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Will Reliance On Extreme Military Strength Restore America’s Greatness?


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So far Donald Trump’s National Security appointments appear to confirm his own prognostication that, as President, he would rely on “extreme military strength.”  But he has also confirmed the impression, made over a quarter century ago, that he has given little if any thought to the standard that distinguished America’s prevalent founders from the God contemning materialists of our day, whether tutored by radicals like Karl Marx or Ayn Rand, or false prophets of shallow “pragmatism,” like William James, and John Dewey.  The Founders’ God revering wisdom helped carry the United States to the pinnacle of “extreme military power.” However, that very real but historically brief moment of unprecedented global, military, and economic pre-eminence is gone.

Given that reality, Mr. Trump needs to be mindful of the fact that we did not arrive at the pinnacle of global power because we were already eminently powerful.  We did so by understanding that, to maximize the effectiveness of whatever material power we have, we must carefully preserve and extend the influential power of our national creed, which upholds a standard of God-endowed right and rights for all humanity.  As a people, the source of that determination is not our belief in “extreme military strength.” It is our belief in the righteousness of God’s authority. We must revive and improve upon that faith. Or else, like the fallen man of power in Shakespeare’s tragedy (Henry VIII), the day approaches when we will have to bid “farewell… a long farewell” to all our greatness. – READ MORE

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