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World War II-Era Bomb Ruins Christmas For 54,000 Germans


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More than 54,000 Germans in the city of Augsburg must evacuate their homes Christmas morning while German authorities defuse a massive 1.8-ton bomb from World War II.

Police will cut off the streets surrounding the un-exploded bomb at 8 a.m. Sunday morning, and everyone in the area must leave by 10 a.m. The discovery of left over bombs from World War II in Germany is not uncommon, but the Christmas morning evacuation is the largest since 45,000 people were evacuated from the city of Koblenz in 2011. The Augsburg bomb was discovered during construction work. “A British 1.8-ton bomb [has] …  the potential to destroy the entire city center, according to the fire department of Koblenz, the German town were the [2011]devices were located,” Gizmodo reported in 2011. – READ MORE

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