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WYNN EXEC CONFESSES: Staying at Las Vegas Hotels Will Be Like Going Through Airport Security on Steroids


Metal detectors, X-rayed luggage, real-time facial recognition linked to FBI, mug shots and thumb prints.

Buckle up, Vegas tourists. Visiting Sin City promises to get very militant and more expensive, according to a long-time security executive who has worked for casino magnate Steve Wynn.

Here, according to the Vegas insider, is what is being discussed behind closed doors among Las Vegas casino and resort moguls:

  • Hotel guests will not be allowed to carry luggage to their rooms
  • Luggage will be screened and X-rayed, then delivered to guests
  • Hotels guests will pay a hefty surcharge for the screening
  • Valet parking could be outlawed
  • Small carry-on size bags will be permitted to taken to rooms
  • Hotel guests must pass through metal detectors
  • Hotel guests may be subject to a photograph or thump print upon sign in
  • Enhanced facial recognition software used by hotels MAY INTERFACE in real time with FBI and Dept. Homeland Security databases

The future of Las Vegas will never look the same. Or cost the same.

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