Wray: No Punishment for Dozens of Armed FBI Agents Who Got Drunk at Headquarters Booze Fest


Now, top FBI agents who got liquored up on the job also get a Wray-style get-out-of-jail free card form the milquetoast FBI director.

Who doesn’t want a wimpy boss like FBI director Christopher Wray?

Even FBI agents who allegedly rape other FBI staff members get to walk away from serious crimes under Wray’s alleged watch.

That includes drinking on the job.

“We call this group the Booze Crew,” one FBI insider said, revealing the nickname of the agents and FBI bosses who threw a raging party at the National Counterterrorism Center in McLean VA,  a multi-billion dollar Intel campus and government compound which houses FBI, CIA and DOD operations in a campus setting shrouded from the public.

FBI insiders report shocking details of approximately two dozen liquored-up on-duty FBI executives partying at the Intel HQ.

It was never permissible for high-ranking FBI brass to get drunk on government property while carrying their firearms.

Until now.

And many FBI insiders believed the party would spell career disaster for the Booze Crew.

“This breaks every rule in the book and Wray has looked the other way,” one FBI insider revealed.

But now, FBI insiders said the armed and boozed-up FBI agents were cleared of any wrongdoing by Wray.

“No one was demoted or even suspended,” one FBI insider said. “This is a total disgrace.”

So much for Wray reforming the embattled FBI. –Thomas Paine

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