‘You’re Out of Order’: Dem Gets Called Out for Reading Letter Attacking Trump Supporters as ‘Dumb,’ ‘Racist’ (VIDEO)


A Democratic member of Congress clashed with one of her Republican colleagues on the House floor after she read off a letter from a constituent that described people who support President Donald Trump as “racist” and “dumb.”

While on the House floor Tuesday morning, Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) gave a five-minute speech in which she read off a letter from her constituent that asked why the House has not begun impeachment proceedings against the president and labeled his supporters as “dumb,” “racist,” and “ignorant.”

“Many who support the president’s administration are either racist, steeped in religious beliefs, ignorant, or — as my mother used to say — just plain dumb,” the letter that Fudge read off said.

After Fudge read the letter, Rep. Marc Veasey (D-Texas) — who was presiding over the House — reminded Fudge and the other members of the House that they “may not engage in personalities towards the president” even if they were quoting or “repeating” comments made elsewhere. – READ MORE

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