Zuckerberg, Sandberg silence during Facebook scandal like putting ‘gasoline on the fire’


The phrase “silence is golden” originated in the English language in 1831. But when the silence involves a self-described “breach of trust” from a $500 billion technology giant and its highest profile executives, it could be described as none other than deafening.

Since news broke that Cambridge Analytica, a data research firm, allegedly improperly accessed 50 million Facebook user profiles, there has been a strong reaction from lawmakers, users, media consultants and nearly every person on the planet with an opinion. Facebook has worked to try and get ahead of the story, issuing multiple press releases, including one late Friday night before multiple stories were set to be published concerning the matter.

Yet Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder, CEO and man who said his personal challenge for 2018 was to fix Facebook, has been completely silent. Sheryl Sandberg, the company’s normally loquacious COO, especially when it comes to advertising examples, has also been silent.

“They’ve put gasoline on the fire in terms of the growing worries [regarding] how this Cambridge Analytica fiasco could ignite further regulatory and or other changes to the company’s business model,” Dan Ives, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Technology Research at GBH Insights told Fox News.

“The lack of a response, especially from Sandberg with Zuckerberg front and center has been a frustration, and the longer they take to respond, the broader the situation will get from a regulatory perspective in Washington and in the EU, as politicians get frustrated,” he added. – READ MORE

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