Zuckerberg Denies Wrongdoing as Facebook Halts Anti-Competitive Policy


Facebook Ceo Mark Zuckerberg Responded To A Massive Leak Of Internal Facebook Documents Earlier Today, Warning Against Coverage That “misrepresent[s] Our Actions Or Motives.”

The Facebook documents, released by British Members of Parliament in the course of their investigation into the social network, revealed widespread anti-competitive practices at the tech giant. These include the shutdown of Vine, formerly a competitor to Facebook Live, and plans to subject “strategic competitors” to special restrictions on the platform.

In a separate statement, Facebook’s press team said that the company plans to shut down this “out-of-date” policy.

In his personal statement, Zuckerberg failed to address concerns about competition, instead emphasizing his shutdown of apps that abused user data.

“Of course, we don’t let everyone develop on our platform.” wrote the Facebook CEO. “…We blocked a lot of sketchy apps. We also didn’t allow developers to use our platform to replicate our functionality or grow their services virally in a way that creates little value for people on Facebook. We restricted a number of these apps, and for others we asked developers to provide easy ways for people to share their content outside of their apps and to Facebook if they wanted.”READ MORE


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