York: Trump’s Mueller ‘Witch Hunt’ ‘Is ‘A Page Out Of The Bill Clinton Handbook’ (VIDEO)


Fox News contributor Byron York told host Bill Hemmer Monday morning that President Trump’s weekend tweets on Robert Mueller show he’s apparently taken a page out of Bill Clinton’s “handbook” on dealing with special counsels.

“As we know, the independent counsel or the special counsel has charged a bunch of people high in the Trump campaign who might have been expected to be involved in collusion, if collusion were actually going on, but he hasn’t charged them with anything resulting in that,” York opened. “I think there is an important point here about the president. He is not threatening to fire Mueller, but he is clearly trying to discredit Mueller.”

“I think in doing that, he is taking a page out of the Bill Clinton handbook,” he continued. “Back in 1998 during the Lewinsky scandal, the Clinton White House went on a full-force offensive against the independent counsel.” – READ MORE

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