Witch Hunt: Special Counsel Opened File on Zinke for Tweeting Pic of Trump Socks


Less than a week after former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt resigned from his post after a series of investigations by different federal agencies comes word that the U.S. Office of Special Counsel has opened a case file into Pruitt’s former boss, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

The crime Zinke is accused of? Wearing a pair of “Make America Great Again” socks, and posting a picture of them on Twitter.

According to CNN, the file was opened after the Campaign for Accountability – one of those “nonpartisan” watchdog groups that only seems to be watching Republicans – complained about  Zinke’s footwear.

Zinke has since deleted the tweet, according to CNN. But, as The Daily Caller noted, the Campaign for Accountability was so outraged by the socks that it tweeted out its own image of the offensive stocking, just so Americans would never forget what Ryan Zinke wore to the 2018 Western Governors’ Association meeting in South Dakota.

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A state university professor suggested Friday that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke favors Americans based on race, religion and the potential to increase fuel consumption.

Zinke posted a gym photo on Twitter Friday of himself exercising on an elliptical. In the photo, he is wearing a shirt that says, “I stand for the flag. I kneel for the cross.” The caption read, “I’d rather run on the @NationalMallNPS but the @Interior gym’s elliptical is better on the old knees.”

Michael Leroy Oberg teaches History at the State University of New York at Geneseo (SUNY Geneseo).

He runs a blog and wrote “Native America: A History,” a textbook on the history of America’s indigenous people.

He responded to Zinke in a later-deleted tweet suggesting that the Interior secretary may be the next to leave the administration after former-Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt resigned Thursday.

“@SecretaryZinke stands for white people, Christianity and his corporate overlords. He would dig for coal in his mother’s spleen if he thought he could extract something he could burn for fuel. Pruitt’s gone. Will Zinke be next?” Oberg’s tweet stated.

Among other things, Zinke is a former Navy SEAL, a group not known for giving up easily — or being easily bullied. Liberals like Oberg should be careful about the targets they pick. – READ MORE

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