruin your life….PTSD makes you hate yourself not other people. It is like being in a prison and you are the warden…..Do not insult real PTSD people. McCain does not have PTSD, he has something else.

  • freewheelinfranklin543

    Look up the USS Forrestal. Kamikaze McCain!

  • Praying_for_a_Blaze_of_Glory

    McCain is a traitorous enemy of the state and should absolutely be charged and kicked out of office. He is a leftist with an R beside his name. He is no hero. I don’t know how on earth the people of Arizona could have reelected the nasty, hateful, spiteful old codger. Voter fraud? It wouldn’t surprise me in the least. He has no redeeming value as far as I cans see and neither does his butt buddy, Lindsey Graham. Rest assured he’s in on the spying too.

  • freewheelinfranklin543

    Who’s father was reportedly in league with one Meyer Lansky and became the Beer Baron of Arizona.

  • NoBS NoSpam

    Why is High Crimes and Treason not on the table? Is it because McCain is so dirty that he is desperate?
    Blackmail is why McCain is in power, time to expose the blackmailer and tear down the CIA for house cleaning.

  • Beach girl

    Ironically, Katie Walsh (2nd under Priebus) was McCains finance director in his failed Pres run! It fits! She was a never Trumper, she’s known as a LEAKER to the press, per her FB she’s best friends with the DNC girl and now the MCCain leak!

  • drdavidkamnitzer

    How trustworthy is your Source?

  • Betty

    You have been given a lot of information to start your truth search – while you are at it will you try to find out why Richard Nixon pardoned him and if you can get the text of the pardon that would be awesome.


  • NoBS NoSpam

    How trust worthy is McCain? How trust worthy is evil? Questions.

  • john_freeman0130

    McCain is owned by the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • meme35


  • randomguy01


  • Bobbie Nilsson

    If we follow the Constitution for what it truly stands for We the People will get justice in the end.McCain has taken advantage of the generosity of the American people this is true and he is not to be trusted. President Trump was elected to office by the people and McCain has done everything he could do to undermine the President.However the future goes we should never forget his contempt of the American choice.It is true ALL LEADERS in our government needs check and balance. I wish no harm on anyone and I can forgive but what I believe is his actions are dangerous to the Republic.

  • USWarrior1962

    Well well well, old song bird is still singing to the enemy after all these years, string him up!

  • NoBS NoSpam

    Did not know that.
    Right there in Wiki:
    2008 presidential election[edit]
    Walsh was hired in 2007 as an assistant to the finance director for Fred Thompson’s brief presidential campaign.[6] After Thompson dropped out of the race, she joined the presidential campaign of John McCain as Midwest regional finance director.[6][5]
    and then

  • Paw Paw Paw Paw

    Songbird Mccain!!!!!!!!

  • marktomark

    I HOPE ITS TRUE i bet its him and lindsey graham

  • Ivan Gentry

    That’s why a whole lot of people believe Trump won the popular vote by a landslide too. There were anywhere from 10 to 20 million illegals who voted for Clinton.

  • Laminectomies abound

    If true string him up

  • USWarrior1962

    Yep if he was innocent then why was he immediately transferred off the boat to the USS Oriskany, once again his daddy covered for his sorry ass.

  • Ivan Gentry

    You have to suffer some stress to have PTSD. He was never tortured or punished by the VC in anyway in Vetnam. That is from testimony by fellow POWs.

  • Bill the Cat

    John “Songbird” McCain has a *LONG* history of treachery and collaboration.

    Why AZ keeps sending that quisling POS back to the Senate is beyond me.

  • Mary Myers

    No, not PTSD, just a total lack of character and integrity coupled with severe narcissism.

  • NoBS NoSpam

    The 10 to 20 million includes a bunch of government retirees who snow bird between two VOTING states. Bleeding heart liberals have no ethics or morals.

  • akramden

    I’ve forever taken CNN – the Communist News Network and the rest of the left wing trash off my channel list…But wondering if this story has had any verification yet?

  • Todayistheday

    Water board him first.

  • Bill the Cat

    His wife has the money.

  • NoBS NoSpam

    Human Trafficking is quite expensive. Massive bribes and extortion.

  • NoBS NoSpam

    Soon my precious. Very, very soon…

  • ButchforTrump

    Take this dude out and the New World Order will lose one of its biggest builders McCain said he has been working on the New World Order for 70 years he started when he was 10

  • NoBS NoSpam

    Public execution would give the US a semblance of Justice.
    Right now our Court System is controlled by Blackmail under the guise of National Security.
    We all know the CIA is corrupt, but the FBI and Secret Service are required to make Bribery of the Secretary of State as accepted abuse of power.

  • nojack

    Hang the traitor by the neck till he is Dead!

  • Patricia

    Senator John McCain’s spying just didn’t start with President Donald Trump. There has always been speculation that McCain spied against the U.S. when he was wounded and captured in Vietnam! Once a traitor, always a traitor! What price should McCain pay? Cut off his “good” arm!

  • nojack

    He did “Sing Like a Bird” when he was a POW. Do the research. He gave the Communist Vietnamese all that they wanted. Hang the Traitor! Today!

  • nojack

    He does need his neck stretched!

  • Teresa Blommers

    and what about his girlfriend Lindsey Graham? bet he’s not innocent either!!!

  • Patricia

    Senator John McCain’s spying just didn’t start with President Donald Trump. There has always been speculation that McCain spied against the U.S. when he was wounded and captured in Vietnam! Once a traitor, always a traitor! What price should McCain pay? Cut off his “good” arm! See the link below.

  • nojack

    That is Death By Hanging!

  • nojack

    NO, The Gallows is much more suitable for this POS Traitor!

  • Comrade Molotov

    McCain has gotten all of the mileage out of the POW thing that he’s going to get. He’s out of credit, and someone should issue a burn notice on him. I’m not a lawyer, but if this all rings true, it should be actionable. He should be censored, impeached, discredited, and escorted out of that august body.

  • arrest mccain for treason NOW

  • RINO Cage

    Investigate and lock up this traitor. He’s been nothing but a scumbag for a while now. A failed candidate trying to remain relevant.

  • nojack

    Absolutely he is!

  • RestlessGypsie

    I know this is weird, but I just wanted to compliment you on your politeness.

  • nojack

    NO, The Gallows is much more suitable for this Scumbag Traitor!

  • MsLand

    Burn that witch named McCain.

  • Covems

    Anyone claiming to be News and does not name the source is considered Fake News. White House official could mean anyone… name the source.

  • ghostdancer

    Lock him up.

  • nojack

    Of course he did and it’s on record! Hang em High!

  • Concerned Citizen

    Wow! I didn’t expect this. But I dislike McCain intensely for how he treated Michele Bachmann. Then Congresswoman Bachmann rightly pointed out that it makes no sense that Huma Abedin, with known associations to the Muslim Brotherhood and Sisterhood, was Hillary’s right arm. McCain went after Bachmann with an unusual and intense vengeance. Totally wrong. McCain is very suspicious.

  • nojack

    Me hippie too, but it’s the Gallows bro!

  • nojack

    You mean neck stretch! Gallows!

  • nojack

    Hang Him High!

  • nojack

    Flamethrower Baby!

  • Marie Parish Weathers

    If it is treason, he and everyone else involved should face a fireing squad. Best deterrent to treason is seeing the punishment meted out.

  • Lance Hollandsworth

    Bye Bye McCain…..

  • Narutojlin Song

    He has been committing treason for decades. Including the coupe in Ukraine !!!

  • JRRad

    Graham violated the Logan Act just last year by attending the Bilderberg yearly meeting. He admitted to this so why is no one talking about it?

    AG Jeff Sessions, it’s time to take off the gloves!

  • Kj

    Why did John McCain receive a presidential pardon from President Nixon???? Why are these records sealed????

  • I financially helped his primary competitor. She was a true conservative and loved Trump. Rinos & RNC financed this pc of crap…good ole boy crap. he shut his mouth until he won so he wouldn’t piss us off. then went ballistic on Pres.

  • raffaelecafagna

    don`t forget Soros and f**** face Michael Moore

  • Alti

    McShame is now right up there with Barry and Cankles in terms of who I would love to see in a cell.

  • o_irish

    Why does AZ keep reelecting him? Are they brain dead?

  • inchbyinch

    You cannot be a hero and a traitor simultaneously. This is treason. Fire him and put him in the worst VA hospital to live out his final days.

  • why_mee

    I doubt that, he can barely lift his arms, remember? ;lol I know it’s not funny, but anyone who calls Trump a clown, is calling the wrong guy. McCain is the saddest excuse of a clown if there ever was one.

  • Alti

    She’s obsessed with the “Russia! Russia! Russia!” narrative – not very bright.

  • Amish4Truth

    In a cell…under a cell…yeah, okay. Works for me.

  • Christine Golden

    Please accept my apology; I meant no offense. McCain is mentally unbalanced (imo) and with his background, PTSD seemed a reasonable conclusion.

  • AZWarrior

    The Arizona Republican Party seems to be ignoring his behavior – or perhaps they agree with it. Who knows, but they seem to be hiding from the people. The state is not well served by these cowards.

  • o_irish

    And likely his ties to the Military Industrial Complex is what’s kept him getting reelected, with funding his campaigns. He may be a “war hero”, but long past time for him to be publicly exposed, fully. Thank heaven for small favors…that he didn’t win in 2008, we’d have been in WWIII long ago. He would have been as bad a Pres as obama has been, just in a different way. What a choice it was, a total toss up. Both equally disasters.

  • AZWarrior

    He is a rich, well connected political criminal.

  • ???

  • o_irish

    Should be purging voter rolls, find how many illegal aliens voted “illegally”. If you don’t do something about that, it will continue. You’ll be sunk for decades to come.

  • James Earls

    Macain needs to go hes a hazard and also hes the king pin of the swamp.

  • ntxokie

    Mclame should have been in the old RINO Home years ago.

  • o_irish

    He’s a liberal democrat…RINO.

  • Batman

    The leak is not McCain, he doesn’t have direct access. But he is the one giving it to media. This is in open source, he gave copies of the “dossier” to the media weeks ago.

    McCain needs investigated for corruption charges, wire fraud, and other quid pro quo charges. The guy is dirtier than a coal train, and has been propped up by DOD contractor puppets for years. He’s rotten.

  • Batman

    I think there is actually sufficient evidence to charge him under Logan act.

  • o_irish

    She gets the Russia narrative from her father. He wants war anywhere he can muster it. That’s all he’s ever pushing with inuendos. My goodness people, don’t buy into his rhetoric!! He’s got an agenda, and marching orders from his Military Industrial Complex buds and donors.

  • Bardenti

    John McCain is a traitor, a disgrace to veterans like me. I also believe this act is the final straw. This is Sedition again the POTUS. He should be in federal prison for this one. #SongBird

  • Steve Milanesi

    This really scares me! And who is working with him? INTEL; Senate Democrats?

  • yyyc

    He’s 80 yrs old and he’s pulling this? At what point does he at least have some dignity and grace?! He’s more drama than Kim Kardashian ffs. Shame on u John McCain ~ Shame ………

  • aznative1940

    way graduated 3rd from the bottom in his graduating class at west
    point!He crashed 3 planes before being taken prisoner and put in the
    hano Hilton as a prisoner of war! While in the Hanoi camp was one of the
    fuee prisoners that was treated by
    competent Dr. that was because he informed on other prisoners and did
    talks on radio free Viet Cong for his captors!The other prisnors called
    him the song bird
    Please, Google….. cCain deliberately ‘wet-started’ his A-4E Skyhawk to shake up the guy in the F-4 Phantom behind his plane.
    done either deliberately (the starter motor switch allowed kerosene to
    pool in the engine and give a wet start) or accidentally, shoot a large
    flame from the tail of the aircraft.’Wet starting’ was a common practice
    among young ‘hot-dog’ pilots.
    In McCain’s case, the
    ‘wet-start”cooked off’ and launched the M34 Zuni rocket from the rear
    F-4 that punctured the Skyhawk’s fuel tank, knocked the M-65 1000 lb
    bomb off it’s 500 lb rated mount, and touched off the explosions and
    massive fire.
    When the carrier Oriskany came along side,
    and McCain was put in a chopper and whisked away. McCain was the only
    Forrestal crewman to be immediately transferred.I have a hunch McCain
    left for his own safety because the crew wanted blood.and there was a
    large number of personal killed because of his stupidity!In Liberty
    United States Navy Vet!

  • Tina Ohara

    The Bible tells us there is no greater good than to lay your life down for your neighbor/ brother. There is nothing worse than a traitor.

  • jerry2286

    The Songbird has always been a traitor. Hopefully this leads to his spending the rest of his life in prison since his daddy isn’t around to save him anymore like after Vietnam.

  • Poptoy1949

    or in HELL…….it all rhymes.

  • Moon3

    Hang him

  • Deplorable Aaron M

    It it possible to get a death penalty for McCain?

  • o_irish

    The question is, why/how was Abedin given a security clearance?? Should have never occurred in the real world.

  • Moon3

    The penalty is death, correct?

  • George Samon

    It was Mc Traitor who paid for the so called dossier on the president. He didn’t just forward it to the FBI, he paid for it. Too bad he’s from Utah. In Wyoming, he’d been lynched before sundown.

  • Lorry Weiss

    He has always had a problem with telling the truth, goes way back to his “songbird” days. If this is true he should go to prison and stay there until he’s gone.

  • barb1joan

    Sad if true. What happened to him???

  • Alti
  • Alti
  • TNarch

    Obama down, Bushes down, Clintons down…McCain going down. One more down the drain at the bottom of the swamp. Winning is so much fun!

  • Harold Weisberg

    Because Trump endorsed McCain.

  • Denise S

    This is what happens when bribery and blackmail controls you.

  • Denise S

    This is what happens to you when blackmail and bribery OWN you. Unfortunately, GREED got the best of these people a LONG time ago.

  • прискорбный Captain Freedom

    McCain needs to go

  • muskratlove

    John McShame and Liberace Grahamnesty, true USA traitors

  • muskratlove

    Liberace Grahamnesty

  • tobarbara

    Hero for a day – or even an extended time such as while held as a POW – doesn’t make someone a hero for life. Hero status is given far to easily today.
    McCain is a dreadful human being. He will eventually reap what he has sown.

  • JohnnyCuredents

    I’m sure you’re right that he’s furious at Trump’s mention of it. But is there material there, in the hidden records, that we aren’t aware of already? I thought even he had written about his captivity and admitted he recorded traitorous things for broadcast.

  • Lenard Miller

    It would be no surprise that McCain is the leak. If so he is the same as all spies and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and put in prison for the rest of his lying life. He was and is a traitor from the Nam war and he was not known as the song bird for no reason. He has road the fake story of being a hero for years and now it is time to pay the piper.

  • James

    What happened, did McCain leak the Milo story?

  • Mr. Donald J. Mouse

    “According to White House officials, McCain is believed to have somehow
    gained access to the content of President Donald Trump’s private,
    classified telephone calls with world leaders. And he isn’t keeping
    quiet about what was talked about either.”

    Who is your White House Official? Another leaker?
    Damn, the press just doesn’t get it. Without sources, this is BS. I’d like to believe it, but there has to be more than some unnamed source as to being true.


    – One Triggered ShareBlue Employee

  • oneworld65

    Why isn’t this on other media outlets? Is McCain still out of the country? The adminstration is silent.

  • LiveFreeOrDie

    Please let this be true, please let this be true, please let this be true!


    Is Graham involved??

  • ProBizConservative

    under duress…

  • Vern Shotwell

    All told, he only destroyed 5 planes and one carrier. And some stuff and people. Give him a break, right?



  • PoliWach

    Can you?

  • Scott Smith


  • PoliWach

    Don’t doubt for a second that Lindsay boy is in it too. Attached at the hip, those 2.
    “Old boys network”. Double clean that swamp.

  • tnjcon

    Guess McCain took personally Trump’s demeaning his POW days. Too personally. Kick him the heck out and get a tea party guy in his place. Is the Governor of Arizona a Republican?

  • Patsy Bentler

    He needs to be investigated immediately, then prosecuted.

  • My theory is that McCain is getting it from an expendable Obama official in DOJ. Here is how it works, as set up by Obama. This is related to how they believe Flynn was nailed.

    (1) Obama approves the sharing of unfiltered NSA data throughout the government, including the highly tainted DOJ (This was one of Obama’s final and most evil acts, so that the people he left behind could have access to the kind of data HE had as President, to plan all sorts of mischief. Trump needs to close this cr&p down fast.)
    (2) A DOJ official offers to give McCain the data, knowing it will kill off McCain and open his seat for a possible Democrat. The DOJ official is expendable.
    (3) McCain carries the deadly payload. He may even protect the Obama person who set him up.
    (4) McCain gets caught, damaging GOP, WH, Senate, NSA, and basically everybody but Obama.

    I tell you, the Black House shadow government is going to be nothing but trouble unless Trump pulls it up by the roots.

  • Berris Easie

    I didnt remember his name but hus pig face was before my eyes. Thanks adding to the list. As wikileaks released more names so im praying and fasting. Can we partner together i have great ideas my last idea was #MarchOnCongress #ProtectOurGirls saying #no2rape peaceful Campaign March 31-April1

  • Berris Easie

    This is what wrong with people. They dont see a crime when it happen because they are dillusionan & refuse to come to their senses. Wonder if they have a spirit that leads them. Most of these ppl r devil worshipers n satanic do they will be blinded having scars over their eyes n still in shackles n bondage

  • Debbie Truitt Earley

    He should have been state-sponsored executed a long time ago.

  • ThinkAboutIt1st

    It’s fascinating isn’t it, how so many want to be informed and know the truth, rather than what we are receiving from the media? Thanks to everyone, yet I sure all this information was informative to many others as well… Thanks again…

  • Trey Dawg

    There needs to be a movie about his exploits and “accidents” while serving in the navy. For a while there he did more damage than the enemy, then he got caught and spilled sensitive info to the enemy. How he got elected is a wonder to me. Now he goes against the American people and our elected President. I see a pattern here

  • Berris Easie

    Lets ring the bell put them in a cell send them straight to hell bc they fell short of the glory of God n truth. Lier lier pants on fire

  • ThinkAboutIt1st

    Thank you…

  • dgs

    Well that’s just it, this source of information does not want to give a name, which is understandable. This information has not been made public, so this source can get in big trouble for that.

    Regardless, we all have to hope/pray that this anonymous source is truthfull, because McCain is a traitorous RINO. I would not be surprised for second if McSham has been the leader in the Russian conspiracy witch hunt against Trump from day one. If this info is true, McSham needs to spend lots of time in prison, again…

  • I think Senators are allowed to commit treason…

  • Debbie Groves

    Can you say: 20 years in prison for a felony crime in the capacity of what he did???? I CAN!!!!!!!!!

  • dgs

    Yep, a pattern of being a traitorous RINO.

  • 99magna

    This ranks right up there with Ted Kennedy’s collaboration with the Russians. I hope we’re looking at prison time for Johnny.

  • Francesco Zerilli

    While it hasn’t been proven, it certainly wouldn’t surprise me considering that he was the “go to” stink weasel during the entire Bush administration whenever the MSM needed someone within the party to criticize the Bush Administration. That’s why he was referred to as “The Maverick” John McCain whenever he was mentioned in the news, which was virtually every day. Anyone ever notice that on the day he lost his presidential election in 2008 you never again heard him referred to as “The Maverick”? Senator John McCain was never a friend to the missing POW’s and in fact stonewalled every attempt to negotiate their whereabouts with the North Vietnamese……..

  • Debbie Groves

    Strega….My dad was a 30 year Navy man and he told me all about this many years ago.

  • Beverly May

    McCain needs to quit throwing his temper tantrum. No one wanted you for president. I know, they told you it was your turn and mean Donald Trump stole that election from you, but you would not have won anyway. The American people had already pegged you as a turncoat. Get out of government, while the gettin’s good.

  • stacia

    Tasty! McCain in jail for leaking top secret info..Wouldnt be the first time though,he did give the North Vietnamese the flight path of American bombers in the Vietnam war to save his own ass.

  • Liz Miller

    I wouldn’t mind hemis a traitor. Time for him to retired.

  • bigbonedmutt

    Good! Maybe they’ll finally hang that traitor!!

  • Laminectomies abound

    I don’t believe in water boarding. I URINE BOARD, but sure

  • Butch

    Indict him for treason Place on trial then guillotine him in Capitol rotunda on live tv for all who want to continue to use sedition snd treason ! This man is a human pile of swine with major CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY —WE NEED Our new PRESIDENT TRUMP TO TAKE SWINE TREASONOUS WHO ENDORSE SEDITION THEN MAYBE WE MIGHT REDUCED ENDORSEMENT OF TREASON SO BLATANTLY!! Take our country back one swine scum ball at a time!

  • steelnpearls

    This would be the time to put McCain into federal prison for 20 on the one statute that does that to those who do this sort of things

  • Noble Gunnz

    Federal prison will be a step up for Songbird.

  • Texxtyn

    Put him in Manning’s old cell !

  • o_irish

    He needs to just shut his pie-hole while he’s ahead! Or is he too senile? Wonder whose egging him on??

  • George Szabo

    Jail for McCain. Please.

  • Berris Easie

    They have too much powers but they will be brought down. I have a proposal to tackle this scorn of evil hoping to meet VP or President Trump to deliver my proposal on demonstrators & organisations that supports these criminal elements. We should move away from All non profit organizations that hide their finances and donors bc thats a facts they will receive and take money from illegal sources, organizations, countries & individuals that doesnt share our values just as campaign financing & lobbying. All organizations should report their finances & donors before applying for demonstration status, and should apply for permit up to 30days in advance, must be identifiable throughout demonstrations, must pay a fine for security reason n protection from law enforcement officers, should not wear face masks, t shirts to identify organization represented, so organization can be fined for illegal activities and practices causing riot and mayhem. That’s just a sporty short list…

  • Frak

  • GigiAnn

    Mc Cain’s been up to no good for way too long. He needs to be dealt with according to the law.


    I concur

  • dagored44

    voter fraud

  • Cletus

    Fry his ass

  • o_irish

    Could possible be. He’s been pushing this Russia story, as well as working obviously against the President. He’s diligently poking the Russia bear, hoping for retaliation, so he can get another war started. He lives for war! But for sure, MSmedia hasn’t mentioned any of this, and source is anonymous… so we don’t know what’s true or what’s not yet. But President sure had mccains number, early on in the campaign! He got backlash for it, bc McCain is the “war hero”… right… but don’t kid yourself, Donald knows the scoop on McCain. No one else has the guts to talk about the truth! Love ❤️ #MyPresident !!!!

  • o_irish

    That would be AZ, he’s from.

  • o_irish

    Unfortunately, it’ll never happen. These ppl rarely get deserved justice.

  • o_irish

    A pattern emerging.

  • Tids1960

    Hey Everyone you need to promote INFOWARS… the Progressives hate it

  • GTR003121

    An example needs to be made of this scumbag.

  • o_irish

    The Bobbsie twins.

  • onwego4k

    he is a traitor McCain has been un-American since the days of Vietnam he had to be pardoned by Nixon before he got lumped with other pows . they will all tell you he was called songbirtd gave away all our codes etc and our men wherever they attacked were sitting ducks the enemy knew so many killed because of this . hs dady was the big shot admiral in charge of all the military so he got away with it all. time he paid the price for his treason in arab spring arming our enemies with graham Hillary and Obama . he is owned by soros and for glob alization he was also on hillarys payroll she helped his reelection like graham for 2020 she made sure no good democrat ran against him and no more funds went to the gop against him rigged so rigged time he paid for this one listening in on presidents phone calls that is treason to me ok Sessions get to work on this one

  • onwego4k

    he was always a traitor decades never a true gop a rino

  • onwego4k

    and how about viet nam 30 anti American videos for enemy his dady was admiral he got away with treason

  • onwego4k

    brainwashed for decades

  • onwego4k

    I say gitmo let the military handle him

  • Mr. Donald J. Mouse

    I’d like to see the fkin monkey in Prison for what he’s done…but without concrete proof, we are just stirring the pot.

  • Allen Acuff


  • onwego4k

    he needs to go with him they are joined at the hip

  • David Bott

    McCain must be punished

  • onwego4k

    I lived through it we had 14 family members all in nam at the same time some hurt I will never forget it and because of some ofr his lies the men came home to be spat on no parades no thanks etc just spat on

  • Allen Acuff

    As you support a President who was screwing around on two prior wives While still Married. Gotta play a different card Hypocrites. That one’s no good.

  • Allen Acuff


  • Steaming Pyle

    Mcain fellow prisoners called him SONGBIRD !

  • onwego4k
  • Berris Easie

    They cant recognize sins when its visible. They are blind folded. They have no spirit. They lost in sins so sins take over their lives. The media has a role to play brainwashing our minds for decades and also uses movie stars, entertainers, musicians as idols & mentors to our youth. Using false science, doctors, lawyers government officials to bring above their nadty laws

  • FeralCat

    McCain is worse than “fundamentally flawed” in the political sense.
    There has always been something very wrong with his character, which is
    one of extreme “me-first-and-only” self-entitlement. He was wrongfully
    admitted to the Naval Academy with bad grades ahead of more qualified
    applicants because his daddy and granddaddy were admirals. Rules that
    apply to ordinary people don’t apply to him. He thumbed his nose at
    Annapolis because he couldn’t be kicked out or flunked out, because he
    was JOHN MCCAIN, son and grandson of ADMIRALS. He ignored orders and crashed planes, because he couldn’t be disciplined as the son and
    grandson of admirals. He ditched the wife who stood by him, when he
    wanted a rich blonde chick young enough to be his daughter, who could
    finance his political ambition.

    He was caught taking bribes to his wifefrom the Keating 5, so tried to cover his tracks by imposing the McCain-Feingold nonsense on everyone else (laws only apply to everyone else, not to JOHN MCCAIN). He entertained a blonde lobbyist in ways that worried his staff, and improperly pressured the FCC for her in exchange for …., because he is JOHN MCCAIN!!!!!!. He yelled obscenities at other senators who questioned ramming his McCain-Kennedy amnesty through the Senate in the dead of night without debate, and screamed he knew more about it than anyone else – because he is JOHN MCCAIN, a legend in his own mind !!!!!! He has had secret no press allowed meetings to praise Mexico as our dearest friend and closest neighbor, calling enforcement of the laws “Rhetoric”.

    As president, McCain, like the man he helped elect. Barack Obama, would have tried to rule by fiat and would make Hugo Chavez look like George Washington. Like the Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts, if any GOP congresscritter disagreed with him “OFF WITH HER HEAD- I’m JOHN MCCAIN, KING OF THE UNIVERSE!!!” There has always been something consistently very wrong with McCain’s character. Through it all, this lying unreliable self-aggrandizing megalomaniac poses as a “straight talker”, and is so sick, he probably believes it himself, because he is JOHN MCCAIN !!!!!!!!!!!, son and grandson of ADMIRALS.

  • Thethinkingone

    His little biotch miss Lindsey graham needs to go to jail with him!!!

  • Thethinkingone

    Shaddup cankles lover!

  • Thethinkingone

    Go suck on one of Cankles used depends biotch!

  • buckshot

    Once a TRAITOR always a TRAITOR! Nixon should never had pardoned McCain for TREASON! Revoke his pardon and hang him for TREASON!!

  • buckshot

    Actually he is believed to be responsible for nearly 60 of our aircraft being shot down during Vietnam. He provided the N. Vietnamese with the info willingly. That’s why his nickname in the POW camp was “Songbird”. He should never have received a pardon from then Pres. Nixon. He should never been allowed to run for political office! He should have faced the gallows.

  • M S

    I just don’t believe this story. Where are the verified sources.

  • George Samon

    Oops! I got so emotional that I made a really stupid mistake. Thanks, Irish for making me feel stupid. I owe you one.

  • Gregory Mehsikomer

    I only feel sorry for Megan McCain who I think knows her Father is a little off – maybe dementia -no maybe the POW camp messed him up. Am I to nice on this guy !!

  • randallthompson

    You might add Lindsay Graham to that list.

  • No Brainer

    Don’t like McCain…never did, but this story sounds like it’s made up.

  • Ritchard

    He has been a traitor before, USS Forrestal, Hanoi songbird, enemy propaganda broadcasts, treason pardon from Nixon; etc.look it up. I think it might run in the family, take a look at this;

  • סניור בן הרנן

    Nobody else reported this. Is there ANY source like a .gov page or any indication of a political opinion beyond some non-writer’s claim?

  • Traveler

    A senator should know better, This is deliberate if true and needs to be punished if proven.

  • harrydweeks

    Start investigation’s immediately . Disgraceful traitor .

  • Little John

    John McCain is the real life Manchurian Candidate!


  • Louigie


  • TexanForever

    But look at the bright side. He got a new airplane out of the debacle and a lot of “hero” publicity that led to a government-tit-sucking political career.

  • TexanForever

    Songbird McCain wouldn’t hesitate to break laws to remove Trump.

  • Bill Rood

    This should result in immediate expulsion from the Senate, just for starters.

  • rb2424

    if this is true, it only confirms that he is a traitor and rino; the leadership in the senate should remove him from and chairmanships he hold on committees/subcommittees.

  • scoripowarrior

    I some how feel this story is not really true. I can’t stand McCain, and would like to see him kicked out of the Senate. Just the way this article is written is more of “implication” and not real factual. Just sayin…

  • scoripowarrior

    I am with you. This “version” just has that “smell” to it.

  • Deplorable_Pam

    Go get him AG Sessions. It’s been said but it’s absolutely treason. And he should not be allowed to simply resign and walk away. Make an example of him. Charge him, hold the trial, impeach him and then lock him up for life. Treason used to be a death sentence, I think it still should be but whatever.

  • Reba Guillemette

    Put him in prison for TREASON with the rest uf them.

  • Dennis Chrisinger

    arrest this traitor start enforcing the LAW obama and hilery are not in charge anymore

  • Bill Rood

    Are you talking about the fellow who was murdered by Chechens right by the Kremlin? He had support of only 5% of Russians at the time. Putin had no motive to kill him, but his life was no longer valuable to Western intelligence agencies. Funny, that.

    Nor is there conclusive evidence, or even a preponderance of evidence, that the Syrian Arab Army used chemical weapons in 2013. There was in fact considerable evidence that the East Ghouta attack was a false flag attack aided by Turkey to pressure the US into intervening, and that’s likely why the UK Parliament balked and Obama eventually climbed down.

  • Bill Rood

    Gee, I thought only Democrats committed voter fraud!

  • Robski52

    Yay God – and you sins shall find you out!!!

  • Stephen Lowe

    Is his buddy Lindsey involved or is he just sucking McCains tit?

  • Deanne Martin

    He never could keep his damn mouth SHUT… the songbirds STILL singin’.

  • Robin McElwain
  • Dean_V

    Marshal of France Petain (the hero of Verdun in World War I) became the Vichy puppet ruler under the Nazi occupation of France. Whatever good McCain might have done in the past won’t save him if these charges of subversion are true.

  • Devolutionist

    Hey unhero you dirty rat.

  • AZWarrior

    As a retired field grade military officer, I can’t understand how McCain can be so utterly devoid of the ethics of the officer corps that I so proudly was a part. I swear it hurts me more that a retired military officer could so completely spit on the concept of “duty, honor, country” than any political loyalty to his party and his President. As far as I am concerned “McCain isn’t my Senator” (and not an officer in any sense of the word). If he had any honor left at all he would fall on his sword and resign.

  • AmandaTrebiano

    I knew that!!

  • AZWarrior

    Gitmo and waterboard his sorry ass until he tells us how much he got from Soros to betray his President.

  • Anthony McCall

    Yep his daddy got him out of that mess

  • Anthony McCall

    If I remember right over a hundred were killed and that many more injured

  • AmandaTrebiano

    Works for me.

  • Debbie Groves

    I remember that 🙁

  • Smartipants

    So Trump reversed his position and helped get him reelected, probably against his better judgement. If this story is true, I would seriously suspect Alzheimer’s.

  • AZWarrior

    I hold the Republican Party of Arizona responsible for this. Theircsilence is inexcusable and shows their complicity.

  • Anne

    I despise McCain. BUT, this type of allegation needs some serious proof with it.

  • Graham Mitchell

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

    ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

  • Charlie rad

    Trollboy , I was wondering when a little slimeball like you was going to spew DEM “Talking Points”. Nice try dipstick. We all are all too well informed . Try an elementary school chat. more your speed. Ha Ha Ha

  • Charlie rad

    yours .Abdulla

  • Charlie rad

    weak . you angry little inch. What’s wrong ? couldn’t find any goats tonight.

  • Charlie rad

    it’s called the illegal , Felon, & dead vote. Just like in Calif.

  • Deplorable Lance

    I always wondered all that time being held in captivity if he wasn’t some how changed someway. You here it all the time turned somehow. And who knows if the cong was working with the Russians at the time. Also his personality is always so blunted. Just saying.

  • Charlie rad

    & Repubs made a deal to support him & stop sabotaging him. Trump in return endorsed McInsane. Regretted it ever since.

  • Richard Eastman

    Unnamed author. Unnamed “White House” and “”Intelligence” sources.

  • Disgusted0512

    McCain has always been a traitor from Songbird to now. He’s use to trading favors while a prisioner so send him where he belongs

  • thinkwell

    Hopefully it will be a Vietnamese style “no standup” prison.

  • thinkwell

    Forget the cell — I want to see them drop suddenly while cuddled in a very snug rope. May Hillary’s headstone be an unplumbed urinal for the convenience of her many unsympathetic visitors.

  • AZWarrior

    Sedition. Look it up John.

  • lisa a

    Ambassador of Benghazi with no security.

  • lisa a
  • stirstick
  • Chris Richardson

    Once a thief always a thief…once a trador always a tradeor…….once a lier always a lier …..that simple!!!!!

  • lisa a

    Webster Hubbell…

  • The_Devilbat


  • The_Devilbat

    I would like to see them all strung up.

  • James Hunter

    Yah, I would not doubt it, but this sounds like FAKE NEWS

  • Roy Mcdade

    Mccain has always had a very sordid life with his opium fields in Afghanistan, meetings with terrorists, and now his full extreme efforts to harm Trump at all costs…
    He has gone too far.. Now he is guilty of treason and must be put in prison where he belongs….

  • 12Bravo

    Send him back to the Hanoi Hilton is this is found to be true!

  • Deckard Cain

    Somebody needs to line up these Neo-Cons and RINOs and march them to a gallows.

  • Delores Swanson

    Now we all know why the dumbcrats don’t like Trump. He has people working for him that know what to do. Jeff Sessions, it is about time you get on this and get rid of McCain. He is a STUPID IDIOT to think he could get away with all he has done. A POW doesn’t do what he has done so that has us thinking did he make that up?? He has lied so much, I feel sorrry for his family. The devil has a hold on McCain and it isn’t going to let go. He has him where he wants him.

  • PixelPusher777

    It all seems feasible, but that’s no substitution for the truth. We’ll need solid proof. I’ll be checking other sources tomorrow to see if McCain is truly at fault here…

  • DaPicayune

    Will McBlame go from Butthurt to Butt-N-A-Sling now?

  • Hugh R. Aukhundt

    Nothing will happen. Chaffets who I thought was an honorable man fooled me. Screw the whole HILLARY CARTEL thing he talked about for a year. He put that away in favor of a complete thourough indepth 2 year investigation into TRUMP SAID “IVANKA IS BEING TREATED UNFAIRLY” Screw corruption, screw treason, screw insecure servers, screw the lies, screw the 4 slaughtered heroes in Benghazi. McCain and others leaking confidential information?? HAHAHA WHAT A JOKE. TRUMP SAID “IVANKA ISN’T BEING TREATED FAIRLY”. what a piece of crap he is. Sobpeons ignored, lying under oath, billions of dollars missing, pay for play???Never mind any charges, Not even a REPREMAND FOR ANYONE. Just pathetically disgusting.

  • Laura Bishop

    Get that traitor bastard out of the senate!

  • D.T. Baker

    This tool was also one of the Keating Five. Real Scum.

  • Dr Studebaker

    He needs to be Stripped of any powers he has at the very least and BRANDED

  • SuperiorToLibs

    I don’t know if this is a credible site. Can anyone verify if this is anywhere else?

  • Carol Meyer Russo

    From what I have read from other military people he has been a singer for a long time. He has lost all credibility and respect. I agree with former comments that Sessions needs a full investigation and if found guily needs to charged as such.

  • UrbanCamper

    not verified. This site is questionable but not too bad and has broken stories that go mainstream in the past. Most stories start out on sites like this. MSM picks them up and we’re off to the races. We’ll see what happens.

  • spash

    I’m all for White House transparency.

  • Reed Callais

    If this cocksucker is not charged with treason and punished to the fullest extent possible then we the American people are fucked!

  • Cheryl ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    This is too good to be true.

  • infidelijtihad

    Mary Myers, Watching the full video of his comments at Munich Security conference, you have to say it is a form of narcissism and a need for validation stronger than a need for integrity.

  • B. Markus

    To say it with McCain’s own words: “Everybody knows I had a g*dd*mn f*ck you, you know it, you a**hole. I don’t even know why you ask….”. That McCain is still in this political position shows how corrupt our political world is.

  • B.r. Lee

    In bet Graham is involved. They’re both Soro’s handmaidens. Now we know why they called him song bird

  • jeffreymw

    McCain also made propaganda recordings while a POW for the North Vietnamese. Not great for American soldiers’ morale. Hero? IMHO not so much.

  • Oh Boy! What do we have here? There are no words that can be said if mccain is actually the leak. If mccain doesn’t renounce the allegations immediately then something is seriously wrong with him, or he’s building his resume for a spot sitting next to Rachel Maddow.
    Dr BearClayborn -Political Psychiatrist ACB Newspaper International

  • whoiskevinjones

    Please let this be true and honest news! Is McCain eligible for hanging?

  • megajess

    If found to be true, AG Sessions must prosecute – otherwise we no longer live in a land of justice. Laws are meant for the little people. Trump’s 1st big test.

  • Jody McDonough Gill

    He has always been a traitor….I shared an article on him and others that were POWs and he gave info on USA. His team…or the ones that were still alive told about this. Now he should be charged with treason and trying to over throw the government. Maybe Clinton, Obama, Soros, RINOS and corrupt dems will be taken down also

  • E=MC2

    Arrest him charge him, try him, convict him and sentence him back to prison camp IN VIETNAM’s GITMO.

  • iron_sights2200

    Ruh roh! Time to go ya old coot! Sellout criminal

  • Ernie Combs

    Is McCain becoming a ”Teflon Don”………?

  • Canon Fodder{Matthew 21:12}

    Songbird needs to be made to shut up, permenantly!

  • chrism12743

    Even if the charges aren’t true, it is high time to fire this idiot. He was on foreign soil maligning our president to foreign leaders. He really was known as songbird McCain at the Hanoi Hilton, get him out of office NOW, he has all but destroyed Arizona with his insane BS!

  • Short Little Rebel

    I can’t find any other sources reporting this! Everyone else that is reporting this only cites this article. I’m not finding another independent source. Has anyone else? There IS an article in which McCain admitted that he was the one who gave a fake news ‘dossier’ from unknown sources to FBI which claimed that Trump was being blackmailed by the Kremlin. It claimed that the Kremlin had lewd sex tapes of Trump. It was all proven to be false but was published the very next day from when Traitor McCain gave it to the FBI. That shows him to be a traitor, a snake and a liar. But this article doesn’t say how they got any of this information. We don’t know who the White House ‘officials’ are. I’m wondering if this will come out as a true story or not.

  • durabo

    He was programmed like a robot by the Reds.

  • richard

    Who is running against McCain in Arizona any way? A chimp? Next time, vote Chimp.

  • Amish4Truth

    Indeed. He’ll go from from Butthurt, to Butt-N-A-Sling, to Butt-hurting in federal prison.

  • J. Fannin

    Lock this traitor up in Leavenworth where he should be…………… Ole Songbird ratted to the NVA and caused all kinds of trouble……….

  • Terry Brawley

    It would be nice if there was evidence to back up this rumor! McCain is one of the few people left willing to stand up for the Constitution, and call a spade a spade. Trumps’ staff can not tolerate any criticism, and this seems like an easy way to knock off a critic. How about getting the President to maintain security in the first place? He tweets fake news, discussed national security issues in public in Palm Beach, and can’t stay on top of his phone calls…start at the top to correct out-security

  • Jdub

    Charge him with treason and put him in prison where he should be after his actions lead to the deaths of 134 sailors!

  • Jdub

    134 died in the carrier incident.

  • Egyptian princess

    Unplumbed urinal…Headstone…Best comment yet!

  • Egyptian princess

    Try looking on the internet.

  • Oldtreker

    Water boarding him to get to the truth. Oh he says torture doesn’t work. Let’s find out

  • Peggy Ask Hardt

    I don’t believe it.

  • Bea Johnson

    Why? Because Songbird’s such a good boy who dindu nothin’ or because you’re a neo-con?

  • J R Moses

    “McLame” needs to get out of Washington as quickly as he can………and shut his mouth. Things are different now than they have been for the last 8 years. He CAN end up in the “can” if he insists on continuing.

  • Shmizer

    No man. Daddy covering someones ass means you never go to Vietnam in the first place. Like Trump and his bone spur.

  • topper

    Finally the American people are finding out what a phony this “war hero” is!!!!

  • LastBestHope

    John has got some ‘splaining to do .. and Jeff Sessions is just the man to do the investigation.

    No jail time required .. just get McCain’s resignation.

  • xltc5

    And McCain had the balls to comment on a recent mission and say “…we lost a multimillion dollar aircraft and a Navy Seal lost his life…I wouldn’t call that a successful mission”. As if ANY of his missions were successful! And Songbird uses his ‘fake’ war hero medals to catapult his continued lifelong mission of ‘screw everybody around me…’


    It amazes me that the media does not know all about McCain! They always say he is a war hero!

  • Constitutionalist56

    How about you demonrats just piss off and stop trying to overthrow the duly elected PRESIDENT! Your lying whore, her cuckhold husband and her muslim contingent lost, get over it clown!
    Your precious LugenPresse (Lying Press) is ALSO responsible for this and are paid by a foreign national to disrupt our country.
    THAT is called sedition and is STILL a CAPITAL CRIME! And as far as McFail is concerned, Trump was right, he’s loser and a fraud who killed 134 shipmates because McFail is a certified fool, idiot, liar and traitor (not necessarily in that order). He conspired with the enemy JUST LIKE TOKYO ROSE!

  • Constitutionalist56

    I’ll bet you chose that handle because you are really Fat Albert Sharptongue the blackmail artist serial liar and fraud. Terry Brawley and Tawana Brawley the fake rape victim, BOTH EPIC frauds!

  • ZebBlanchard

    The Songbird; still singing.

  • Gwen

    Bring all of the traitors to justice. Can them SOB’s.

  • Johninpa

    Please cite your sources. There are no other reliable news sources reporting this. Appears this is just more fake news.

  • Johninpa

    Allen, you’re really going to hear it now. These folks don’t want to hear the truth, they want to continue living in their little fantasy world of conspiracy theories, and maintaining their belief that Trump is going to make their sorry world great again. He’s going to make it great again, for he and his rich buddies, and of course Putin and his rich buddies.

  • Johninpa

    That’s it, Charlie. Name calling is such an adult way to respond to an opinion that disagrees with yours. Another sign of the failing educational system here in the U.S.

  • Johninpa

    You didn’t know about it because it’s not true. You can read more about it if you search the alt-right and conspiracy theory web sites. Kind of scary what these folks actually believe, isn’t it?

  • Tom Lovell

    I think he’s just the patsy, not the real leak. I don’t care much for McCain, but he doesn’t strike me as the type to leak information. I would rather believe that it’s Priebus because he looks like the type of person who has a different agenda than the one our POTUS has in place.

  • AzSandrat

    This president should be tried and executed for treason. Anyone of you who would support him should be brought to trial as well. Lying, cheating, traitorous scumbags, every one of you.

  • David Whitmore

    Time to jail him on espionage….no doubt about it

  • maxnicks

    Maybe it’s time for McCain to be put up in the Leavenworth Hilton.

  • anita


  • The truth is an asshat

    Love it conservatives eating their own.

  • 2summer4

    McCain’s no conservative. Only the naïve believe that. He’s controlled by George Soros and needs to be dealt with.

  • Edward Brogley

    hang him

  • Takiwa

    Arizona Sandrat…that you again John?

  • Bill Mullins

    Sorry, but what McCain did is not treason. Treason, as defined in the Constitution: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.” McCain almost certainly committed more than one felony and should be punished. He SHOULD be impeached and stripped of his office, pension and everything else which goes along with being a Senator or former Senator. Unfortunately, there are far too many RINOs and hard-core establishment Republicans in both houses to even get a Bill of Impeachment through the House, much less convict him in the Senate.

  • Takiwa
  • Bill Mullins

    I agree wholeheartedly. Then he needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But people like him almost NEVER pay for their crimes.

  • edbo


  • Logan Hampshire

    arrest him

  • Bill Mullins

    “It’s time for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to determine the level McCain’s involvement and just how many laws he has broken.”

    And then prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. And in a more nearly perfect world that’s what would happen. Unfortunately the world we live in isn’t even in the same ballpark as perfect and things don’t work that way. I expect that the most that is going to happen to John McCain is that he will be allowed to resign, keeping all the perks of being a Senator. It isn’t right and it sure as HELL isn’t justice but that IS the way the world works. Always has and always will. {sigh}

  • Will-BWL

    Sedition is Sedition it is time to put McCain out of the government or into a federal prison, and he continues the treason day after day, with a source being Identified in the White House. Many Senators and House Representatives are guilty also.

  • Gary Ritzman

    McCain the Vietnam War’s Manchurian Candidate.

  • Jimmy Seaborn

    No doubt John McCain is bad news for Republicans and conservatives. However I would like to see some substantiating information on this before it goes viral. If the administration is able to establish this credibly then McCain should be prosecuted. No tolerance for any rat.

  • Takiwa

    It did turn out that McCain was spreading the Russian prostitute fake story…

  • RightVote

    IF this is a TRUE STORY…………
    I Bet McSHAME will wish he was back at the HANOI HILTON !

  • Chris Freethinker

    It’s not too late. The world’s worst human being & it’s most cowardly coward. Traitor is even too good a word for this scumbag. He is lower than a snake, and is responsible for countless innocent deaths.

  • No More Neos

    Now that McMaster has been selected to replace Flynn, I wonder if it even matters what happens to McCain since it appears that he and his neocon henchmen have won and it’s back to business-as-usual.

    Seamless Continuity of Agenda

    President Trump’s pick of General McMaster as National Security Adviser ensures that national security remains dominated by the corporate-financier funded think tanks that have devised, determined, and dominated US foreign policy for decades. Policy papers General McMaster repeatedly cites in every talk he gives, at one corporate-financier funded think tank after another, are the products of these very think tanks.

    That General McMaster identifies Russia, China, and Iran as “threats” to the United States, not because they seek to harm the US within its territory or within any logical proximal sphere of influence, but simply for attempting to secure their own respective proximal spheres of influence from systematic and overt US subversion, influence, and encirclement, means a continuation of the destructive global spanning warfare seen under the administrations of numerous other presidents, including Presidents Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush Sr. Reagan, and even Carter.

  • N.O.T. N.A.I.V.E.

    tRump should be removed via the 25Th Amendment, Section 4, because he is seriously mentally ill. Then they need to put him in prison for treason. Next they need to send his illegal immigrant third pornho wife back to Slovenia: she worked in America on a visa that did not allow it, then she lied about it on her immigration papers. tRump has spent six days in FL (at a million dollars a day for taxpayers) out of thirty days in office. tRump is the biggest farce, the most mentally unstable freak, and the biggest liar to ever step inside the White House.

  • Debra Diroll


  • billed

    This is being played on President Trump on having a 1 to 1 conversation with A Person Of Interest. When in Reality the conversation is being held with P.O.I and all the clients For and Against with hordes of underlings muting all in triplicate A.I. For posterity.
    What you don’t think he can’ afford this, as he cannot afford not too.

  • tekwrite

    Recall time! He never got over Trump saying heros dont get captured.

  • Aaron Hughes

    I do wonder though if he wasn’t used for those propoganda films BECAUSE his daddy was admiral? I can’t imagine that the average POW was pursued and used the way he was. Weren’t both of his shoulders F’D up in the camp, or is that just part of the “hero” illusion? Anyway, I thank God I was never put in that position, but that’s why you go to West Point and take a commission- to be put in harms way, to lead by example. It’s why they make the big bucks. I’m gonna reserve judgement on what happened in the Hanoi Hilton but I will not be decieved by his politics thereafter- that fellow sure walks, talks, and acts like a Leftist Elite! Forever working to redistrubute the 99%’s money to HIS and the other 1%’s portfolios. He’s sitting in on the wrong caucus.

  • Awakenfromyourstupor

    too many in this world are still in a altered state of consciousness(fallen beings)
    from that they only have hindsight, often by default they serve the devil
    once on the path to enlightenment(genuinely saved) a person is gifted with intuitive foresight
    start serving the light and God of it
    you cant serve 2 masters, its one or the other

  • David Gentile

    Well – considering he sits on the Senate intelligence committee – of COURSE he has access to just about any data. That’s part of his job. The media is also doing THEIR job, if they report information he gives them. Now if something is classified and you can prove he leaked it then that’s different – that’s a crime.

  • Awakenfromyourstupor

    their spirit is tainted, infected with a spiritual virus:
    the spirit of this world> satan and or one of the fallen angels
    spiritual stupor its likened to a hypnotic spell

  • Dindoonuffin

    If this is true he needs to do a perp walk

  • No One Important

    Revealing anything he has as a result of his security clearance is a violation of the law.The conversations aren’t public. . .ergo he is revealing something inappropriate, like Patrick “Leaky Leahy” If you weren’t part of the conversation, you have no business revealing it.If this is true, what McCain is doing, it’s time to run him out of dodge. . . send him home, with a revoked security clearance fighting Patriot Act crimes. . .

  • No One Important

    The trump admin needs to use burner phones until these leaks/moles are found.Confine conversations to immediate circle, meet outside of conventional rooms. . . no emails. . . What about Kate Walsh? A “neverTrumper” Has Reince dumped her yet? She was focused on being a prolific leaker a couple of days ago, too. . .

  • Sue Schade Thelen

    McCain needs to be charged with treason, conspiracy and put in jail immediately! I pray they can link this to Obama and the Clintons so they are gone, too!

  • Gorgeous George Begonia

    Well I’ll be damned. What an as* hat…..

  • Shaun Webb

    Correction, you just elected a traitor to the presidency. Now your Fuhrer has attack squads trying to get rid of “disloyal” members of his own party. Soon we’ll start seeing deaths of Journalists and the Trump(Ge)stapo will start trying to round people up. Then you’re all going to learn what real Americans do to traitors. Better pick out your preferred tree now.

  • Starr Jim

    Song Bird McCain!

  • Dan

    No person that has been a prisoner in an enemy prison camp, should be allowed to hold public office. The risk of the Manchurian Candidate is just too high, and McCain seems to prove that. I know it’s a highly unpopular stance to take, but McCain is the best example for my concern.

  • Grace Carralero Barella


  • ThinkAboutIt1st

    Mindless fool…

  • ratintheswamp

    He needs his top secret clearance revoked today …

  • Melissa Missy Hughes

    McCain is a Hero! Out those rethuglican! Now have trumpity dupity impeached!

  • Michael Hoppe

    Kudos to Mr. McCain!

  • Do you actually know what treason is under US statute? Or how many have ever been convicted? Thought not.

  • Try NSA.

  • Bonnie Clark

    Fake or Real News??? Something about this article doesn’t sound right.

  • Bonnie Clark

    lol- I have no idea who that is beside my name?????/

  • Red Fred

    No. Not a hero. A songbird. The son of an Admiral, grandson of an Admiral who barely reached Capt. due to his hotdogging and overall poor performance. Crashed US taxpayer purchased jets There is nothing covered that will not be revealed however, and that gives me great comfort. Men were killed on the USS Forrestal, his admiral dad got him off there. Now they’re covering for this old jackass saying it was an electrical issue that fired off a Zuni rocket. 135 men died that day.

  • Micah Chastain

    What makes you think the media doesn’t know all about McCain? They don’t publish what they know if it doesn’t suit their ideology. The only things they publish are the things they want you to believe. Facts are not in the picture.

  • Brian Blackden

    IF TRUE: Trial.

  • Allen Acuff

    More proof of the intelligence of the Typical Trump voter. A well thought out response. Surprised she left out Tremendous though.

  • Sneed Stankonia

    It’s time for old mea-jowls to hit the road. He lost all credibility with his ridiculous presidential campaign and has been running on fumes ever since. The people of Arizona look stupid with this clown representing them.

  • Allen Acuff

    Lol. Charlie RAD. Such a TREMENDOUS name for a knuckle dragger. The PERFECT example of the idiots Trump went after. The Neck Down type of workers.

  • Michael Hoppe

    Because it is undoubtedly bullshit.

  • Allen Acuff

    Too stupid to look for the Truth is not an excuse. You shouldn’t be allowed to vote if you don’t know the Difference Between What’s Real and a Meme. Starting with Obama is a Muslim. If you still believe this. You are in that class.

  • Bob_Salem

    John Songbird McStain, is it time to take your depends and flush them loser.

  • Sylvia Et Les Matagots

    We now that Clinton/Obama are working on a hidden government to bring down President Trump. We know, both are driven by the globalists and the war-profiteers. So McCain couldn’t be far away. Some say, White House is riddled with spyware. I dont’t know and I had thought this could be found easily. But at least it’s possible and traitors within CIA and FBI could have helped to NOT find this stuff,

  • melski

    Is it only me or are there others who think McCain should have that four inch diameter jizz and puss filled cyst on the side of his left cheek lanced?

  • RayOne

    When he returns to America he can answer for comments made abroad about the current president.

  • Bob Flynn

    Term Limits..NO..age Limits..YES—-67 and GOOD BYE

  • Bill M

    He sold Americans out in Viet Nam and was pardoned by Ford. He has been a trator all along and should have faced a firing squad long ago. Hhe has sold our country down the river and our vets for the padt 30 years. Hang him and his cohorts just liked Hussain was. He deserves nothing less.

  • Bill M

    What? For the enemy?

  • ThinkAboutIt1st

    Thanks Sylvia… I’m always impressed when people actually give real thought that makes sense! The different angles people see from different perspectives!

  • SNuss

    I have seen the video of the Forrestal incident. As much as I dislike McCain, the rocket was fired from an aircraft on the opposite side of the carrier, towards his aircraft.

  • Beachley CE

    notice he mentioned the plane & cost before the life of that real hero Seal………..we know where his mind is……..what an ass & traitor!

  • Beachley CE

    he wanted to show daddy what he THOUGHT in his own narcissistic mind could do what he …he is a liar & committed treason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FusionPoweredMeatstick

    That’s not a cyst. That’s Lindsey’s strap on they lost in their last go around.

  • Beachley CE

    oh they & many others will burn there…..many politicians like the Kennedy’s …..murdering Teddy & libs!

  • mrimer

    There is also a propaganda tape of him commending the enemy. They call it his Tokyo Rose tape. He is a traitor

  • Josephine Durso Pinzel


  • mrimer

    Father in law was, the biggest liquor distributer in Arizona. She had all the money, kinda like Kerry and his wife. Can’t get into the big league of politics without the money.

  • mrimer

    Liquor Distributor, of all spirits

  • Vassya Illich

    This deplorable with metastasis to the brain must GO AWAY NOW!!! YESTERDAY!!!!!!

  • mrimer


  • mrimer

    I would like to know about the pardon also and why all of McCain’s records are sealed


    If this is true he’s done he’s too old to put in jail but massive embarrassment is all that is appropriate here

  • Old Top Kick

    Unless McCain was in the room during the calls, there’s no way that he could evesdrop on a secure call.

  • Eduardo Ojeda Jr.

    Nonsense. I won’t believe a word of it until I see proof. Trump and his cabinet are experts at fabricating “alternate” facts and “alternate” truth.

  • Alexander The Great

    How come a senator can access President’s phone call?

  • Susan

    John McCain is a real Benedict Arnold. Same as he ever was since his days at the Hanoi Hilton.

  • Rowdy Yates

    OK folks … maybe just calm down. McCain is a complete AH and well past his ‘use by’ date and if he is guilty of passing on secret info then this will be his last rodeo, and none too soon . But much of the stuff posted below about his past Navy service record below is absolute crap.

    His plane was hit by a rocket that went off from another plane across the flight deck and hit his airplane. That’s a fact and you can watch it yourself on You Tube vid. As to his time in the Hanoi Hilton I will take Congressional Medal of Honor awardee Colonel Bud Day’s evaluation of his room mate’s behavior over whatever crap y’all are reading. And his take was McCain gave up nothing to the NVA torturers and was a true hero … and this is from a man who pressed for charges against several other US HH POWs and was more than a tough hombre in his own right.

  • Bob1

    Is it not time to have our political leaders, ALL, as in both sides, seriously vetted? I am not talking about a kangaroo court, or agency, going after political enemies. I am talking about QUALIFICATIONS. Background investigations, piss tests, financial disclosure, etc. Just like they have allowed our world to become. I am not talking about taking away political discourse or the right to even vehemently disagree. I am talking about basic qualifications. For instance, how does someone come into politics with some money, and leave with gazillions. I don’t believe these jobs pay that well. I could be wrong. It is my personal opinion that a lot of our so-called leaders couldn’t maintain a job at the lowest level of society. Yet we elect them, based on what? Is it any wonder why we have criminals making our laws? I’m not talking about the new administration. But take a look at the old entrenched pundits from both sides. These are scoundrels and common criminals. I’m willing to give Mr. Trump the opportunity to constitutionally carry out the promises he made during the elections. Keep your promises to the American people Mr. President.

  • Al Lingenfelter

    I am not an American. But would this not be considered Treason?

  • Paul G

    But the ‘good’ people of AZ re-elected him how many times? pfft

  • Gary Ritzman

    Whether true or not who knows. But I don’t know of one Democrat who is yelling and screaming for McCain’s head before knowing the truth. This rarely occurs. This tells me that McCain who they once tried to recruit must be in their pocket regardless of his party affiliation.

  • Miki Goodnight

    John McCain has been a greedy traitor all his worthless life, he trys to start wars where ever he can so millions can die and the military industrial complex can thrive and John an his fat cow daughter can get even richer on the lifeless bodies of the ppl who die from his fake wars

  • Patriot Girl

    At last the smoking gun! But we’ll never hear about this other than online.. the vast American people comfortable in their safe spaces only watch CNN.. who else will break this.. I’ve not seen it in brietbart or info wars.. so is it true! I hope so.. and why hasn’t he been hammered for taking soros money him and wife Lindsey Graham both soros acolytes! I’ve been praying that old traitor would get burned and have to retire.. maybe even be prosecuted by trump because McCain is so evil he will not stop plotting trumps death until his own! LOCK HIM UP

  • Andy Browne


  • Brian Morton

    Nixon’s pardon won’t cover this.

  • [email protected]

    it is all bullshit til the cuffs go on

  • Barbara W


  • Ed Pate

    Now bust his sweetheart Lindsay Graham !

  • heilbama

    Once a songbird always a songbird.

  • Denise

    The songbird story has been fact checked w/ several sources and false.

  • 101st

    Song Bird

  • notgullible

    Wrong. Obe of the tapes he claimed never existed has been recovered. It was “hidden” in the National Archives.

  • Vienna9.11.1683
  • Donna E Turner

    Hang all the traitors together.

  • Gloria Peace Lee

    He has committed treason
    He should be investigated and find out who the others are and be prosecuted for treason. There are so many crooked people in Washington, both Republican’s and Democrat’s. Greed is very powerful. They will say or do anything. Term limits would stopped some of this.

  • Texas Tornado

    No doubt he’s a problem, but who is this from?

  • CIA isn’t a country friendly operation and these folks don’t want to lose… even though they already have.

  • Media’s TRUMP/RUSSIA huge hysteria, but who hacked TRUMP’S election & business web pages.
    Share my information with Mr. TRUMP loyal people
    to help him stop his future impeachment & his organization bankruptcy.
    This is not a fake news!
    My message is blocked to reach Mr.TRUMP from the beginning 07-2016 by Fake News Media as CNN,
    Google, GoDaddy, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter manipulation and some politicians against Mr. TRUMP from Arizona.
    See statistical charts for Mr.TRUMP internet domains!

  • Ernestine Hronas


  • Ernestine Hronas

    President Trump promised to drain the swamp, this would be a prize catch, so long over due and hoodwinking the American People all these years.

  • Ernestine Hronas

    He’s been one since Vietnam.

  • joe murrell

    By Snopes?

  • joe murrell

    McCain had to go to Viet Nam. He was active, regular Navy. It would have been better had he not gone. McCain was a fuck-up and a rat who got a lot of Americans killed.

  • Keep Honkin, I’m Reloading

    Once a songbird…

  • Keep Honkin, I’m Reloading

    says you

  • Edward

    McCain the insane.

  • edbo


  • Libby Ward

    Snopes is NOT reliable. Have you not heard?

  • Roslyn Wilfer

    I think McCain has senile dementia

  • David Richeson

    Who leaked this story?

  • LaDonna

    McCain id disgusting and should resign.

  • Allison Moss-Fritch

    Pure Bullshit from the Alt right. McCain has served his country honorably since at least 1960. McCain, additionally would have had NO access to a “secured” telephone call from ANY President’s phone….so long as that president did NOT publicly take the call and used the “secured” phone. Trump has publicly taken sensitive calls in public. That being said, he has not done so with McCain nearby. This scenario is NOT credible.

  • catalanismo is hatred



  • Roger

    It is well known that John McCain is a traitor, ask those that served with him in Vietnam!

  • Roger

    He could crawl under a snake!

  • Roger

    They know but they are anti truth!

  • Roger

    Was one of those fact checkers Pinocchio?

  • Chris Freethinker

    Every true Viet Nam vet worth one grain of salt knows what a lying cowardly TRAITOR McCain IS and always HAS BEEN! He was separated from the other POWs and he sang like a bird!

  • marcel

    If it can be proven, charge him.

  • Joop de Jong

    So Naive

  • Citizen-for-Trump

    This is nothing short of a political coup, treason, undermining the pres of us. If this Is found to be true he should spend the rest of his life in levinwort making big rocks into little.

  • Joanne Picardi O’Brien

    Bullshit. Research it. This was a 2008 attempt by the Russians to sabotage McCain’s campaign.

  • Rev. Al Jolson

    Trump will have his hands tied and will be told to back off McCain, you watch.

  • Patricia Vaun

    This is fake news but out by the Trump team.

  • Patricia Vaun

    Trump is the traitor.

  • Patricia Vaun

    Trump is the traitor and soon to be impeached.John McCain is much better then asshole Trump.We want to see Trump’s tax returns.

  • Patricia Vaun

    Trump didn’t serve in the service as he got out because his daddy was rich.John McCain suffer while being a POW and here at home old Trumie boy was living the good life.

  • Patricia Vaun

    I can’t believe you people are picking lying Trump over a good man like John McCain. Your news about McCain is fake news like Trump as he is a fake. A liar. A traitor as for his ties with Russia. Trump cheated many people out of their money.

  • Lola Hassan

    He should be arrested and tried for treason, if this can be proven.

  • DancingFlower

    So, songbird McCain has opened his beak yet again? Well….now what? How many more people is he going to get killed? Can’t somebody stop his dumbas*??

  • Norma Gilbert

    I had no idea McCain was a traitor and eyeball deep in treasonous acts until the past few months of listening to trusted media. I also hope Obama, Clinton and a lot more are hooked right in there with him. John McCain has been rotten and selling his country out for decades.I am thankful for the handwriting I can see on the wall. McCain, Insane Pelosi, Waters, Michael Moore, Rotten Politicians, Rotten Hollywood, Troublemakers are inching closer & closer to a cliff that drops off in the deepest of canyons. We’ll be rid of them…They WON’T be missed…Not a tear shed for them I Thank God that he keeps his Promises…And I Thank God for raising up a President to lead us that keeps his Promises.

  • Norma Gilbert

    Then the sources were all biased. Nothing new. A lot of news Media and Google & SNOPES are as Liberal & biased as it gets.

  • Norma Gilbert

    I trusted SNOPES for years and they were very good at one time. They are now 100% Liberal & Biased…I noticed it happen during Obama’s Administration…The Rise Of The Left.

  • Norma Gilbert

    They are reprobated…Have no conscience!! Dangerous People

  • Norma Gilbert

    You have the facts about Pres. Trump wrong…Very twisted.

  • Elizabeth Raynor Short

    listen to mccain recordings on radio hanoi from the hanoi hilton. look at what he continues to do. we know for sure he crashed his plaine over north vietnam resulting in his capture. he was not shot down. and you think he was not a songbird? read chris freethinker below.

  • Amish4Truth

    Many are still waiting to see your savior’s (Obama’s) REAL birth certificate. Candidates are REQUIRED to produce proof of eligibility but are NOT required to produce tax records.

  • ElectricWarrior

    The old “Songbird” is singing again! Trying to destroy even more of his countrymen!

  • anonymous

    He has had nothing but an agenda of personal interest. During campaign time, it’s “seal the border”. When it’s not, it’s “amnesty” or “pathway to citizenship”. He’s a globalist and likely one of the pedophiles wrapped up in pizzagate. He’s an old, decrepit bastard and needs to be put away.

    Nothing would make me happier than to see a big-shot, prominent politician get taken down in the most humiliating way possible.

  • How would McCain listen to or get transcripts of Trump’s telephone calls? Use your heads, people. I’m no fan of John McCain but this has all the earmarks of fake news.

  • Howetexas

    So who is in charge of the investigation to uncover the leak? Charges should be filed against anyone releasing sensitive un-vetted information. That is a Washington problem. Too many loose lips trying to sink our ships. It appears today that it is all about the parties and nothing about working for America.

  • No, he was not. Whatever one might think of McCain, there are few people lower than those who crawl around the Internet spreading false information, Ms. Bond.

  • Carol Link

    the entire GOP should all be charged with TREASON why else would they be passing laws to protect them all from prosecution if they weren’t guilty!!!

  • ThinkAboutIt1st

    Norma, bless your heart, you made my day! Stay focused, even though we understand these things, we need to not get stressed out over it and keep moving forward in our own personal lives… Have a great day…

  • Matt

    I wonder if his girlfriend Lindsey Graham is involved too….hope so. Would love to see them face a firing squad.

  • Norma Gilbert

    God Bless You and Thank You so much for your encouraging words and your advice. I have to keep reminding myself to not stress. Each new article I read can worry the mind if I’m not careful. I then remind myself that God did not bring us this far to leave us now. We’re going through! And now YOU have made MY day!!
    Have A Blessed One!

  • mad man marc


  • John Hogan

    They shoot Traitors don’t they?

  • SheWhoWalksAlone

    Once a ‘songbird’, always a ‘songbird’!

  • Timothy Schimick

    Ha. Do you listen to yourself? You’re hysterical. Scary.

  • David Tillotson

    You are soooo full of it. 45 just happens to finger his enemy? You dupes.

  • David Tillotson

    Remember the bowling green massacre!

  • David Tillotson

    While 45 had the good sense to take five deferments.

  • Merrie

    This story should be front and center on Breitbart.

    Its time to circle the wagons around John McCain

    rope him, hog tie him, bull whip him, and bring him in to answer. MCB

  • Dennis E. Bos

    @JohnMcCain is still a backstabbing traitor just like he was in the Hanoi Hilton when he turned traitor and stabbed fellow POWs in the back for special medical treatment and favors

  • Dennis E. Bos

    He should still face the gallows or a military firing squad for his ongoing treason

  • JeanClellandMorin

    Well Golly Gee. The Trump-Team is basically saying that John is telling the truth – right ? Plus, maybe we can do an investigation of Trump carelessness in dissemination of classifies info – You know, like the horrid waste of Time and Taxes on the HRC, e-mail, Non-Scandal ! ! ! // Jean Clelland-Morin

  • JeanClellandMorin

    Snopes is Not Reliable to those who don´t want to believe their research.

  • Diane Rickman Carder

    because it probably is not true. If it was he would have been tarred and feathered long ago. People always want to believe the sensational though.

  • Diane Rickman Carder

    they would have published it when he ran for president against obama if true

  • Diane Rickman Carder

    not so. There are many who defend him. only the ones wanting obama said this stuf

  • Diane Rickman Carder

    the liberals put this out when he ran against obama. fake news

  • Joe Jones

    We all new McCain was a war traitor. Something should have been done back then. Too many connections with people like George Soros. Will the American people let him get away with Treason this time Too? People like this need to be stopped before it is too late for our President.

  • Joe Jones

    The media knows all about McCain. They are all a part of all this corruption that is going on in our government.

  • Joe Jones

    I can’t believe there are still people out there that don’t know that our biggest media stations are just as corrupt as McCain, Obama, Clinton’s, Bush’s , George Soros the list goes on and on. Hell these people own these media channels. Come people Wake up.

  • Joe Jones

    Correct Snopes tells us what they want us to know. Certainly not as verified as we all would like to think they are. No doubt that they are owned by the same people who own our media.

  • Joe Jones

    You have been watching too much fake news. They have brainwashed you.

  • LiberTea

    McCain’s game plan is to be the “Anthony Kennedy” of the Senate. He will hold out on ANYTHING important and do his “Gang of 8” crap. He always sides with the Dem’s before a Conservative Senator. I really hope someone has dirt on this dirtbag to keep his mouth shut. It’s the only way it will happen. He loves the media to trash Conservatives.
    Arizona why do you keep sending this POS? The rest of the country has to live with his BS.

  • Lauri Younk Gibbens

    Sorry your wrong I’m old enough to remember this and yes he was and still is a traitor and yes he was given a pardon, and yes in the Vietnam protests although given a pardon was one of the most vocally obnoxious voices constantly disparaging America, and yes his father was a rear admiral in the Navy and even ascended to a higher position toward the end, and yes McCsin was given preferential treatment because of the value of his father to his captors. And yes he did leave fellow soldiers behind who are still MIA to save his own ass.

  • Jennifer Bailey

    These people are brainwashed. They have Trump all wrong. I’ve always disliked McCain, but Trump is the worst! Stupid man, delusional, and only out for himself. He didn’t go to Nam, is a chicken shit asshole. He wouldn’t risk having his hair messed up, or his spray tan dirtied. He may grab them by the pussy, but he is the biggest pussy.

  • Jennifer Bailey

    I agree, Trump is a treasonous bastard!

  • Jennifer Bailey

    They are the epitome of hypocrisy!

  • Jennifer Bailey

    Isn’t it? SAD
    As Donald would say.

  • troughmaster

    As far as I’m concerned, it’s not too late for the gallows only after he’s been keelhauled!

  • Jennifer Bailey

    There you go shitting on the first amendment again. That’s a Trump supporter for you, dumb as the day is long! Better wise up or you will never be able to voice your uneducated opinion again!

  • BanketFlower

    It’s great WATCHING you people eat each others entrails. KEEP it up.

  • Jennifer Bailey

    Do you know how f’ing ignorant you sound? Breitbart brainwashed you weak idiots. STFU

  • Jennifer Bailey


  • Kenny Barron

    all true

  • Jennifer Bailey

    Actually, there is suppose to be another ice age, after the glaciers melt. It will cover most of the US. I’m 55 and have learned this in school since age 12. We’ve been taught this for years. This can only take place after global warming, and the melting of the polar ice caps. It’s not at all far fetched, unless you don’t believe in science.

  • Jennifer Bailey

    Your joking right? If not then your delusional. So sick of stupid!

  • Jennifer Bailey

    It’s such a comfort know your the minority. Better watch out, there are some extremely intelligent people who disagree with you. Your ignorance is infuriating! Can’t wait until you start to suffer from your mistake. Thats going to make this all worth it.

  • NoBS NoSpam

    That’s why your Hillary won the election, my classless snowflake.
    How’s that reality treating you? Fool.

  • Paul Kelly

    Load of rubbish AGAIN the Senito is a problem to the Trump illegal cabal so they are attempting to smer him Why are you all so dumb?

  • jhngoodell

    This slimeball McCain has always been a RINO but now has broken the law and should be prosecuted.

  • Susan Lajoie

    Hopefully, Sen. McCain will keep the pressure on for a full investigation into #45’s ties to Russia. The FACT that #45 has never said said a negative thing about Putin but praised him means there is something to hide. Why don’t you think #45 hasn’t released his IRS documents?

  • Susan Lajoie

    I’m old enough to know how to research and provide some facts to dispute your lies about McCain.

  • [email protected]

    You can’t just ignore this type of enemy. They have to be politically destroyed. And if McCain is guilty he must be legally pursued. If he is guilty then he should resign in disgrace and let the Arizona governor appoint a true Republican.

  • Laramie French

    Senate resolution 511 declaring McCain to be eligible to be president in the 2008 campaign was not sponsored by the republican party but by democrats to include Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama. This is obviously a quid pro quo for something. Investigate this and the house of cards will come down and take Obama with it.

  • Slick Willie

    But he’s a hero…

  • Gr8dane

    Gee, imagine that – this POS traitor to the country is finally showing his true color (yellow) and his wanton need to show he would have made a better (sic) president than Donald J Trump. I hope that President Trump opens up the archives and releases his TRUE military records and Tokyo ROse Viet Nam recordings for all to hear. Bout time this pipsqueak poor excuse for an American was exposed for the traitorous POS he really is and always has been!

  • Ron

    Lock this lying war monger up. McCain is not capable of holding any office. He is morally deprived and must be taken out of office.

  • jholleye

    But in McCain’s own words he admitted that just four days after being captured, he violated the U.S. Code of Conduct by telling his captors “O.K., I’ll give you military information if you will take me to the hospital.”
    The rest of his valor awards, which were issued automatically every year while he was a POW, read much like the Silver Star. More boilerplate that often repeat the same words. But McCain’s conduct while a POW negates those glowing comments. The fact is, McCain signed a confession and declared himself a “black criminal who performed deeds of an air pirate.” This statement and other interviews he gave to the Communist press were used as propaganda to fan the flames of the anti-war movement.
    McCain’s accounts of torture and beatings were never witnessed by a single other POW. The U.S. Navy says that two eyewitnesses are required for any award of heroism, but for McCain’s valor awards, there are no witnesses except for McCain himself and his captors.
    As for McCain refusing an early release, three different POW’s have said that he was ordered to turn it down by his U.S. POW commander. And I have yet to find accounts of other POW’s that were given cakes, fruit, tea and cigarettes. That doesn’t sound like torture to me but more like a man who has become comfortable with the enemy.
    Upon McCain’s return from Vietnam, his records as a POW were immediately marked classified. His commanding officer while he was a POW, Colonel Ted Guy, submitted a series of charges to military prosecutors that cited McCain with treason among other things. McCain, along with 33 other POW’s, faced court martial with McCain by far being the one accused of the most serious of crimes. But it was also McCain, who was the son and grandson of distinguished Navy Admirals, that had to be protected at all costs for the sake of his family’s distinguished reputation. Because of this, the worst traitor in American history became known as a war hero and was elected to the Senate.
    Sgt. Major John Holland, Army Colonel Earl Hopper and the CIA’s Ted Sampley, who are all dead now, had cited McCain for crimes as serious as planning air defenses for the Hanoi government to aid them in downing American pilots. Hopper credits McCain with helping to shoot down 60 American aircraft. Many others who actually served with McCain claim it was he who nearly sunk the nuclear super-carrier USS Forrestal. Nearly 300 servicemen were killed and wounded from that incident. I have no definitive proof of these claims.
    When it was known that American POW’s were still being held in Southeast Asia, this after McCain became a Senator, he worked to block repatriation through evidence of surviving POW’s. It was then that McCain began to be referred to bu those in the military, intelligence and veteran’s community, as the “Manchurian Candidate”. Many wonder why Russia has not opened their files on McCain. Files that include recordings of the 32 propaganda broadcasts he made while he was a POW.
    All in all, I will say with full confidence that McCain is no war hero. I believe he was doing what was expected of him by his family when he joined the navy. He has never been a team player and he never will be. His life has not been one of distinguished service but rather one of putting himself and his selfish needs first. Everything about his story is questionable. Perhaps one day, it will all come to light.

  • Sylvia Et Les Matagots

    Dear Jennifer, don’t judge on the basis you might act. If you did half the research, I am doing on a DAILY basis, and if you did it quarter diligent as I do, you would know that the approach to hidden government is hard fact.

    Don’t reprimand other for omisson go on your account.

  • Joel B. Taylor

    Does any of this REALLY shock anybody??? I’ve been saying this for at least a couple weeks and peeps just look at me like I’m CHARLIE MANSON or something!!! Not shocked at all. Now The real question is are we going to enforce the laws and dish out the punishment that fits the crimes!!!! Or are we just gonna expose this so called hero and leave it at that???? Put him back in the Hanoi Hilton!!!!!!!

  • kodster

    How convenient for you to dismiss facts. He was going to be court-martialed when he returned, but thanks to Richard Nixon issuing a blanket pardon to all returning POWs, he skipped. Then he had his military records sealed. You might want to check out the history of what his father, John McCain, Jr., did, as Rear Admiral, to cover up what happened at the same time, to the USS Liberty in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Israel. Between the two of them, they killed 168 of our own, and it wasn’t accidentally.

  • kodster

    Unfortunately, you’re the one that’s scary, because you won’t believe the facts when they are presented to you. Buckshot is right.

  • kodster

    LOL! He trashed the new airplane when he flew it into enemy territory where he knew he’d be shot down.

  • kodster

    Did you pay attention to the flame coming from McCain’s aircraft, towards that plane? His A-4’s tail was pointed towards the F-4… he fired up the plane to shoot the flame out… it’s called a ‘wet-start’, and it was done by young ‘hot-dog’ pilots, of which McCain was one. It has since been outlawed by the Navy, because of what happened on the Forrestal. The bomb that had been placed on the F-4 was a 1,000 pound bomb created in 1935… and it had a 60-second window that if it got too hot, it would launch, prematurely. That flame-out activated the bomb.

  • kodster

    McCain was at the bottom of his class at Annapolis. It was because of his daddy that he even passed. That’s why he was in the Navy, in the first place.

  • kodster

    Daddy was a Rear Admiral in the Navy, sweetie. John McCain, III (which is Songbird’s real name), didn’t get any wealth until he married his wife. It’s HER wealth that he has.

  • kodster

    Rear Admiral McCain, John McCain III’s daddy, covered up both his son’s mess, and his own, at the same time (daddy’s mess was the USS Liberty, in the Mediterranean Sea, during the 6-Day War, off the coast of Israel. Liberty was in a fleet that was called back into international waters, away from the coast… only McCain’s ship, the Liberty, refused to obey orders, and remained inside Israel’s waters. Things were so chaotic at the time, that Israel ended up bombing her, almost sank her, and killed over 100 sailors.

  • kodster

    Study history much, brainwashed?

  • Berris Easie

    Every thing is sprew from his filthy mouth is aimed tob attack trump but WeThePeople aint taking it no more. Ppl r wising up but i pray more will

  • Berris Easie

    Who to tell it wasnt orchestrated and planned day one by his father being at the helm of the army core. Everything planned for as i know. WTC was planned, IRAQ war was planned, armed Bin Laden & kill him was planned if he didnt died before started he was, what we see happening now was planned false scientist about homosexual climate change transgender to demoralize population, and rob nation of their wealth, now its bout islam-phobia but they can call for the death of unbelievers n Christians but are not allowed to be criticized with their radical belief and ideology no faith orv religion. Its a war going on for our children. That’s where it is at right now to remove age if consent so its normal for a 5yr old to have sex

  • nonncom

    Why?….McCain was never a danger to odildo the mad, and may have even been in on the scam to make sure the election went the other way….

  • Rex Vaughn

    Senator Collins also opened the door for issuing a subpoena to the Treasury Department for President Trump’s tax returns. “I don’t know whether we will need to do that. If it’s necessary to get to the answers, then I suspect that we would” said Collins.

    Michael Flynn should be very, very scared right now. POLITICO reports that Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) just flipped her stance on the congressional investigation into so-called President Donald Trump’s former national security advisor’s potentially treasonous communications with Russia.

    Ms. Collins’ reversal represents a fatal crack in Republican opposition to a full-blown congressional investigation into why former national security advisor Gen. Micheal Flynn had communicated with the Russian government before Trump’s inauguration.

    With majority support, the Senate Intelligence Committee can subpoena Flynn, forcing him to answer questions before the Senate.

  • SNuss

    The Forrestal Disaster, July 29, 1967
    At the time of this incident Lt. Cdr. McCain already had flown several bombing missions over North Vietnam from the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal. As he was in his A-4 Skyhawk, loaded with two, 1,000-pound bombs and waiting on the carrier deck for his turn to launch, a Zuni missile accidentally fired from another aircraft, swooshed across the carrier deck and struck either McCain’s plane or one next to it.
    Read the rest at:

    As I stated, I am no fan of McCain. There are more than enough reasons to dislike him without creating new ones, based on refuted information.
    BTW, 1,000-pound bombs don’t “launch”, they are dropped. Perhaps you meant “explode”, when they get too hot.

  • Gregg

    If this is true, John McCain has ventured into traitor territory!

  • Dan Davis

    If you know anything about Songbird McCain, why should this come as a surprise.. But before Sessions pounces, please have all your ducks in a row! The elitist establishment will back this traitor to the hilt!

  • Dan Davis

    Ah, a forgive and forget Democrat!! I really wish you all were actually that way, obviously not!

  • dan

    Can we all put away the war hero card please? He’s been a canary, brat since birth. He is Bo Bergdahl with Senator in front of his name

  • dan

    They know, they are cowards too

  • David Tillotson

    Inciting violence is not a solution. Be intentional in your speech.

  • David Tillotson

    At least he was serving.

  • Chad Russell

    Why are there no ads on this page?

  • John Bearden

    The media KNOWS, and they also know what their ORDERS are. Good little National Socialists.

  • John Bearden

    Au contraire! People want to believe within the limitations imposed by their ‘normalcy bias’, so as to remain within their comfort zone.

  • John Bearden

    He ran AS A STRAW MAN.

  • John Bearden

    Very methodical, heartfelt and detailed analysis of an awakening from a man who had the means to KNOW. If it was that difficult for him and actually most of us, how is a simple sheeple to react?

  • He is so bad and so mad. He is a lunatic!!!!

  • kodster

    If that was the case, then McCain would have been killed, and not the pilot of the F-4. It doesn’t work.

  • Espionage is Treason.
    Article 1 sec 6 of the US Constitution demands Senator McCain be removed from the Senate, and Arizona’s Governor replace him for the duration of Senator McCains current term.

  • Bordeauxm

    Time to charge McCain with insurrection.

    In Trump we trust.

  • Micah Chastain

    What makes you think that the globalist media would publish anything negative about their globalist buddy, John McCain? If you don’t believe me, just google it yourself, and you’ll get lots of hits that will tell you the same thing. Nixon pardoned him. I am NOT an Obama supporter and never was. Neither am I a supporter of globalist Republicans, of which McCain is one. The battle is no longer between left and right, or between Democrats and Republicans. The battle is between Globalism and Nationalism/Americanism. And you’d better choose your side wisely. If you don’t understand Globalism, you need to read Agenda 21 – that’s what it’s all about.

  • Micah Chastain

    People don’t punish someone for something they don’t even know, and the media has tried to keep all of this hidden from the public. Other than the people in the military, very few people knew about McCain’s treasonous history.

  • Micah Chastain

    Not true. I was never for Obama because I bothered to research all of the history that the media didn’t. His presidency was probably the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on American citizens. And there are NOT many who defend McCain – read some of the comments in articles about him, and you’ll see what I mean. There are very few that have anything nice to say about him, and they are absolutely correct.

  • Micah Chastain

    The liberals only put out what the media allows them to put out, and they are all globalists – the liberals, the media, the left, the Democrats, the communists and the socialists. All globalists pushing one common religion (Chrislam), continuous wars, one world government (unelected dictator), one world military, no borders, one form of money, communism, legalized pedophilia, satanism, etc. Please educate yourself on globalism, and try not to get taken in by group-think…

  • Jessica Christine

    Where is the sourse for this? It’s not that I don’t believe it but I won’t believe it unless I can see some kind of proof. Where did these official’s say this?

  • SNuss

    I wasn’t there, and you weren’t there. The video and the incident report do not support your conclusion. Even the Daily KOS doesn’t agree with you.

  • TexanForever

    You know and remember your history. I had totally forgotten about the Liberty debacle. Her Sister ship was the Banner, as I recall. (It was a long time ago.) Both ships were heavily involved in SIGINT activities. I was working on black projects at LTV Electrosystems at the time.

  • TexanForever

    (Snowflakes will always be blowing in the wind.)

  • TexanForever

    Messed up hair and dirtied tan? Is that the best retort you can come up with? He had enough good sense to avoid the unnecessary Nam debacle that got us nowhere and killed a lot of good American kids. Same attitude about the Iraq war.

    (Or maybe you’re just jealous that no Alpha male ever grabbed you by the pussy.)

  • Darrell G. Walton

    Traitor in Nam never stopped being a traitor since. Time to prosecute and convict the seditionist traitor under The Articles Of Treason in The U.S. Constitution!

  • Sara Paterson

    Its Always McCain he is a POS communist that sat In office for 30 years did nothing but lined is own pockets and emotional perversions.

  • Edmund Long

    Once a traitor always a traitor , ain’t that right SONGBIRD ?

  • Mona Bale

    politifact fake news…

  • HighInformationVoter

    Well, Songbird McCain has a long history of treason. He committed treason when captured by the VC, when he recorded propaganda for Charlie to play to demoralize US troops.

  • Mona Bale

    no. this was common knowledge waaaaaay before obamallah was ever in politics…

  • Mona Bale

    sounds pretty intentional to me…

  • Mona Bale

    and snowflake rioters are zenmasters of self control..

  • John Poole
  • John Poole

  • Despicable REM1875 ✓certified

    More proud of the title maverick that the title American

  • Despicable REM1875 ✓certified

    They know – he is their type of hero.

  • Despicable REM1875 ✓certified

    Politafacts? Are you serious?

  • Despicable REM1875 ✓certified

    Megan? Megan McCain? is that you?

  • cg

    He is not a Republican. He is a liberal. A war monger. and Anti Trump. And supposed to have voted for Clinton. He is a disaster. And finally will pay a heavy political price for his two timings. He love war. He was sleeping 8 years during President Obama. No woken up and worried about what Trump will do.

  • Rita

    I stongly believe that phone call is fake. Listen closely to the “vague” questions and answers. They don’t seem to jell.

  • magic1114

    Time for this clown to be shown the back 40. No more pussy footing with a traitor to his own party; let him do his work directly for the Democraps! The one thing that really makes my blood boil is that he gives the state of Arizona a black eye!

  • Duhitar

    You’re going to have to do better ‘research’ than spout Politifact. And no, Snopes doesn’t get a guernsey either.

  • Duhitar

    Oh dear.

  • Duhitar

    Of course they wouldn’t. The Press knew Barry was going to win easily over McCain, they wanted him to remain as a useful idiot, because everybody who knows McCain is aware of his motives and his loyalties. The thing is Diane, that many people are old enough to remember McCain personally and what he did during his time of service. This isn’t history that you read about from someone’s book. These are people who were there when he was there. These are vets who have knowledge of his actions. They’re still alive, and they don’t forget.

  • Duhitar

    You’re a little naive in this respect I’m afraid.

  • Bob Dean

    Serving who?

  • Mary Grace Shabazz-Epstein

    Can someone please call the Viet Cong and ask them to capture him again?

  • SNuss

    Just like “Hanoi John” Kerry?

  • SNuss

    You mean the Bowling Green TERRORISTS, welcomed to the U.S. by the Obama regime. Great “vetting” job, wasn’t it?

  • SNuss
  • Santokitime

    Very true. He did it the legal way. As did many many Americans. I don’t begrudge anyone not going to Vietnam except the traitors that went to Canada. I took the opportunity to punch one out at a party a few years back.. Served two tours in Vietnam on the ground 1965 and 68/69. It was a war started by Johnson based on the lies of the Gulf of Token. Westmoreland was a dumb Commander. Johnson was the 2nd worst POUS in my lifetime I go back to Roosevelt another bad one. We all know who the worst one was.

  • Santokitime

    It really is a mental disorder that you have.

  • David Tillotson

    45 got five deferments. Serving in the US military.

  • David Tillotson

    I mean the Bowling Green Massacre that was invented by the WH in which the only victim was the truth. I mean the Bowlng Green Lie invented by the whitehouse that you seem to think happened. And yes… As a direct response to their arrests, the administration of Barack Obama re-vetted 58,000 refugees already in the country, imposed vetting on 25,000 other Iraqi citizens still in Iraq, and significantly tightened the processing of Iraqi visa/refugee applications for six months. Obama also instituted a requirement for new background checks on visa applicants from Iraq; as a result, Iraq travel visas were issued more slowly. The changes in visa verification were temporary, and some Iraqi refugees continued to be admitted to the United States throughout the period.

  • Suzette Pulvirenti

    Well….I read all the comments and have to agree…..BUT…..don’t you think we surely could add Lindsey Graham to sit next to him? The two of them are a real pair even if Lindsey doesn’t have the history that McCain has.
    I’m sick and tired of hearing both of them and if the govt. has info on McCain now….and can prove it…..then for God’s sake get it out there and make all of it public……there’s much to do in this country and stupid idiot republicans need to shut up and get out of the way for mending this country.


    They must get this new pro illegal sheriff out now…Illegals voted him in for sure. He could be one of them…Arpaio was the best…

  • Exie Horn

    Wow. I never knew about any of this. I see I need to research on it. I have never liked the man.

  • Cathy Ann Kurack Huffman

    You people are bona fide lunatics. What a bunch of crap.

  • Michael Gerzen

    During the Vietnam War, the USS Forrestal was often stationed off the coast of North Vietnam, conducting combat operations. On the morning of July 29, the ship was preparing to attack when a rocket from one of its own F-4 Phantom jet fighters was accidentally launched. The rocket streaked across the deck and hit a parked A-4 Skyhawk jet. The Skyhawk, which was waiting to take off, was piloted by John McCain, the future senator from Arizona.

  • BSKullby

    Who the hell voted for this guy last election?

  • Imarkex

    I’m not surprised at all. It is not the first time McCain has betrayed America. I’m not talking about while he was a POW. I’m talking about his votes on critical issues. McCain needs to put on a hat and take a hike till his hat floats.

  • Raymond of Canada

    Well, that should tell us something, given the temper of the media.

  • Steven Herbert

    The Left’s Manchurian Candidate….

  • 0.5% serve…..Trump did what most of what America did….
    watch from afar and demonstrate making those of us who did serve
    seem as occupation troops even here in US.
    What’s YOUR story?

  • Deborah Oscarson

    And he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for each and every one that he has broken!!! I am tired of this jerk!!! He was reckless and dangerous in his youth and apparently nothing has changed!!!! Perhaps he can put all of his nefarious wrongdoings to SONG!!!!!!!!!

  • Christine Golden

    As a private citizen, McCain could have fifty mistresses on the side and I wouldn’t care. But he isn’t, he’s a sanctimonious politician who judges the choices of others while wrapping himself in a hero’s mantle and lying about his past.

    I spit on his service and his idea of honor.

  • SF soldier

    There is a BIG difference between a war hero and a traitor!
    Traitors should shot!

  • SF soldier

    The North Vietnamese turned that sucker many years ago! He is no hero, I’ve seen real heros! Mr Trump was right again!

  • stirstick

    Please, find some better ones. There has to be a way!

  • HardCorps

    …and little rocks into big rocks.

  • NavyVet

    Firing squad!!

  • nolascout

    He will never get over not being seen as a hero.

  • mark larsen

    McCain is a fucking traitor!! He deserves a firing squad!!!

  • Jason Smith

    as wrong as it is trump liked the leaks when they were against hillary.

  • Jason Smith

    dont you wish. you know your dictator is going down and you want to put blame on other people as well as try to get rid of them because you know they will replace him and know that they are a danger to the republican party.

  • AuntieFran

    Traitor once, traitor twice…traitor how many more times?

  • Beverly Levitt

    I no longer will believe an article until the sources are said. I know McCain is a traitor, but I don’t think this would be revealed before the White House did themselves. So until proven otherwise, you are off my list. We NEED truths!

  • Beverly Levitt

    politifact is a lying rag

  • Beverly Levitt

    I do know McCain was a traitor in Viet Nam. I also know I don’t trust this article anymore than politifact, a lying rag, until either the White House announces it or credible and verifiable sources are given. Most of these articles are fake. It’s a shame because we ALL need factual, unadulterated truths.

  • Beverly Levitt

    In memory of my husband a marine who did two tours in Vietnam, I will tell you that you couldn’t be farther from the realty of McCain’s crimes if you tried.

  • Beverly Levitt

    Good grief those from this era spoke often and loudly at the travesty of this man being in office way before Obama ever entered the picture. Just because you didn’t know or didn’t bother to research the history, a responsibility of every citizen, does not mean it was just brought up during Obama. How completely daft.

  • Beverly Levitt

    Something tells me you are too young to have an opinion on Vietnam or the luxury of knowing many who served there. Something also tells me you’ve been taught watered down history with no knowledge past that because you either weren’t born or were way too young to know.

  • fastrock

    Sailors lost their lives on the Forrestall because of McPain’s skylarking. But hey, Daddy is an admiral, so no repercussions.

  • fastrock

    McPain should have been taken down in the Keating 5 investigation. To this day, I still don’t know what strings were pulled.

  • Charlene Geren

    Throw him in jail with Hitlary

  • Wizzardly

    Ya know, as much of a jerk as Trump can be, he has consistently been right all along, even in his most outrageous accusations. It bothered me a lot when he disrespected McCain (“He’s no hero; to me a hero is someone who doesn’t get captured.”) But even then, it seems he was right. No wonder the libs hate him. He doesn’t play their PC games..

  • Micah Chastain

    McCaiin didn’t “just become” a traitor – he’s been a traitor most of his life. He was convicted of treason during his Viet Nam days, but stupid Pres. Nixon pardoned him. He’s been committing treason all of his adult life – and getting away with it!

  • Micah Chastain

    The media DOES know about McCain, but do you really expect them to tell the truth when McCain is on their side?

  • Micah Chastain

    All you have to do is look it up for yourself. You’ll get plenty of hits on Google, if you just bother to go there.

  • Micah Chastain

    When has politifact ever told the truth about anyone that was on their political side? They are as dishonest as Snopes.

  • Micah Chastain

    You’re obviousy checking the wrong sources. Or find somebody that served in Viet Nam at the time McCain did. They will happily divulge what they know to be true.

  • Micah Chastain

    HA – the Daily Kos and McCain are cut from the same cloth…

  • Micah Chastain

    He shoulda been taken down long before Keeting 5. He was convicted of treason over the things he did in Viet Nam, but unfortunately,Nixon pardoned him. He has also sealed papers of his Courts Martial, so nobody can see all the gory details. The lyin’ media covers for him because he’s on their side…

  • Jojo Boo

    Lock him up with his cronies…

  • ezkl2230

    McCain is the chairman of the senate intelligence committee. In the last weeks of the Obama administration, Obama wrote an executive order loosening the rules for the NSA regarding on whom they may spy, and with whom they may share that intel. Essentially, the NSA is free to spy on everyone and may share its take with any agency that wants it; as the chair of the committee that directly oversees the NSA, McCain now has direct access to RAW INTELLIGENCE. Obama weaponized the NSA for use against political opponents in exactly the same way banana republics use their intelligence agencies to destroy political opposition. There is no question how McCain is getting his hands on intel; the question is, how long is it going to take Trump to reverse Obama’s executive order?

  • Jeremy Jay Lee Austin-Skidmore

    If this proves out, he’s in DEEP SHIT.

  • trojan8938

    His daughter is fox news and she hasnt reported any of it so what about fox news now???? Feaux news

  • Micah Chastain

    I used to be a supporter of FNC, but no longer. The best staff left to join the Trump administration, and they are being replaced with Democrats like McCain’s daughter and Marie Harf (very partisan ex-state department spokesman). The only decent TV broadcast station left is Fox Business. (I LOVE Lou Dobbs! He knows all about McCain, and disapproves of the same people as I do. 😉 Megan McCain is not about to report anything negative about her father.

  • Mark

    McCain has been selling us out since Vietnam along with his whole f-cking family and the Democrats. Anyone that votes for this piece of sh-t has neither the ability of reason nor to call out a bully when he’s sucker punching mine and your family!!! Pls people look at his twitter picture. Something tells a deep story and I think hes been a spy for his entire career. They didn’t keep him alive for a reason. His father made a deal with the devil. He and Graham who’s clearly gay but unlike the courageous gay people he has nothing but contempt for us all. I hope all America can see through these two scum bags. I don’t know if republicans will listen to McCain but he’s acting more and more like the traitor he is.

  • Circle Of Trust

    well we know if you put him in a prisoner of war camp he’ll sing like a bird.

  • guest

    he and someother Rino’s should all be in Levanworth!

  • Gerald

    Is True Pundit a internet fake news site with no background in investigative journalism? It seems that any site that has Truth, Patriot or Conservative in its name becomes an instant news media outlet. Hitler labeled the media that wrote unfavorable stories about the Nazis the “luginpresse” or “lying press”. Does that sound familiar of the POTUS in Washington D.C. today?

  • Goralski Steve

    Can it be unsealed?

  • Teresa F

    Looks like old songbird McCain hasn’t changed a bit. He’s got to go. This is definitely wrong on so many levels.

  • Lori Kaye Roberts

    Google his foundation IRS 2014 shows 300 thousand donation from left wing suger radical lady Rothchild, 300 thousand from Crazy psycho Soros. And ONE MILLION DOLLARS FROM Saudi Arabia. Saudi Yes Saudi .. Never used one dime to help to stop trafficking of children. Probably was the one in charge. This guy needs to be in prison but I think we will just have to wait it out for him to die naturally never getting punished for his dirty deeds.. Heinous mad man

  • Space Turtle

    He shills for the Jews. In return, he’s above the law – but only as long as the Jews have power. Which Trump is destroying. #MAGA

  • Sea Rock

    … and who could forget … ‘I don’t think he made it up… but he doesn’t always draw the correct judgement’: Ex-UK Moscow ambassador admits he was middle man who tipped off John McCain to Trump ‘dirty dossier’ Sir Andrew Wood said he discussed allegations with John McCain last year He claims he has never read report and said: ‘I haven’t done anything wrong’ Chris Steele has fled home because Russians ‘are accustomed to taking action’ Row has plunged Britain and Russia into a fresh outbreak of Cold War hostilities Embassy tweet says Steele never left MI6 and briefed UK government and FBI MI6 boss ‘livid’ and spies call him an ‘idiot’ for taking job to dig dirt on Trump President Trump brands Steele a ‘failed spy’ and suggests he wants to sue him …

    Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    … please remember; John Mc Caine has done this through out his political career … possibly his military career also …

    I Spent Years as a POW with John McCain … By Phillip Butler / August 20, 2008 /,_and_his_finger_should_not_be_near_the_red_button

    … John’s treatment as a POW:

    1) Was he tortured for 5 years? No. He was subjected to torture and maltreatment during his first 2 years, from September of 1967 to September of 1969. After September of 1969 the Vietnamese stopped the torture and gave us increased food and rudimentary health care. Several hundred of us were captured much earlier. I got there April 20, 1965 so my bad treatment period lasted 4 1/2 years. President Ho Chi Minh died on September 9, 1969, and the new regime that replaced him and his policies was more pragmatic. They realized we were worth a lot as bargaining chips if we were alive. And they were right because eventually Americans gave up on the war and agreed to trade our POW’s for their country. A damn good trade in my opinion! But my point here is that John allows the media to make him out to be THE hero POW, which he knows is absolutely not true, to further his political goals.

    2) John was badly injured when he was shot down. Both arms were broken and he had other wounds from his ejection. Unfortunately this was often the case — new POW’s arriving with broken bones and serious combat injuries. Many died from their wounds. Medical care was non-existent to rudimentary. Relief from pain was almost never given and often the wounds were used as an available way to torture the POW. Because John’s father was the Naval Commander in the Pacific theater, he was exploited with TV interviews while wounded. These film clips have now been widely seen. But it must be known that many POW’s suffered similarly, not just John. And many were similarly exploited for political propaganda.

    3) John was offered, and refused, “early release.” Many of us were given this offer. It meant speaking out against your country and lying about your treatment to the press. You had to “admit” that the U.S. was criminal and that our treatment was “lenient and humane.” So I, like numerous others, refused the offer. This was obviously something none of us could accept. Besides, we were bound by our service regulations, Geneva Conventions and loyalties to refuse early release until all the POW’s were released, with the sick and wounded going first.

    4) John was awarded a Silver Star and Purple Heart for heroism and wounds in combat. This heroism has been played up in the press and in his various political campaigns. But it should be known that there were approximately 600 military POW’s in Vietnam. Among all of us, decorations awarded have recently been totaled to the following: Medals of Honor — 8, Service Crosses — 42, Silver Stars — 590, Bronze Stars — 958 and Purple Hearts — 1,249. John certainly performed courageously and well. But it must be remembered that he was one hero among many — not uniquely so as his campaigns would have people believe.

    John McCain served his time as a POW with great courage, loyalty and tenacity. More than 600 of us did the same. After our repatriation a census showed that 95% of us had been tortured at least once. The Vietnamese were quite democratic about it. There were many heroes in North Vietnam. I saw heroism every day there. And we motivated each other to endure and succeed far beyond what any of us thought we had in ourselves. Succeeding as a POW is a group sport, not an individual one. We all supported and encouraged each other to survive and succeed. John knows that. He was not an individual POW hero. He was a POW who surmounted the odds with the help of many comrades, as all of us did…

    McCain and the POW Cover-Up The “war hero” candidate buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam. By SYDNEY SCHANBERG • July 1, 2010

    John McCain, who has risen to political prominence on his image as a Vietnam POW war hero, has, inexplicably, worked very hard to hide from the public stunning information about American prisoners in Vietnam who, unlike him, didn’t return home. Throughout his Senate career, McCain has quietly sponsored and pushed into federal law a set of prohibitions that keep the most revealing information about these men buried as classified documents. Thus the war hero who people would logically imagine as a determined crusader for the interests of POWs and their families became instead the strange champion of hiding the evidence and closing the books.

    Almost as striking is the manner in which the mainstream press has shied from reporting the POW story and McCain’s role in it, even as the Republican Party has made McCain’s military service the focus of his presidential campaign. Reporters who had covered the Vietnam War turned their heads and walked in other directions. McCain doesn’t talk about the missing men, and the press never asks him about them…

    McCain’s mishaps in the cockpit Three early crashes drew Navy scrutiny. A review of his record reveals a cocky flier, prone to test the limits.
    October 06, 2008|Ralph Vartabedian and Richard A. Serrano | Times Staff Writers

    John McCain was training in his AD-6 Skyraider on an overcast Texas morning in 1960 when he slammed into Corpus Christi Bay and sheared the skin off his plane’s wings.

    McCain recounted the accident decades later in his autobiography. “The engine quit while I was practicing landings,” he wrote. But an investigation board at the Naval Aviation Safety Center found no evidence of engine failure.

    The 23-year-old junior lieutenant wasn’t paying attention and erred in using “a power setting too low to maintain level flight in a turn,” investigators concluded.

    The crash was one of three early in McCain’s aviation career in which his flying skills and judgment were faulted or questioned by Navy officials.

    In his most serious lapse, McCain was “clowning” around in a Skyraider over southern Spain about December 1961 and flew into electrical wires, causing a blackout, according to McCain’s own account as well as those of naval officers and enlistees aboard the carrier Intrepid. In another incident, in 1965, McCain crashed a T-2 trainer jet in Virginia.

    After McCain was sent to Vietnam, his plane was destroyed in an explosion on the deck of an aircraft carrier in 1967. Three months later, he was shot down during a bombing mission over Hanoi and taken prisoner. He was not faulted in either of those cases and was later lauded for his heroism as a prisoner of war.

    As a presidential candidate, McCain has cited his military service — particularly his 5 1/2 years as a POW. But he has been less forthcoming about his mistakes in the cockpit…

  • Thomas Peterson

    He’d need some stilts

  • Thomas Peterson

    I always disliked that “PUNK”!

  • Stop The Left

    And take that fat daughter with him. Too bad the men on USS Forrestal didn’t get him when they had the chance.

  • Michael Meehan

    Ol SongBird McCain living up to his name.

  • His Eminence

    IF it’s true, McCain is going back in a cage.

  • sevensixtwo

    ‘… it is a senior senator supposedly belonging to the same side of the political aisle as the president.”

    OMG. Please tell me the writer is not actually this stupid. McCain is a RINO – by definition, he is NOT a real republican.

  • sevensixtwo

    McCain lied to Navy crash investigators, stating that he attempted an engine restart after flaming out. He said it was unsuccessful and he punched out. Um…………..let’s examine….

    The controls were found by Navy crash investigators to be set to full afterburner. It is not possible to restart that engine at full afterburner. Additionally, crash investigators found severe scarring to the exhaust nacelles. Severe scarring is the result of massive amounts of Jet fuel being dumped into the exhaust at the time of disintegration of the engine, which in this case, was caused by impacting the ground.

    McCain was showboating so low below the hard deck, that his wing impacted a light pole, setting up an unrecoverable extreme yaw condition. His wing stalled (stopped producing lift). Too low to punch out, McCain went to full afterburner to use the raw thrust to propel his aircraft skyward just enough to get a few hundred feet AGL, so that he could punch out.

    He never attempted any restart, b/c he never lost power. He crashed yet another jet by showboating, then lied to investigators. His daddy covered his ass here too – again.

    McCain should have received a courts martial. Instead he became a US Senator,and eventually, a traitor.

  • kur

    hard to believe, we’ll see.

  • Scooter Biggs

    If they dig deep enough, they’ll probably find Graham’s, McConnell’s, and Ryan’s fingerprints all over the leaks also.

  • R.S. Helms

    The song bird of Hanoi… Now the song bird of the DC Swamp…

  • Thomas Presley

    Civil War anyone? Plenty of us Veteran’s have HAD IT with the USA’S most corrupt government in the history of governments. Decades of Administrations should be in PRISON….Many tried and done away with LEGALLY VIA TREASON…..

  • Thomas Presley

    BS lie. Another aircraft shot a missile, not the lame ass McLame. More endless internet propaganda…McCain, Hanoi Hilton Ghost that others that bought into this American Dream never saw…WHY stupid Arizonians keep that pariah around….SICK. Difference between USA corruption and Russia. Russia would have had him wacked long ago and moved on to WACK others. WORSE obstructionists in the RHINO pathetic, corporate whore, lobbied party….all about neutering the new POTUS….Ryan may as well be Ryan Schumer….too may Rhinos….Traitors to the people as well as the Dem Socialists

  • Thomas Presley

    Research is again. I was full on with you, until I took the time to find the reality of the situation. No like, no love for the puke that hates life as he lost the POTUS…we would be at war with Russia and China and N. Korea and anyone if the lying traitor McSHAME had more say. PLEASE…too putrid to live much longer torturing good people with endless WHAT ABOUT ME shit

  • Thomas Presley

    At least the FRENCH had BALLS and used the Guillotine. Obsessively hyper cleaned house….Marie Antoinette, QUEEN of France, mid to late 1700’s. Lost them since. This Vietnam Veteran Officer, paratrooper, MP Would LOVE to see the hyper narcissist, Marxist, back door, pervert, Chicago thug, be shoved down on the bench to break his lying FACE then enter the angled BLADE….too fast for that muslim maggot, ass reamer, bloviator….OFF WITH HIS HEAD after a 5 year sentence in the HOT, snake, alligator swamps of Louisiana. Plenty of room for George Bush and all the Bush clan…Clintons, Nixon, Ford, etc…..

  • Thomas Presley

    MEDIA is bought and sold like Hitler’s Joseph Goebbels, the tiny man or immense stature. Hitlers main man utilized WORDS as Propaganda Minister 1933 – 45. Coward committed suicide after killing his many children and wife to escape unimaginable torture by the RUSSIANS that raped and murder Germans for decades….STOP being amazed and realize you are a NOTHING to the media….upwards of 300,000,000 in the hyper corrupt USA world dominator are SLAVES to the endlessly CORRUPT illusion of the two party system of Republican, Democrat….GREED RULES

  • EIvishasIeftthebIdg

    McStain isnt going to be pardoned this time. good riddence

  • DeplorableNana

    They didn’t need too; McCain never even tried to win. The Uniparty had already decided it was Obama’s turn.

  • vox212

    From POW to POS

  • LittleRoot_48

    He has “milked that cow” all of his political life.

  • LittleRoot_48

    Fox has been bringing on a lot of “garbage.” Megan McCain, Marie Barf, Jessica Tarlov, Mary Ann Marsh, to name just a few.

  • LittleRoot_48

    Same here……everything you said!

  • LittleRoot_48

    He ran a half-hearted, pizz poor campaign. They didn’t have to publish it. He defeated himself.

  • LittleRoot_48

    We have a friend who was on the USS Forrestal at the same time McCain was.

  • LittleRoot_48

    Politifact? Oh, well THERE is a reliable source!/sarc

  • MissDiane50

    I felt so duped during the 2008 Presidential election. I suspected some shady things about McCain back then, but I could not put my finger on it. So ashamed to say that I voted for him, mainly because I didn’t trust Obama either. 🙁

  • Bambi Gavieres

    I believe in KARMA!

  • Dorothy Coleman

    I love Fox Business News. Stuart Varney and Lou Dobbs are great! As for Megan…it would be very hard to attack your own father on air. She is between a rock and a hard place!

  • Paul M

    source: True Pundit

    Oh well, that’s me convinced… urgh…

  • Stumper24

    Please don’t insult “everyone’s” intelligence.
    It is NOT a Surprise in any way shape or form.
    Many of us were sure of this long ago.

  • American Gentleman

    John McCain is exempt from blame. He was a P.O.W.

    It’s is magic political shield.

  • Hamish

    With a top hat on

  • Hamish

    Better men have been shot for less

  • allan paull

    This guy deserves to be arrested ASAP.He is old senile SOB.

  • [email protected]

    He will do anything to keep the Mossad from releasing the pictures of his kids in North Vietnam

  • [email protected]

    He is an enemy ace

  • [email protected]

    The media created him

  • [email protected]

    What was hidden is revealed, what was covered is uncovered.

  • [email protected]

    Good post, well informed. Thanks

  • [email protected]

    Now you’re thinking like a lizard

  • [email protected]

    He came back fat and sassy while his comrades were skeletal.

  • [email protected]

    I think that you are correct. In retrospect it is so obvious.

  • [email protected]

    The entire establishment is complicit in the Kennedy assassination as accessories after the fact and they have been for 54 years. Try to clean up these stables.

  • [email protected]

    Too much smoke to not have fire. McCain is a crooked, zionist liar.

  • [email protected]

    Your skepticism is warranted but why do you trust the White House?

  • [email protected]

    There are some clean, spotless minds out there

  • [email protected]

    Not too many in the military eh?

  • [email protected]

    Another example of the total control of media that makes heroes out monsters to create American politicians and mislead the American public. I suspect Kennedy’s war hero story is fake also as is George H.W. Bush’s. They have been running this scam on us since Washington with Teddy Roosevelt being the most egregious fabricated war hero to take the presidency.

  • AntiCommon Core
  • Beverly Levitt

    Bravo! A clear mind with common sense. May we please clone you?

  • Beverly Levitt

    Where did I say I trust them? I didn’t, but would trust an announcement of his firing over being a leak. Big difference between total trust and accepting one’s long over due demise from a political position. I do trust some currently in the White House far more than what the door just hit on their backsides. My skepticism comes from almost 50 years of research, knowledge and first hand watching the corruption sink this Republic.

  • Beverly Levitt

    Yes they have 🙁

  • Beverly Levitt

    Several corrupt sources. I suggest you talk with POW of Viet Nam. God rest the souls of those lost. My husband was a two tour Marine in Nam. If he were still alive, deceased due to agent orange, you wouldn’t have said that to him.

  • Beverly Levitt

    I assure you no one in this family wanted Obama. You are so badly gullible to propaganda. Go talk with POW’s of Nam.

  • Beverly Levitt

    Ahh spoken like someone not brainwashed!

  • Beverly Levitt

    He claimed he was tortured, but POW’s there say his shoulders and injuries were sustained in his crash.

  • wizdome

    mccain killed like 100 men on the aircraft carrier he was on too , when he was screwing around and shot a missle while still sitting on deck ., he was slapped on the wrist ,dad was a admiral or something way up there then he was a rat in his stay in the POW camp ,its common knowledge ,or you can just guess someone woulda told ya by now all your life and keep trotting with the herd a sheep ,its easier that way.. if ya gotta type in search terms ,is it worth it , what if you Caps is stuck on and its a pain in the ass and then you might find out ,things you know to be true ,are false ,then one domino hits another and where does it all end

  • l penn

    I hope they Finally Prosecute johnny RINO!!!!!!

  • l penn

    This Publicity Prostitute is a fav of the DEMORATS in the MSM!!

  • Joey888

    I believe in consequences.

  • aznative1940

    This is the McCain daughter by his first wife who he left for his wife now!I do not believe she cares that much about Johnny boy the zero never a hero!

  • Lilith

    once a traitor always a traitor

  • Lilith

    He was always a traitor

  • [email protected]

    So the “Song Bird”, McCain’s nickname given him by the NVA guards at the Hanoi Hilton, is at it again I see? Giving out information isn’t something he is adverse to doing so this comes as no surprise!

  • Rebecca Landrum

    John McCain has been a TRAITOR ever since the day that he betrayed his fellow POWS in exchange for Better treatment for himself, which he did receive. Do a little research, there are videos, that were taken by their captors showing what a stinking back-stabbing rat he really is. Also there are copies of the statements and letters he wrote supporting our enemies. He is a disgrace to humanity, let alone our precious country.. I knew all along that he was betraying President Trump, he is not true and loyal to anything or anyone but himself. Or just ask one of those POWS that made it back, and is still alive, they all came home hating his guts. I just hope and pray that they can prove this and get him kicked out of office and sent scurrying to some rat hole somewhere. He deserves to spend the rest of his days in prison.

  • Rebecca Landrum

    What about the POW camp?

  • Rebecca Landrum

    Only because of his Admiral daddy!

  • Rebecca Landrum

    It is good to see and hear some of the TRUTH, about John McCain, from someone else.. He has cheated, stole and lied all of his stinking life, and only Admiral McCain saved him, because he is nothing but a back-stabbing TRAITOR.

  • Rebecca Landrum

    Too much cover up going on over the years. And it suits their purpose to a tee. They are just using him, exactly how he uses them. He is really the lowest form of life, and to call “him” a Hero is a downright insult to any and all real MEN, hero or otherwise. He is a disgrace to humanity, and that is MY opinion of the honorable senator John McCain..

  • Rebecca Landrum

    Amen to that!

  • Rebecca Landrum

    You can not expect his daughter to even believe all of this. He is her Father and she has been raised to love and admire him and to believe all those Hero lies. Do not put his shame onto her.! She will be one of his worst victims

  • Rebecca Landrum

    Haven’t you learned by now that people DIE when they ” talk out of school”. . If you doubt this just do a little research. You will be VERY surprised at what you find, and it is valid, there are videos that were made by the Vietnamese, letters, and a lot of other things that he can not deny. So please do not behave like those liberals and refuse to believe the truth, just go look it up.

  • Rebecca Landrum

    It is impossible to forget someone who betrayed you like he did his fellow POWS. He is a disgrace to humanity.

  • Rebecca Landrum

    Yeah, he was just part of the show.. In fact I would not doubt that they let him run just to feed his ego and keep him happy, so he will continue on as usual.

  • Rebecca Landrum

    If anyone ever deserved to face a “Firing Squad” it is John McCain. His Admiral Daddy and his political pull are the only reason John MCCain is here today!

  • Rebecca Landrum

    Diane, just do a little research. The PROOF is all there. Please do not be like those liberal Fascists and refuse to believe the TRUTH.

  • Rebecca Landrum

    Susan, you are being very foolish. Check the FACTS. There are videos that were made by the Viet Cong. there are letters, etc. They are the TRUTH and if you will open your mind, you will see that they do not lie! These is testimony by his fellow prisoners, that was taken years ago., And it had NOTHING to do with President Trump Please do yourself a favor and check the FACTS.

  • Screeminmeeme

    McCain has always been a traitor. He made propaganda tapes for the Viet Cong. Denied it but now tapes have been found in CIA archives.

  • azchick

    YIPPEE! if this is true, which I don’t doubt, Az may be able to dump him. He has single handedly ruined the GOP in the state of AZ. They are nothing but RINO’s bought & paid for by McCain. This also doesn’t bode well for Jeffy the Flake. GO TRUMP! Clean house—get ’em.

  • Oliver Wendell Douglas

    Would not be a shock. The guy is senile.

  • Allen Dotson

    maybe he never was a hero , just a rat bastard all the time ?

  • knitbunnie

    Regardless of whether or not he did this, he is a great American hero. If he actually leaked anything on the Snake in the White House, I salute him and give him thanks from a grateful nation.

  • SeRiOuSLy!!??

    he isn’t called “songbird” for nothing! if you don’t know the reference, research the disturbing facts about it.

  • Dennis Dumas

    This does not come as a surprise! McCain was a traitor in Vietnam, as he is now! Remember a leopard cannot change his spots!

  • Frank Atwood

    Hope the son-of-a-bitch is removed. We tried voting him out his last run, but the Democrats in the big cities of AZ kept him alive. He’s a super RINO if there ever was one.

  • Diane Hovinga

    He needs to resign and fade into the sunset or face prison!

  • Pam page

    Goodbye traitor

  • Charles D. Winters

    McCain needs to resign from the senate immediately …

  • Carlos Pandis

    McCain is in a full attack mode to Trump and Trump policies. Traitor as Obama or Hillary

  • Millie Jewell Davis


  • briguy56

    Follow the money…the MSM and obviously McCain are on Soro’s payroll, otherwise the MSM would have crucified him when he was running for president…it was Sarah Palin who took all the heat!!

  • Mark

    The song bird strikes again

  • Ram6

    l’m amazed at the comment “to everyone’s surprise”. How is anyone surprised that this ego maniac who believes he should get a pass in life because he spent time in a North Vietnamese prison during the war would do this sort of thing. He believes that the only person capable of running the country is him. He should have never been re-elected this last year and now we have suffer through him for almost 6 more years. He hates’ Trump, and down deep he must hate the U.S. as he is doing all he can to hurt the country to fulfill his own twisted ego.

  • Michael David Callahan

    It would be hard to have a lot of respect for McCain if this is true.

  • Uncle Duke

    The only treason I should by that Orange spoiled toddler, grifter and unmitigated fraud occupying the Oval Office. It’s sad that cult 45 members fall for his con.

  • Uncle Duke
  • Fran Boyle

    For anyone who would like to know more about Traitor John, Google John Dramesi, he was a POW with McCain

  • TheInfantryman1583
  • Stop The Left

    “McCain has been lambasting Trump to anyone and everyone who will listen since the newly minted president’s inauguration. This includes a Russian comedian who pranked McCain posing as Ukraine Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman. Even during that troubling conversation, where McCain shared sensitive U.S. intelligence with an imposter, White House aides said McCain unknowingly exposed himself as having inside knowledge of Trump’s telephone conversations.”

    This was news months ago. What took them so long?

    McKrone gets the midnight flight to Gitmo for this.

  • Johninpa

    The Viet Cong were the enemy. Of course they would produce videos putting our soldiers, their prisoners, in a bad light – it’s called propaganda. Much like the ISIS videos that are commonly seen – the beheadings, etc. They are not the truth.

  • Johninpa

    Ah, such a dignified and honest web site. Conspiracy theory, all of it, none of it true. Get off the keyboard, out of your mother’s basement, and get a life.

  • Eileen

    let’s see where this goes.

  • Kim Smith

    I cant put into words the level of disgust I feel about this. Immediately should be forced to resign.

  • Diane VanZwieten

    Agree 100%.

  • Sandra Howard-Blanz

    Espionage is what it’s called.

  • Jim

    nothing will ever happen, it never does

  • Andy Palmer

    If McCain is a leaker, prosecute his sorry a$$, but don’t hold your breath waiting for Jeff Sessions to do it. That ain’t happening. Trump should have fired Session the day Sessions recused himself from anything Russian. Trump needs a real AG in the worst way.

  • Eva Williamson

    I remember watching the video on the USS Forrestal in boot camp.

  • Catalina Woody

    You wait the bastard will have an heart attack and die before he can be charged. We can only hope when that happens he lives eternity in hell.

  • Frances Spinelli

    It has to be someone close to the President while McCain can be a leaker I truly believe there is more then one and unfortunately I think there is a leaker that is extremely close to President Trump. Maybe even a family member. Just a gut feeling.

  • Pacemaker4 here.

  • Pacemaker4

    Hey leave the Mighty O out of this..

  • Alan Rhoads

    I want to believe that this article is true. But why would the WH expose it while they are making a determination?

  • SallyForth

    What a dirty dog.

    The swamp runs deep on both sides of politics.

  • KnightInShiningArmour

    Ex-Defense minister Paul T Hellyer explains which side McCain is on.

  • Tarri Markel

    That is so true. Further, I don’t think he ran to win, at all. It was always meant to be Obama. Both being funded by Soros, of course.

  • CumExApostolatus

    Out! Out! Damn McStain.

  • Conan


  • David Ard

    Talking about FBN – don’t forget Maria B. the “Money Honey” – she’s good too.

  • Dan Turner

    It’s not “treason”. As much as I disdain McCain’s actions (as you do), it isn’t “treason” unless the participants are at war with us.