“You Better Apologize For That!”: Rudy Giuliani Goes Nuclear On Fox Host After Christopher Steele Comparison (VIDEO)


Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani unloaded on Fox Business host Kennedy after she compared him to Christopher Steele, the former UK spook who Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid to fabricate a now-debunked dossier alleging ties between President Trump and the Kremlin.

After host Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery began framing a question about Biden corruption with “it sounds like there may be something here that is fishy that is giving Americans pause, and now there’s stuff that – uh, might have been completely adulterated…” adding “Some could say that you were acting like Christopher Steele. That you were extracting information –”

To which Giuliani interjected: “You’ve gotta be kidding me. I was acting like Christopher Steele?”

“That’s what it sounds like,” the former MTV VJ responded.

You better apologize for that,” Giuliani fired back. “I mean I’ve been a United States attorney, associate attorney general, mayor of New York City and a member of the bar for 50 years. I’ve never been accused of anything, and you’re accusing me of being Christopher Steele?”- READ MORE

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