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Will Politically Segregated Sites Like Gab and Imzy Be the Future of Social Media?


This is a tale of two social networks, still in their infancy, that could represent the future of social media — a trend where the constant ideological warfare of mass market platforms could be replaced by niche, segregated political spaces. and Imzy, two entirely different sites, were both devised out of a frustration with old social networks. Gab was created in the fallout of Twitter banning and censoring conservatives and sought to be a free speech alternative to Twitter. Imzy was created by an ex-Reddit employee who was disturbed by the harassment and mob mentality he saw at the site, and sought to make a warmer, friendlier version of Reddit.

While a free speech free-for-all and a babysat playground do not inherently hold any political connotation, the two sites have inevitably attracted very polarized user bases. Gab draws the alt right, conservatives, and libertarians, while Imzy draws the social justice warrior/progressive crowd. – READ MORE

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