Yale University Offers Students Third Gender Option


Yale University Announced Last Week That It Has Changed The “university Student Information System” So That Students Now Have The Option To Register Their Gender As “non-binary.”

Students at Yale University are now able to choose from three genders when registering on the university’s information system, according to University Registrar Emily Shandley, as first reported by the Yale Daily News.

The decision to add “non-binary” to the school’s information system was made after a petition was circulated by Yale’s LGBT community, calling on the university make changes to show that it supports transgender students.

The demands made by the LGBT community were spurred in the wake of a leaked memo from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that defined gender as either male and female, and as something that cannot be changed.

“Yale as an institution has been and remains complicit in colonialism and the oppression of people of color in its glorification of colonists, missionaries, and proponents of slavery,” said one of the petition’s authors, according to the Yale Dailey News, “Yale is not politically neutral and needs to stop pretending it is.” – READ MORE

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