Workshop Will Teach Scholars To ‘Challenge Anti-Muslim Prejudice’


An association of religious scholars are hosting a day-long workshop in the fall dedicated to teaching “knowledge, tools, and strategies to challenge anti-Muslim prejudice in the public square.”

The American Academy of Religion is conducting the “Confronting Islamophobia” workshop in Boston and charges scholars $40 to attend. The organization will hold the event on the eve of its 2017 annual meeting in November.

“Anti-Muslim bigotry and racism have risen to epidemic proportions in the United States,” insists the workshop’s description. The listing does not provide a single instance of such sentiments or acts, however, and also fails to mention the numerous hate crime hoaxes, several of which have involved fabrications of anti-Muslim hatred.

The workshop will focus on policies and “cultural factors” that create anti-Muslim bigotry, the intersection between Islamophobia and racism, and the “risks” of opposing Islamophobia. “Who are the casualties of Islamophobia?” will be yet another topic, but it will presumably not discuss the Muslim-on-Muslim terrorism occurring between the Sunni and Shiite sects of the faith.

Todd Green, a religion professor at Luther College and Homayra Ziad, an Islam scholar for the Institute for Islamic, Christian, and Jewish studies will jointly conduct the event. Green’s byline routinely features on The Huffington Post, and he has studied anti-Muslim bias in Europe for the Department of State. Ziad studies Indo-Persianate Islam and is writing two books on Islam and literature and Islam and humor.

“For a long time, I too thought that Europe’s Muslims would become like previous waves of migrants, gradually abandoning their ancestral ways, wearing their religious and cultural baggage lightly, and gradually blending into Britain’s diverse identity landscape,” said Trevor Phillips, a former British official who popularized the term “Islamophobia,” in 2016. “I should have known better.”

The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to the workshop co-leaders for comment, but received none in time for publication.

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