Woman goes horseback riding, ends up with 14 parasitic worms in her eye


Following her equestrian excursion, Beckley suffered from an irritated left eye. The discomfort dragged on for a week before Beckley noticed something very disturbing resting below her eyelid: a living parasite. After plucking the wriggling worm from her peeper, Beckley sought medical attention and was diagnosed with the first documented human infection of a parasite normally found in cattle. The case was published in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

“So I pulled my eye kind of down like this and I looked in that bottom little crevice and I was like something looks wrong, maybe I have a piece of fuzz stuck there,” Beckley explained to a local Fox affiliate. “So I went like this, in like a picking motion, and I felt something in between my fingers and I pulled it out and I looked at my finger and it was a moving worm.”

The parasite, identified as Thelazia gulosa, is normally spread between cattle by flies landing on or near the eyes. This particular eye worm species has never been documented in humans, making Beckley’s case particularly unique, and a bit frightening. – READ MORE

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