Wray Allows Drunk & Armed FBI Agents to Party On The Job at Counterterrorism HQ


It is now permissible for high-ranking FBI brass to get drunk on government property while carrying their firearms.

So much for reforming the embattled FBI.

FBI insiders report shocking details of approximately two dozen liquored-up on-duty FBI executives partying at the National Counterterrorism Center in McLean VA,  a multi-billion dollar Intel campus and government compound which houses FBI, CIA and DOD operations in a campus setting shrouded from the public.

Perhaps now we know why.

Who has time to fight terrorism when you’re fighting a tax payer-sponsored hangover?

And FBI Director Christopher Wray has allowed this behavior to go unchecked, insiders reveal.

“This breaks every rule in the book and Wray has looked the other way,” one FBI insider revealed. “It’s yet another sad day for the FBI.”

The shocking revelations of the partying were detailed Tuesday on CrowdSource the Truth’s Moore/Paine show on Patreon.

Full details, including the time frame of the party at the Liberty Crossing Intelligence Campus, were revealed on Thomas Paine’s insider intel show.

Paine has recently broken several exclusive FBI scoops on the Patreon show.

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