Young Mother Who Killed Her Rapist, Dragged Body Through Street Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison


An Australian woman who stabbed her rapist to death after he threatened her daughter and demanded more sex has been sentenced to 10-plus years behind bars.

In December of 2015, Roxanne Peters, then 32 years old, stabbed 52-year-old Grant Cassar dozens of times all over his body, including his penis, until his lifeless body was lying on her kitchen floor.

Cassar reportedly tied up and raped Peters days before the incident. He came back into her home looking to do a “meth cook-up” and demanded she have more sex with him. When Peters refused, Cassar threatened her daughter, said prosecutor David Nardone.

Cassar “threatened [Peters’] daughter, if she didn’t have sex with him again,” Nardone claimed.

The mother grabbed a kitchen knife and when Cassar grabbed her other hand, she repeatedly stabbed him while screaming “you don’t rape me.”

After friends refused to help her dispose of the body lying dead on her kitchen floor, Peters decided to drop Cassar’s copse into a ditch past a local police station. She tied up the dead body to the back of her vehicle and dragged him through the streets for over a mile before dumping him. – READ MORE


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