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Yesterday’s Ku Klux Klan members are today’s police officers, councilwoman says


Modern racists, Graves told the mostly black crowd of more than 200, have “taken off their white hats and white-sheeted robes and put on police uniforms. Some of them have put on shirts and ties as policymakers and some of them have put on robes as judges.”

The speech at a fundraiser in downtown Norfolk was not recorded, but Graves recounted her remarks in an interview with The Washington Post. Others who attended the event told The Post that they recalled hearing the same thing that day at the Murray Center.

The KKK comparison shocked the crowd at the Norfolk NAACP Freedom Fund luncheon, attendees said.

Graves, a member of the city council since 2010, has delivered brief remarks at the fundraiser in previous years. But, she said, she’d never said anything more incendiary than “thanks for your support.” – READ MORE

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